In a nutshell

(This will be constantly; sometimes multiples times a days, edited and added to; trying to make the most sense of it all for you)

The issue

My record was supposed to be annulled the 22nd. It may not be now as suddenly harrassment has commenced against after three years of silence on the state and local PDs end. I am being pulled over and searched.

This time I was only a mile from home. I got out of my car, because I didn’t commit a violation and was sick of what they were doing, at the expense of taking away my freedom of choices for defaming my character for five years. They had much to cover, now solicitation for attempted murder as well as years of felony behavior that would put anyone of them involved behind bars. If it weren’t a corrupt system in which instead, official, medical professionals and institutions collaborating with felony human rights violations are instead rewarded with a promotions such as to state PD as with Officer Goard who caused the first accident in 2011 which was last year proven to have disabled me.

I have a year to take that to court and file defamation charges with evidence that would prove beyond any doubt they falsified reports as I have the originals. My fiancé insisted after each incident we obtain the report. I have four boxes of them

Such as with the restraining order against the downstairs neighbors (more below)

Anyhow… sorry I spun off topic

That’ll happen a lot

Stick with it

These are photos of the vehicles involved in the 2015 (not 2011) accident. As you can see a Man named Brian Ayotte from Maine, slammed into me at what was estimated on scene to be 95mph… not so oddly enough when my fiancé and his eldest son arrived, suddenly the state PD (except one who was honest about what happened) were nothing short of secretive. The one brave officer who gave a first hand statement of the actuality to just fiancé. And his eldest.

My point in stating all this is to emphasize how far it Went. How much they have to cover up. And that is a little bit of it.

It began with an unwarranted investigation in which they were so sure of my guilt, all my rights were violated. They held no warrant. No judges signature. No evidence and acted against me anyway.. involving the local authorities, willing as they feds were involved

I was innocent of what they suspected though understand why they did. All they needed to do was a thorough web search. Enlightenment was my objective in what I did. For self purposes. None of it illegal. Though why would they have guessed that as opposed to using them for illegal sake and purpose. That I was seeking the exact emoathegens out ancestors did to reach enlightenment, those same one which have recently in studies been proven to help severe illness, depression, PTSD as well as accomplish what a lifetime of Buddha devotional meditation couldn’t come close to. In one session. Sorry? Not really.

Now five years after their heinous false charges even ruled as false by a judge (then the state literally slapped back on; more below) given there is no prosecutor to threaten in order to deny my case as by the fifth year it goes before a superior court and an ‘unbiased’ judge.

(Please go back and read interrogation series… did I post that here?!? Oh no I need to check)

So far, due to the defamation and threatening of the prosecutors my attorney say turn down a case of Charges not even convictions, I have not had my record annulled of character defaming false charges. Because of the state and ?! actions so far I have not been able to work or Volunteer for FIVE years s unable to integrate into society..

As it goes thru a judge, the state has attempted to make sure the judge Will be biased. That they can show I am criminal, angry, as they have made me want to be and seem to all over them of their own accountability. When the facts show repeatedly the opposite.

The order against me, doesn’t even have my name on it!!! (More below) . The other damning charge was in effect of my fiancé grabbing my phone in my rook believing it was his and being so upset he went to the cops. He knew they would take anything. He honestly played quite a large role in all of this ; and not in a good way( again more below)

Today, since 2011 add all that has happened in between (will All Be explained as best as my severely atrophied , seizing (intractable temporal lobe epilepsy as it was never treated l) brain is able!)!

Now.. today ..It has even come to a point where the Internal Board OF a Medicine and Physicians lies so as to prevent the mass on my liver to be seen and diagnosed. Why? Because they were liable for the severe damage to my brain according to my a Dartmouth Hitchcock neurologist in Manchester.

Here are the letters I recently recieved dated Nov. 7th Despite the fact they were told by an Er doctor that the CAT SCAN showed the mass and this was confirmed by the gastrointestinal specialist. In other words, for years other major institutions and profression became involved. This isn’t simply a matter of doctor or state liability. . But w matter of the state trying to cover up Major offenses, the worst of which was solicited attempted murder.

