Monkey in the middle is me, 15 years ago.

Always good to have in class not one complaint from any teacher no boundaries needed to be said because I never crossed and he was very much to myself sat in the back of the class and went out of my way to avoid attention

That’s likely why I got it and my mom hated me for it I will tell you with all that has gone on she likely projected her a need and told everybody instead it was mine which is unduly disabling given the truth is so disarming she very well could be believed that I am the one attention seeking that is very offensive to me as it is the antithesis of my person

I never was never will be

One to seek attention but what I will do is after everything I’ve been through tell you my opinions and the truth that is a far cry from attention seeking it is the need to tell the truth and state my opinions about it otherwise I am not safe

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