As stated in my main blog post that is a work in progress ….

Where to start/ at the beginning, middle. At the end? Sometimes I think the best place to start is with where I’m at… state how those present circumstances are playing out in a way that’s directly relevant…are in direct correlation with the events over the past eleven years now. And not in some imaginative way. But the only way that LOGICALLY EXPLAINS EVERY BIT WHEREAS CHAOS THEORY WOULD BE BETTER FITTING. If it’s of the mind, I hear your point? But when it’s stricter around HARD EVIDENCE AND FACTS, that brings an alleged conspiracy into the realm of actuality. Please remember this all happened over eleven years and continues and that is why I feel the need to state all I do. I got a call from the superior court today. Unless they do what I was told, she says…, pushing the complaint all the way forward, justice again will elude me as it did in 2015 when I was asked by an investigator as serious as it Was WHO would want to hurt me who would like me dead. Gar Decker, the lead agent of the 2011 warrantless search and 🌊 de, has taken over the property where I live, mainly I hadn’t seen him during the interrogations. At first, my statements countered, but then my sent emails in which she contradicted her statements to the board; and there is a reason for her fraudulent behavior, and I made it clear what it was: she did what was easy and collaborated with the state and DEA. Instead of reporting the illegalities against me, she chose to help them make it, so I could not have a life or be credible for over six years.’

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