Just finished up this piece on my portfolio page

That what occurred to me does indeed happens to millions, whose voices are taken, whether they be that ‘crazy’ guy behind bars (or like me, defamed outside of them; that’s right call me a self proclaimed victim when I Couldnt change any truth nor could you; let alone have survived;) . It will be said anyone whose words are like Mike are conspiratoral rather than an evidenced account ; this is the result of decades of conditioning the American public to take anything said about the federal or state, at least should such truths or allegations come from one mere individual, as automatically conspirators, the man or woman? Delusional. Prior to the DSM WHAT DID WE CALL IT. All sorts of things but now we had a good ‘well meaning’ reason to lock up those ‘loonies’ who were the only HONEST ONES. And I know it’s happened. Sedated, though perhaos not permanently disabled by the feds and states actions in many ways I can relate to their fate, the life long captivity like state that was caused by those still trying to harm or as in the former instances, having already done the most possible.
My question. WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE WANT TO MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK CRAZy? Oh right off the meds. What meds not to mention I’ve said the same god damn thing without flinching for…. A near Decade now. That’s one hell of an episode!! Longest one on record and gojng and there so called ‘delusions’ of mine just HAPPEN TO be backed up by my attorney attorney general a judge , etc having confirmed it all. Thought ever so fleeting The credits as though giving me too much too long let along actual Justice would result in complications on their OWN LIVES. Everyone walks that like; that think blue line. And I’ll tell you from my experience even hardly MY OWN ATTORNEY WHEN IT COMES TO THE FEDS AND STATE WILL TOUCH IT. Hard not to take personal. The betrayal in attempts to gather information, the ongoing invasive nemesis of it all…. and not all , four boxes of evidence backing my statements to authorities, some result of a ‘conspiracy’ theory but something all too reap that is beginning to Truly permeate our society. Group think or die. If one whose subjugated to what will make those responsible liable should he press charges, never take accountability… instead they’ll snuff out the voice that was trying only to tell the truth of what happened….silenced for good. Except if they make it public 🚒l. Like I did. They attempted both measures _’s more than once when it comes to their liability? They are RUTHLESS and as opposed to admit their wrongs would prefer to incriminate, incarcerate, desecrate, defame and perhaps cause an accident to

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