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The News Today September 30th, 2018

The Kavanaugh/Ford Hearings

if the American people truly believe this man, and if he is voted into such high office, we are giving all survivors such a horrible message alongside supporting a completely dishonest non Credible man into high office.

Ford was without a doubt credible. Kavanaugh was not. Anyone who missed that? buy whatever bullshit they are fed. Which one are you?

If you are the former? You’ll easily be able to see he was dishonest and of course would deny the allegations.

The lives of the women who have come forward,  already drastically affected, they will now lose all credibility and likely receive even more death threats in the face of Kavanaugh being voted into Supreme Court office.

It all would compound what wasn’t just to begin with

The message such a decision will give women survivors is never to come forward because they won’t be believed.

If Ford isn’t believed, as educated, credible, articulate and accomplished as she was? Women all over the country will fear they wouldn’t either.

Also, Of Course he would deny the allegations. It wasn’t that he did or what he said but HOW. And he was aggressive, evasive, dishonest and made Himself into the victim

Andover explosions

Residents complain of ongong power outages and lack of communication with Massachusetts power company

Cooking on hot plates

Taking cold showers

What’s the problem when all it does is

Builds character

And make you more grateful when these amenities are turned back on

There are people who are starving

You all look fine

Get over it

The man who walked from Fenway to where ever?

If anyone had the American public cheering their every step, surely it could not have been an incredibly arduous process . Food and water along the way: a plenty I am sure.

The officer who shot the man in the pickup?

He was placed On administrative leave while there is an investigation

And like all others into such matters it will turn up that he Simply took the ‘necessary precautions’ where as anyone who isn’t an officer and shoots someone in the face is a heinous killer we put away for life.

HummmZ haaaa…

What about When an American takes such precautions as the officer is said to have taken, whether a gang member who need kill or be killed or an officer who shoots a defenseless man in the face then placed a gun in his hand.. maybe we should look at INTENT RATHER THAN THE ACTION IN DETERMINING JUSTICE


This officer will be back to work next week

School bus rollover

So they were Headed to SeaWorld

I’m sure these children had been long looking forward to the adventure and hadn’t foreseen the ride would be the extent of it

And that it would be a fun on

The bus rolled over and yet

No one hurt despite …?

If that is not a miracle I do not know what is

I assume they were all buckled up then

Or banged their heads hard enough no one had any recollection of even having been in the accident to slowly die from brain death

Shark bite on 13 year old?

Don’t swim in water over 3 feet

He swam in 9 and was bitten so hard a man attested his whole clavicle was ripped open and he could see his comorbone

THE TRAUMA of nearly being killed by a shark and ending up with such resulting injuries would be immense

If this young man ever swims again he deserves far more than a news report

An amputee has chance to compete in physical competition in rodeo no less

The media truly knows how to exploit the Handicapped. And often not to their advantage

Initially and at best, it may seem like a chance at redemption At worst five minutes of fame

But it could also be seen as exploiting this person alongside this countiries rather conditioned response to feel

‘compassion ‘ for those ‘less fortunate’. So we can all feel like better human beings while simultaneously grateful we aren’t this person.

a bit ironic: that i

Will his logic win? Or delusional sense that is often needed at times one feels deflated all over again

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