Here are the documents deliberately written so I would not be covered . This year

My offenses were all fabricated (the last one being arrested in my own home as I had become so agoraphobic due to their incessant harrassment if or when I left (your headlight is out; never once wasjt)

What happened In 2015 would be one of their last attempts to do ke in thej adrer three years of finally feeling free of harrassment, it’s begun again right at the time of the annannulment someone who was a severe liability in that the state collaborated with local officials in 2911 for an

I became disabled not in the 2015 but 2011, though suffered a severe concussion from the second (m fiancé said it set me back to the way it was before but worse)…I had no evidence of the damage done by the first until last summer whej aj MRI picked up the major damage.

I am unable to work due to the defamation of character in effect of false arrests and false charges on my record. (All is explained before tho not from beginning to end; at least not to start)

Despite two charges (felonies) being dismissed by a judge they were slapped back on. In attempts to address my oI pic defender sue avoided all calls and any visits.

There was nothing I could do and according to ka attorney every state pro I

So my situation now is that it finally goes before an unbiased judge instead of a threatened prosecutor and certain members of the local PD here in Portsmouth. Seem to be collaborating or buying whatever power trip the staye is putting them on.

And you know? I moved here at 32, was just discovering what I really loved to do in lofe and then it all fell apart. The first accident in 2011, three weeks after the initial violation.

I hold a Masters degree in counseling and planned to embark on the required internship to become MLADC licensed. I also uad jusy become engaged. I had finally moved past some major trauma and a bout of drinking until age 27. That is the year, my life? Feel apart. And that is whej I realized that dream I had at age seven, was coming to fruition. It was the more insidious dream I’d ever had.

In this dream I was slowly descend jog into a darkness of unwilled nothingness. One in which I was powerless to protect myself. I slowly descended further into a terror in which the unknown was all there was, nothing any longer familiar, my unable to think or see until i spun into a forever without an end or comfort or knowing when the terror would show me its face. I sunk further into the complete darkness where no one could ever hear or see me and it was without end.

Sometimes I wonder if things will get better or if this was truly prophetic. As my health fails I could see both ends come to be. Though I have faith and do believe.

This until I get to a different spot in this clog will be scattered. But why would I take the god damn time to write out what didn’t actually happened to me

I do wish I was some borderline histrionic slinking stories for sympathy and attention. Then I’d feel as good as I should as opposed to literally have damage to every organ be severely epileptic with severe brain damage. I’d pick the former. But that isn’t the reality s 😞. Unfortunately.

I was recently going through old documents (not until recently; far to triggering), I found a report from EXETER hospital where I was interrogated which stated I was transferred from There to Hampstead when the fact was I was transferred to Concord staye ajere my fiancé came every day. He also has Rite Aid fax them the prescriptions I had been on as the DEA and PD said I was on nothing do all sithdfWL would appear psychosomatic and frankly? It was beyond insidious they would do this. They were even then trying to make me disappear within the system, rigut or wrong. And they were as wrong as they had been convinced they had been right.

And then? I became an immense liability, most especially as other authorities had become involved Ed, been solicited and by law thru are as responsible for the violations as are all the other professionals in the polixe, hospitals, every god damn place and instigation I went to that their lies or first intervention would sabotage

Due to all the ongoing nelgorjgcd severity of injuries combined with such intense ongoing stress , I developed severe conditions.


The Now

I’dzwtr like to start by saying

If what happened to me does not happen to you, you are less likely to believe this truth than Actual conspiracies.

If you haven’t been subjected to it, aren’t a cop or an attorney I’m sure ifs easier to believe much of this is fabricated. Not a word of it is To spend the time to write out what will be written , when it did not happen would be insanity. Especially when since the start you may note, there are no inconsistencies. I recall saying to my therapist at the time… I’m so grateful you know… you believe me. I thought I and Doug, who was direct witness, were alone. How do you believe what I say I asked. For four heaars. You have said the same things. There have been no variations, even when you start in the middle or a point completely out of context. When it had been in one, it was the same. Over and over. And I’ve done this for thirty years. I still can’t believe she believed. Perhaps because so many did not before. But now, medicinal evidence had. Things are beginning to shift and the weeds are being pulled out . The fact that the Internal Board OG Medicine Amd obgsicial directly tried to get me from getting preventative help after an ER CAT scan last month found a mass on my liver and I was referred to a gastroenterologist who confirmed this fact. Then this was concurred to my insurance. As you can see the letters directly state a mass isn’t suspected when that is THE REASON I WAS REFERRED AND A MASS IS ESSENTIALLY A TUMOR.

