Constitutional Rights Violation Cases. Please excuse the typos. And the post to come will be edited And reposted



Constitutional rights violation cases can become complicated very quickly.
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So when my 4th, 5th and 9th we’re repeatedly violated over the course of 10 years due to severe federal misconduct and they need to cover that up does that count too? When those violations themselves are covered and instead I am labelled, severely brain damage as a result of severe misconduct. Post a severe accident in which it can be arrested my brain atrophied to that of an 85 year old and I now Have temporal lobe epilepsy that is intractable due to complete lack of treatment or belief and instead of being labeled. For years. If an individual had been responsible for my disability As oppose to whom actually was, a solicited Officer…I would would without one question, be a multi millionaire. But no person was. But instead entities whuch would discredit me to the degree I couldn’t get the medical help I needed and my Pcp back home had signed off in alignment having not been helpful as per their agreement or more bluntly, her collaboration. How can I be so certain. As certain as this sheet if papas in from od me,  ageet from thousands of four boxes, my fiancé insistent we obtain. We knew why was happening was very wrong. But no attorney is willing to take in the state, let alone the federal government. And when asked what choices I HAD THAT NIGHT? .  No one would help me because instead they believed him everyone does the state the police the federal government I didn’t stand a chance especially with a story that sounds a little Chris as the actuality of mine voice.  What about when I have four boxes of original reports before they were falsified redacted or simply trash with his health for evidence? Word of the fact that I could prove that they committed attempted solicited murder in attempts to shut me up after a false incarceration rulld as such by a judge in front of several credible witnesses? May never having been brought before a judge prior to being thrown in jail almost to have my heart. I became a liability when they took my heart rate and it was 32. Is this a violation? It’s just so many happened and they became so routine I didn’t know Many were constitutional rights violations as well as blatant police misconduct indirect concept with the state and federal constitutional rights violations. Which of the repeated unwarranted stops and what can be now easily proven as false incarcerations succinctly followed by a attempted solicited murder in which I still have two more years to file does that count ? Has done it as does anyone on gross federal felony charges . And though I know I cannot press charges against the state I certainly can it’s employees and what if the driver  Brian iota the men from Maine who’s insurance paid me out whose car I have a photos of as well as my own and could in no way correspond to the falsified record as neither could the direct truthful statement from the one honest officer given to my fiancé and his eldest son valedictorian of Andover Massachusetts high school… And what of if these grievous human rights violations caused such severe disability that I have nine listed medical conditions as per DHMC in Manchester that were non-existed prior and said to be caused by outgoing stress and shock to throw back a prior diagnosis and treatment because nobody would believe me due to the initial falsified reports in 2011 yes there were two accidents. I was easily proven to be caused by state misconduct in the bill they had on me as I lay dying in that sale was $ can I NOT SAY THIS ALL When they are still hacking into my computers messing shit up asking for passwords making it so I can’t report to the police who are also complicit and again threatening me that is the reason I am here posting

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