A letter from Verizon evidencing the accounts being hacked. I knew it the day IT BEGAN. Just received this today

If I were wrong in these things I would not be free alive or credible


Also is the fact that I’m FUCKED. Except I did notify the attorney general my suspicions, whom I informed of them, for how long; wby I have them and given he Has stepped in before (he signs off on search and seizures I do believe) is and would he the prosecutor on any case against say, a Brain Ayotte, who was complicit with the state, the man will be prosecuted as he should have been. The 2015 incident was No accident but a DELIBERATE PREMEDITATED ATTEMPT ON MY LIFE OB BEHALF OF THE STATE. This can be evidenced

So what do they need? SIX MONTHS OF ALLEDGED HISOTRY TYING ME TO EVENTS AND NEWS ASSOCIATING ME WITH THE CRIMIBAL ACTIVITY I HAVE NO ASSOCIATION WITH. If I did? They would have simply used the history within my own system as oppose to ALLEGE TO BE MY PERSON.

This together with the charges in OH FOR TEN FELONY COUNTS of deception to o gain for calling in to rite aid out of desperation for ten VALIUM PILLS. Once. They counted all ten times it was legitimately called in? Against me

I have a psychiatrist and very credible friend who can directly attest to these facts.

As I can EASILY EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHY THERR MAY HAVE BEEN PROFILE CREATED FOR REASONS THAT WERE THE ANTITHESIS OF DISTRIBUTION. Perhaps it was a safe way to obtain small amounts of what ten years later is repeatedly showing promise of Exactly WHAT I WAS RESEARCHING IT FOR. Enlightenment, empathy expansion and knowledge

My actual search histories show my true intention And the one from 2011 will be SHOWN. I want them to see everything? Because there is nothing to see. Nothing criminal at least

King and short

Should a judge who knows not these details see

The ten charges

The ‘ evidence’ from 2011 together with 6 months of search history thing my time smuggling and other sordid activity? Even I would say THATS OKENTY TO SAY SHE HAD INTENT TO DO EXACTLY WHAT IT HERE SAYS



Ive informer my attorney, the attorney general

Next step up here given WHAT THEY ARE DOING? Forward the email to the attorney and attorney general to the DOJ so they are aware The others know as well as know themselves

Granted last time I told prosecution I’d make the statement if the irony of standing there being charged with two crimes I had no awareness occurred after no one even so much as apologized for the human rights violations and 2015 solicited attempt on my life SO IR WAS either the message to the attorney general the evening before that stopped the states parade or the fact they didn’t want to chance…

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