(Need to space it out; you know…?)

When you have all the evidence to back your ‘story’ it is likely to be true. In fact it could not Not be false once it all is laid out for you. That is the goal of this series.

once you see what will he laid in front of you. You won’t not be able to Not beliebe by the end of this. I have decided to not start at the beginning of the end but have the interview be my voice as oppose to drive any emotion into this

We know what happens when it comes in. That’s when I go out. I recount it all as though it happened to someone else. Sure I soeak of it now it’s mechanical; as thought rehearsed. When you’ve had to explain repeatedly something extremely traumatic in order to get life or death health, you come to detach yourself from what happened. Because you’re nervous system is already saturated constantly In the events themselves. Hard to explain unless you have PTSD to the degree you react years later to things as though it all were STILL happening, despite your conscious efforts. Add epilepsy and severe brain damage. And what chances did I hage to he believed to get the help I needed. No I ne believed me. Not when professionals lied, including my Pcp at the time; whom I found out by report directly collaborated saying sue would not help nor latter what’ yes I do have that document

Julie, why were you and do you have Stalking on your record?

I was arrested in my own home because they could get nothing on me outside of it and they needed to incriminate to be alleviated of their own violations. (This will be described in much details but is the very BEGINNING in which all my rights were violated ik an unwarranted federal investigation for what was then considered a form of domestic terrorism; they had no warrant, evident or signature and were as wrong as they had been certain; now in the light of day after holding me for eleven days, lying to the nurses so I couldn’t get the meds I needed? They were Fucked… unless they could fuck ke and that’s all they’ve tried to do… but this is a blow by blow and you ask the questions)

How were they able to incarcerate you

They were able to incarcerate me for stalking by altering the (below) document/ order Doug filed against the downstairs neighbors.

Do you have that document?

I do. I have the original copy of nearly everyER, official, PD (secret arrest or public) and hospital report prior to their changing them, thereby being able to prove mAlfeseancs as their reports will differ from the initial ones…With only the name of the three tenants, not me

So how did they do it, make it out as though you lived with them so they could arrest you for stalking

By manipulating the report and having Doug not clarify me as his fiancé so I could easily be known as an intruder instead. Bit my name was not listed on the order

Copy please

Sure here it is

As you can see my name isn’t specified. But they told Doug to leave out my name so they could play dumb and arrest me in my own home claiming I was in His invading his home. I OWNED IT. Literally.

yes, I do see only the three names listed

But they arrested you?


How could they have gotten away with that.

That’s not standard practice

(Well, you hadnt noted, much of what they do these days is not though thru know exactly how to make it appear (rather sound) as such. (I smell MJ they may say when they don’t do they have a ‘legal’ reason to search a car… no one can say they didn’t smell it. But those who say they didn’t, stink.

IN THE 50s , 60s, 70s, 80s, hell perhaps even now, it was routine practice of prosecution withholding evidence which will exonerate a death row inmate isn’t premeditated murder on behalf of those hiding such evidence and that has been going on since the 50s)

In all honesty Sir, nothing they did in MY regard was standard practice. BECAUSE I WAS A CRIMINAL TO CATCH BUT AN INCREASING LIABILITY (The more officials became involved) TO ENTRAP.

One is what they are paid to do. The latter, JUST AS COMMON A PRACTICE. Covering each other’s ass.

You feel that’s what happened in your instance.

Without question and You’ll have none yourself by the end of this.

Ok it’s time for some context. As officers do not go out of their way to make extra work for themselves. Why You?! What began this chain of events for you. A chain you say began in 2011.

Yes. I had just moved here….I had just finished my degree in Ed and was taking extra classes to get a Masters in Counseling as well. I was about to begin an internship to become MLADC licensed.

The state officers took over despite local on scene.

