This should help. Pushing this along

So by the end of the years I have a truly edited, COHESIVE piece with the evidence in the back so no word of mine can be denied. As much as people would prefer to. I didn’t have the luxury. And was in the middle of hell I ONLY WANTED FO DENY BUT WOULD have meant my freedom or life if I hadn’t been on my guard and acknowledging the actuality of what was going happening.!It is not as though it was what j preferred. To living my life and having my own choices? J think anyone would have chosen that.

Attempts to clarify.

Published by julieassmustheword

I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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