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This is a book that has information you won’t come across anywhere else. Because what I will disclose is rarely enough it is ever spoken of, even amidst those who engage in it on a criminal level to tye victims of their crimesZ

They are silencedZ and if not by harsher means than defamation, and complete reputation and physical annihilation, and you will have made out well. In other words I’d you survive what I did and come out the other side free and alive, Youve done what few have

And there was a reason. And I won’t say nothing when too many before HAGE perhaps been scared. Even those officials involved in such horrific offenses rarely utter of the reality of it. As though it makes it imaginary. But it’s all too real to the victims of it. The ones that wo t be believed when the state and federal authorities are setting the opposite about her.

People are fully conditioned to have confidence in the authorities despite all the ironies of such steadfast devotion. Such as their alliance to each other over anyone they’ve messed over and incriminated themselves, the fact they are legally permitted to lie but most importantly the fact this country has the least education requirements TO whom we hand the authority immunity weapons and power

That is a lot for a GED educated mind to handle and perhaps that is the point…it’s a fact they are legally allowed to lie. Bigotry and covering for one another remains all too pervasive , the chief being the one mooning into any cknolintd, often themselves apart of any misconduct.

This book is not based on research but is more telling of the state of the transparency or f our governing forces than any number of interviews. Because no one, most especially those in law enforcement are willing to give voice to the misconduct that goes on and further still, the fact that no officer will tell on another, no matter how grievous the offense. This gives cops total power and immunity, never having to worry about the law catching up with Them. Is this truly the way to keep them accountable. My experience told me that they were at best, confounded by what to do next fork by their blue code to the other and what was right to do & worst nothing better than animals , waiting for their next opportunity.

If you decide to read this book, believe its truth, and understand that such has happened before, such i as with Thomas Drake, at least I know that was his Last name. Here you will gain Information you will not elsewhere, as most who have gone through what I have are falsely incarcerated or in some other way silenced.

The best part of this book is, it is not based on research but personal experience and obtaining records which directly proved each of the elements I hope to finally in this book describe, SO many attempts made, only to flicker out, again and again, I am determined not to let that happen. I Will Face what I went through again alongside the very likelihood of even further disbelieve and stigmatization, But I am I am willing to sacrifice myself in this way as I will not allow the knowledge that I gained over the last deacde and a half of my life, knowledge that the majority of Americans are completely unware of but tat I fell truly need to know. And it is not to sensationalize what I went through as so many have faced far far worse. I can not even fathom being an african american in the 70s or even Now, having false evidence delinerately used against you, or evidence that would exonerate you withheld, so the sentive was carried out, and you? Are innocent. The sentence is 25 years/ Perhaps life. This has happened an inordinate amount of times, mainly dyring the war on drugs, or what is moreo accurately, the war on blacks.

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I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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