(I recently read in the report despite being transferred to Concord they reported I was transferred instead to Hampstead. They wanted me to disappear as early as then. 2011. During the initial unwarranted investigation (NO evidence, judges signature, due process or warrant) So scary to learn what they do to people they believe are guilty and act upon to the degree they did to me. Ensuring even THEN if they were wrong, I wouldn’t be seen again. They well aware my family wasn’t in the country.

WhT they hadn’t planned on was my then fiancé coming ever day and faxing proof needed to keep my sanity. Glad I didn’t know all this Then. About what they had planned. I truly beliehe I’m manifestation and I never could have imagined what I later learned thru had planned for me. You realize they will do Anything to ensure their criminal behavior can Never he proven. And they will not only take the measures. They have all the man power and bribes to do it. But what I had was far more powerful. What I had was far beyond a damaged brain and spine disbelief, beck ja increasingly disabled and became ill as stress and lack of proper pre DX TX wore on. I’m told my heart conditions are in effect of ongoing shock. What I had was the knowledge that the only one who has day in when someone day is done, is He. Otherwise if he behind bars in some federal system based in the 3 strikes law, my not having even striking one. But so much more convenient to do me ij tuan deal with the mess it would leave everyone, including the system if it were otherwise. False word was spread.

My parents left the country But my fiancé came every day. Despite other plans given this they knew they wouldn’t be able to get away with my sudden disappearance.

So many times they tried over the years to make me disappear , whether in the federal prison system or in an ‘accident’ of some sort. And no, prior to 2011,

In instances as mine: when there is corruption you can forget about process: i was brought in the back door and not printed and photographed four times. In others words it easier to make someone who never came there seemingly ‘disappear’ than someone who did. It happens? All the time. Twice I told them I had made certain events pertaining public and any disappearance would he tranced to them. They walked me right back Out the back door. No SHIT

THADAY of the false arrest, this false charge six years later still keeping me from getting a job despite my masters and NEED T9 WORK AND BE PRODUCTIVE. they knew exactly what charge was most character damning.

You have said you were severely injuries in that 2011 accident . Do you AJD. Evidence of that?

Yes. I have though not of the most severe, which is my head injury, until this past fall… these are my spinal chord injuries. Check the neck..

I didn’t realize that perhaps scans had been directly I lied as not needed for all those years once I received this letter from my insurance just recently after a Cat scan two months ago found a mass on my liver….

This shows the Internal Board of medicine taking direct action to ensure I don’t receive an MRI an ER doctor recommended for the mass on my liver.

Why did you move here? I grew up two hours away and this is a wonderful area to start area to start ones life! Plus my work took me here

What work


So what untidy II want to ‘tell’ is to have people know what you went through?

No. It’s more to be a voice for the 95% of people who do not make it past such entrap events and official MEED to cover up mistakes and accountability. Such has been hap since the beginning of time. There is no use denying it now. I have officially been blacklisted.

Please see link or simply Google it.

So Who are ‘they’

The officials responsible for the initial

When did this occur 2011, three weeks prior to the accident that was six years later proven beyond all doubt to have disabled me. Had their but been medical solicitation? I would have been able to get help far sooner.

This all sounds quite paranoid but I didn’t go through it

They count on you sounding crazy. And the worse off they do by you, the more you try and tell, the crazier you’ll sound.

That is why I stopped telling people. But I know as fact what happened, so do all local and staye officers, my fiancé as direct witness m, family and attorney as well as a host of prosecutor who have subsequently each year turned my case down for Annulment if false changes due to the fact that as my attorney stated ‘her/his life would be made uncomfortable if she were not to do so’. This year it goes before an unbiased judged and suddenly all sorts of ‘accidenrs’ and entrapment s seem to be once again occurring

(Or your mental illness..?)

I resent that though gifen you do not have the whole picture of evidence I’ll let that one go and say Only prior to the accident I was never in therapy, diagnosed with anything nor had any functional or cognitive issues. Do not tell em my character when I was the kindest most well behaved straight A student and child. Understand that is a trigger as that is what the medical community did to me instead of help me which would have avoided disability of severity one would never guess looking at me. Which makes it worse as my brain and heart are literally about 80.

