I don’t think this is normal for my age but since all the stress and shock it IS for me/ no one my age should ever clock at HRV AT 25

If I’m actually in so called ‘good’ condition… last time I was put under my HE went from 86 to 37 coming out of it. BP WAS 130/90 to 75/50. Putting someone under stresses the heart. At DHMC I was out under observation Afyer the procedure for it. Before I have my gallbladder removed and all else that need he done each time I go under I’ll make it clear that if I do not ‘return’ it’s not a coincidence. As neither were all the other fakest arrests & ‘accidents& I should NOT have survived. Both times. The TBI and the post concussion thereafter. Nor the accident it’s LEE that should have by all accord flipped me. That was told to me. 

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