Part I


bThough I’m willing to expose my truth and story, by no means is this a memoir or autobiography, as this is what happens to many. I merely escape the wrath of what sits in my path. Many officers and districts became involved kind the years in numerous Entrapment attempts. It increased their fear of greater liability. But the harassment has not ceased. And I do not believe it will. I will always be a liability as they had grievously violated the history of the world’s most famous and my rights and knew I had evidence to prove misconduct that would shock the American public.

I survived. I do not choose to write this so much as this piece demands to be written, Clamoring around in my head all day, already written out in so many ways. You might as well put it to good use. No matter what else I decide to embark on repeatedly, this topic creeps its way back into this is not a sob story, nor do I claim myself any victim. Certainly not more or less than anyone subjected to the system for all the wrong reasons. I had a way out they hadn’t foreseen. Their assumptions and projections disabled them from seeing me.

1983 would directly prove even with immunity, such a potent defense for officers, not applicable for the officer who acted against me. And I can confirm that beyond ANY reasonable doubt, most certainly because I have the original warrants, which prove that he tried to finish what he started on three occasions and was turned away by the newmarket PD. Had he acted like a reasonable officer> The others wouldn’t have declined his warrant, each signed by a justice of Peace, proving both of them guilty. Of misconduct. They’ll have to explain that.

What I write isn’t a sensationalized story; every word reflects a fact I can evidence if need be; what I liked was a living, breathing hell that I still am often in, whether by my mind, actuality, or both.
Systematically when a citizen is silenced. by the government because they were one who is stating truths about their life or politics that make the government look bad, it can be backed by evidence and is proven to be beyond of opinion or perspective and affects that as it is repeatedly supported by logic and evidence, they will first attempt to
Incriminate then go on to do worse things… is how I will phrase it for now

Falsely incarcerate then transfer without entering into the system. When that fails, they will attempt an ‘accident; and when that fails? COMPLETE DEFAMATION.
No one ever believes they will be the victim to the human rights violations, deplorable torturous conditions, near death, near,y being deliberately killed, then the report falsified after.

I have never been uninterested in politics, even to the degree I have never read a newspaper. Still, I could likely more accurately tell you what this world as I have thus far to be, instead of filling my head with selective propaganda that eats away at the truths that don’t flatten the boss, one could say. My parents were still obsessed with the news and took their word like Catholics to the Bible. It was the truth, journalism perhaps. News? Not.
In my instance, I began stating what was happening to the best of my knowledge, in effect extreme fear. I made people aware of what was happening. If others didn’t know they could get away with whatever they wanted, my attorney agreed to it. You have been my saving grace. So. UCB horror, constant vigilance, just hell. But amidst that, I learned what listening to your intuition truly means. It’s all I had as navigation, and each pulls over, each false arrest, each time I was rear-ended and the report subsequently falsified, each time an addicted showed at the door with a No Trespass from an establishment I’d been to once without issue, I’d call they’d say nope, but I’d have signed it. They wanted it on record I wasn’t behaving, falsifying all again thud
I’m getting far ahead of myself. I feel the need to begin p[utting my credentials and
the podcasts i’ve=been asked to be on, even after such a benign statement, but the imprint of
the disbelief of others is so profound I become defensive and reactive before the other has had a
chance to digest the information. This became a further disabling factor in my desperate
attempts to get help, when I learned the morbidity of the damage done, though there was no
formal diagnosis until y years after the fact.
If I detailed every bit fr beginning to end, it would sound nothing short of mechanical because
I’ve been asked or told to tell it too many times. Or felt I’ve had to, to survive. Not to be
Believed so I have to say to it again: and again. It’s traumatizing now to tell a story of surviving a
war no one believes you fought. A so mission you return from severely injured to be notified by that
same government you are not. And that you were not even there. Returning from these
repeated nightmarish experiences embedded my system into fight or flight.
Americans struggle to see reality clearly when propaganda and delusions have overtaken
people’s minds. I write this book to give those who read it a shot of reality not based on
evidence but direct experience alongside digging deep to comprehend the events occurring and why. Law wasn’t what I studied, but I can assure you after these fourteen years, I know it better than most. No questions
What you will gain from reading this book is information you will not gain anywhere else. I do not believe that this subject matter has been written about thus far for two reasons, those who have this information are unwilling to divulge it, and those exposed to it who would like to have been silenced or otherwise threatened into submission. How the government goes about it is as insidious as is the fact the Geneva Act was taken from the rights of those held at black sites. The third transfer, the place they had intended for me while not thinking of other possibilities that would foil their supposedly foolproof plan. They forgot. God Says when I go, not they.