What are your conditions? Were you granted disability?

Initially i was granted it for post concussion and severe PTSD . I received federal disability it PRIOR to the actual real damage being found and evidenced. Namely the intractable temporal lobe epilepsy and atrophy to that of an 85 year old due to lack of initial TX in 2011.

Now proven in effect of MRI m, dozens of EKGs, EEGS, cat scans etc. Finally all performed not in effect of my PcPs referral but ER situations. I had gone many times due to my undiagnosed conditions but I was given scans in the last two years as for once a third party was present.

I am severely epileptic with two heart conditions and severe atrophy as well as internal injury and possible cancer as a direct result of initial and ongoing medical negligence. As fact. Now that it can be proven, my liability is huge not only in that sense but the fact they would have to explain it. And it was negligence for REASON. Deliberate negligence is a whole other ballgame. And it’s a felony II. And then there is insurance fraud. As you see above. Also the neurologist within core network (exeter( also wrote Justice insurance and tried to ensure I was cut off prior official MRI and Dx. Instead of referring me for one, he instead tris to get me cut off from Medicaid. Completely. That is also insurance fraud. That was Adnan Khan. Also a DOJ complaint will be filed in his regard

Well tell me . That is what this interview is for…

It makes more than sense. They are aware that is a character er damming charge whether I was convicted or not and that it would disAllow me from getting work, volunteer or an attorney or having any valid complaint taken serious and thoug my attorney continues to put forth a case that has no validity behind its original charging and was DISMISSED? each prosecutor for the last FOUR year have denied it because as my attorney states

‘If they said yes, their lives would he made very ‘uncomfortable’

In other words they are threatened

This is the first year it does before a non biased judge and entrapments again beginning to happen. Police showing up, claiming complaints that have no merit, etc. harassment of other sorts. Nothing like before but noticeable. And considering I’m disabled they best not risk ADA violations.

antithesis of my behavior. I would never act in such a manner now ever have. I’m an exceptionally private person.

You indicate officials and professionals deliberately discrediting and not treating you. Don’t you think you’re a bit paranoid?

I would have thought so too but not in the least after obtaining the reports, seeing directly considering the chain of events over the next seven years, attempts in my life and my freedom.

Because, as like for years before they were attempting to discredit, falsely incarcerated or off me. I experienced the first two many times and the last once , in 2015

I never have had any thoughts such as these as I haven’t been bombarded by police brutality -, human rights violations and harassment. So… NOPE otherwise I’d yage uad cop issues before they became AN ISSUE.

If I was this way before the car accident 2011, ok but I was not. I know me my character and discipline. I know the disability is to blame and enclaves defrcts I know I have . But temporal lobe epilepsy is Not character based. And that need be very clear. I have never been labelled Shit prior and was instead treat like it for years in absence of medical evidence finally obtained a Year ago

Then again three weeks prior when I nearly …

As fact I became permanently disabled that night

the MRI, neurologist and cardiologist expert testimony , both of who. can’t believe I survived that night in 2011 I lay on the Brentwood jail cell floor crying out for who the whole night. I was later told I should have died from brain death and should have been in ICU

I would not be permanently disabled if it weren’t for Exeter Hospital soliciting And a Technician as opposed to a doctor getting paid to feign an exam .

So why ‘that night’. Because I was pulled over and fled, knowing from his actions and my academy experience (yes I went: KSU peace) he was going to pull me from My car and plant something on me. Given what had happened three weeks prior, I fled. And crashed in effect. It was later proven he Had been SOLICITED. Officer GOARD ALMOST TOOK MY LIFE THAT NIGHT.

Ever since that night and not receiving TX and then having no records I’ve been blacklisted *#. It does exist.

Patient Blacklisting

(A very real recent example of ways I have been medically black listed; this letter was written this year to ensure I didn’t get an MRI for a potentially cancerous mass; In this letter they indicate it doesn’t exist . They lied etc)

Example of report manipulation which led to false incarceration

Order filed again the downstairs neighbors. I was arrested in my own home, in the upstairs one, the one I shared with the alleged ‘plaintiff’ who would defend me at trial. (Judge said she’d never seen it)

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