Were ever carried out to commit a crime in 2011 (or thereafter)x . Not on my end though they must have strongly suspected to act without evidence warrant or judges signature for a suspected form of domestic terrorism. It is said that in 2011, 26,000 homes were invaded in the name of arresting any form of terrorism I had just obtained my masters degree in Ed and counseling, subsequently completed the Kent state peace academy On a whim and was two months away from beginning an internship to become a licensed therapist. Which can be verified with the therapist whom I was planning to work with. Before the federal government acted upon me and after stopped since

yes what a danger I was with my All As. And good to have in class. Sure

Now for years due to the unwarranted nature of the federal investigation carried out in 2011 it being a home invasion, The federal and state government attempt to incriminate and discredit and will not be accountable…

the false arrests and charges the state refuses to annul without good reason other than conspiracy as explained above, on their end, repeated over ten years now. To my severe detriment and damage

How funny how they see me as a criminal when I have not committed one yet they have committed federal crimes completely unaccounted for

State sovereignty

But of course

There always protections for those authorities who violate rights in the name of ?!?!?

Perhaps I’ll never know

I was two months from starting an internship with a therapist who can confirm this to become MLADC licensed. What I chose to obtain legally at that time was My business. And no actions were carried out to charge me with anything other than speculation given my breadth of searches into enlightenment and the such. Nothing into what you’d like to prove it as.

So as you not being held liable for all the horrific damage already done.

Be been oke player against dozens. I am tired. In every way. When man is given no freedoms or options, has been defamed he will


So I’ll make my purpose being a voice if Im not given the option to live as a productive member of society. Anyone would if all their options were stripped in order the authorities kept their secrets. ANYONE


IF they give me no choice it’ll become a known story. If they do, I can move on.

I can only imagine all the false illegalities, alterations of official info (I hold all original), imported reports which, etc still circulates … to keep me defamed

I’m glad I hold all


Documentation , unaltered, accounted for. and a good security system

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