I do not doubt that this book and the truth of it will far exceed any reader’s previous expectations of what they believe they may learn, especially from truths as unbelievable as they happened. What mainly does the reader have to benefit or instead learn from reading this book is a firsthand account about the experience with the underbelly of the government and the links they will go to cover up their crimes and liability even at the cost of completely silencing whom they know is innocent but that’s nothing new.

This is a subject matter that needs to be written due to the current political Uncertain environment…
A book concerning these truths has not yet been written about though there have been books written about false prosecutions and such … my last attempt to make what happened to meet Public was met with my providers being told falsities, so I was cut off of all help when I need it for surgery
I hesitate to reveal such Headey information early on given its gravity, but the fact of the matter is I can see ever since all of this, and I will in the back of the book, which will end up being hundreds of pages give and I wrote these first 200 in the last four days

I have either stated or written about what has happened to me to keep myself safe or otherwise document it so many times I cannot tell you if I were to put all of it together, it would be tens of thousands of pages, and that is not a not an overestimation

Perhaps this topic remains underground in that it would otherwise expose not only the other galaxies to the governments and present but also the past. The subject of police misconduct and dishonesty remains as relevant today politically as ever as we slowly turn into a police state which was prophesied quite some time ago, what a man whose proclamations have not come to pass.

Some are finally willing to have perhaps closer to an open mind about corruption therein. Meaning the government because there is such toxicity and defamation and dishonesty these days, it is simply too difficult to deny. He had some statues to mainly the wealthy to retain their delusions. This is nothing short of selfish, greedy, and weak, not to mention cowardly.

This is
A book that has a considerable market for at this time given its political relevance; how it directly proves government liability, and how no accountability is taken, it will be a needed shock to the American system, a good wake-up call.

Perhaps we can say it is not within our government exclusively. Still, throughout them and their constituents, the highly wealthy, the relevancy of this story politically, woven in where there once was an actual system to protect the American Citizens. Four years ago, I developed an app that subsequently patented Safety for Citizens. I created it for those who had been and are in the position I was and still am prone to be given I am a liability in the effect of their offense against me.
It would have allowed And will not, someone in the position I was in for contact from internal investigations without alerting the same authorities, anything from harassing to attempting to the full out silencing a particular individual, namely a liability. And one becomes as such when they have been acted upon illegally by governing forces. A team member THEN uses the unique ID NUMBER TO ensure citizens’ safety and investigates BEFORE A DEPARTMENT CAN BE INFORMED. What I went through made me need to think I’m such measures

What happened to me happens to millions every year; perhaps not precisely, but they paid the same price desojrs their innocence because the government acted against them. Systematically liabilities are subjected to slowly having their lives pulled down tight over their head so they can’t escape a prison made to ensure their life would be hell. There are four significant steps they take. They rarely, if ever, fail in achieving the objective, silencing the victim as to the violations of their constitutional rights. If they do theubresoetbtobrricos and entrapment of all types and sorts; and when they become despeeesfd as they are? That’s when they get sloppy.

