The Bitch on 2015 car accident

This is the result of being slammed at what the State PD on Scene Estimated to be 95mph. They said that (quite ironically if you will) given i lacked the instinctual response to pull back the wheel, I survived what else wise would have been without fail a deadly accident. One that perhaps was no accident at all.

To be sure I followed up and obtained a copy of the report which had falsified the state of affairs. I followed up with phone inquires to the state police who did call back and was in the other cases in which i had ample opportunity to have it investigated and press charges, the trauma of all that has happened and being disbelieved (then exploited and betrayed by the therapist who was privy to all the events and information), I did?

Absolultely nothing

If i were to pursue out, it could well be investigated as a possible attempted homicide. Given all the former attempts on my freedom ? This was all too likely a scenario.

Published by julieassmustheword

I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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