Does not hurt to know if

I’d like to build a page dedicated to what I was since I can recall. Higher consciousness.

I’ve been interested in it perhaps because I know 97% of actuality is far more interesting than what the senses can tell us and I’m not one for gluttony (hey I’ve got plenty of other issues but that’s not all of them) so…. and the fact we know only 3% of reality as Einstein proved… the other 97% hidden , unseen . But there nonetheless. There for us only to hope and dream, fear and loathe. But what I do know is what we believe ends up happening and when you appeal to the compassion in others and only that, no anger in your energy, your life perhaps on the line, (you are willing to let it ALL go trust me) ; that is when you know you CAN fulfill your destiny you regardless of circumstances change or not literally or hypothetically… but if you know the secret you must tread very carefully and always with the awareness that you are led and not to lead, otherwise your life will be one big self for filling prophecy and which you wander in circles never fulfilling your destiny…, If we claim ourselves God psychiatrist and therapist the most susceptible in doing so losing themselves completely to the profession and labeling others to the extent they believe they are exempt from human flaw themselves, in many ways making them pathological, so please tread very carefully , most especially around the seemingly charismatic ones because often and more often than not there are wolves in sheep’s clothing malignant and parasitic beneath their wool clothing… make it too hot in there for a make it uncomfortable… and ALWAYS be mindful the journey isn’t yours but one on which you are led. If you try and take over the consequences will once again present themselves.

as Jesus taught, though no one seem to pick up on this lesson, there are those who do not know better and then there are those who do. Acting out of ignorance is far different than deliberation. That is why those who whipped him Rall he continually said forgive those who know not what they do while his own disciples he condemned to hell.

Does anyone else not see the irony of that or is what t clear and I’m out date…: so the Ignorant (at least in this life tome)  are forgiven on behalf of their ignorance but yet those that do and do wrong despite this are condemned as Jesus condemned his own disciples to hell. . The The lesson is clear the more you are aware in the liver it in wrongful actions the more you will be condemned to hell. Or at the very least not given the gifts of those who knew no motivations other then those which came from compassion love forgiveness and God forgives trespasses in the name of human flaw but not evil transgressions and the name of in morality and in his own name claiming to be him and taking another’s life in one way or another . Please see this PIN. It’s a great link

(Also in the featured photo, if you turn it YOU’LL note the devil appears several times in several sizes the largest most apparent. This was in no way a conscious move on my end. If wouldn’t be possible) you can also see several eyes … within the heads )

Anyhow please stick with me as I build this page. First one as the STAPLE page coming up;)

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