And what Americans need to be aware of if they are not already or have not somehow touched by the injustice of the legal system.
The corruption is getting worse, not better, and I believe even the most skeptical of care wondering whether this COVID ordeal was a path of human experimentation. Most especially when the COMICS variant, up to 12 years old is ‘allegedly’ most susceptible to, come to this country about the same week the vaccine for this variant was approved, With a few setbacks, Like possibly changing specific genotypes of the person. In other words, altering them genetically. We are aware that cells clone one another, and perhaps the highest scientists who practice in secret would like to know the effect on our Next-generation. The ones will come from those now under the age of 12. And most, conditioned to believe nothing but utmost honor and truth from anyone with a
Some don’t see the ironies of reveling in these
This book has the information you won’t come across anywhere else. Because what I will
disclose is rarely if ever spoken of, even amidst those who engage in it on a criminal level to the victims of their crimes
The government silences them. Or, to put it more specifically, the feds pay state employees big bucks to whitewash liabilities like mine. A man who worked for the state readily admitted this. If not by harsher means than defamation, complete reputation annihilation I encounter and still have to deal with daily
physical destruction, and you will have made out well. In other words, I’d you survive what I did
and come out the other side free and alive; You’ve done what few can do. But I feel I have an obligation to do because I am still here, have an opportunity to give voice to all those who are said to be making up crazy stories behind bars. They are not. If I am not believed in the free world, no felon will ever have a chance to be, and this isn’t about what if these events are not only out of our control, but we can live with no other choices of my own volition. My choice to work, be credible, not disabled, repeatedly harassed by the same entities meant to protect me, those who had already injured me severely? I’ve never been one to play the victim; but when you can honestly find no fault in your intention and conduct except for curiosity and the desire to explore it l, it is difficult to not run on resentment, permanently injuries a constant reminder to the truth of what was done to your
fact is truth
And if I could change it, I would
If I could instead assume all responsibility instead of simmer in a fit of anger I’ve either asked for or yet in life experienced? You’d Prefer it.
Let me start a little closer to the beginning. For the time you were, at least.

I never was an angry person. Let things roll right off me.
I became angry. An animal caged too long, poked and prodded for years by those I didn’t know. Like most, id been co stiomed to trust the entities whose plan for me was far more insidious than any enemies of mine to date….loved ones unable to understand what I didn’t even comprehend as it was occurring to me. Just because I had the wits and mind about attempting to, I like the most, WOULD HAVE DROWNED in their entrapments and Ill dates plans for me. And I had not in any way been proven guilty.

They say to look and see where you are responsible. I am responsible for continuing to believe a truth that, had I not spoken about, could have landed me in a hell I could not have escaped or could have allowed this to unfurl in other ways they had planned slowly, what seemed better to me. What would I do differently? Nothing. Each move I made was out of defense in the effect of one of their actions, whether a third time that week again pulled over, to a full-on false arrest without telling me the charges. None later declared a false incarceration and the changes that day dropped. Yet slapped back on my record three weeks later for five years . My public defender ran from any possibility of fulfilling her role and literally ran from my fiancé asking her help then failed to answer any questions regarding why a change she witnessed he deemed false was still there? To take all employment pops etc away from me. And this was after five years of their having tried everything. Well then again the next year I’d learn everything includes murder.

I moved back here with A Masters in Counseling from KentState, I was prepared to begin an Internship with a local therapist who was already situated in the area. We had planned to implement a drug and alcohol counseling wing to the Seacoast Mental Health Center, a local counseling center. Three months before we were going to begin, I was in a major car accident following an amendment violating search and seizure. But first things first.

I stayed on in OH TO take a few extra classes prior to moving back and also entered the pd academy for fun. Honestly. It was. Very easy. I figured, why not.
All for a reason. There is a God.
When the indiscriminate illegal things began occurring, I learned ten times more law than I knew from the police academy thirteen years prior. And they as well. Fellow officers , to realize exactly what they were up to.

What happened to me has happened to millions, but it is rarely spoken about, largely in part because the majority of those who have lived what I have are no longer living or had their voices stolen in effect of rampant defamation or federal incarceration. THe broadest example of what I lived I, or any, can imagine, us that of an African American, falsely accused of a crime and when the state realizes they made a mistake in their prosecution, as oppose to redeem the innocent, they instead ensure that person becomes who they needed in order to ensure they are safeguarded,
While these establishments are rigorous in attempting to ensure the public only sees them as a united front in the interest Of the Public, the Actuality is they will unite and band together to protect a fellow officer, even if that officer has made a grievous mistake and if it will cost an innocent their own freedom or life. If it happened to me, it could happen to anyone. And most don’t talk about it. I made the mistake of saying yes to being on an international six series broadcast, and decided it was time for the truth to be told. Had I known the consequences that year ago I would have said no. I had no idea how threatened they would be at my telling the truth despite the fact all they had done and about me was a lie. Repeatedly… I’m asked on the show to tell it once and the DEA.l went to my DHMC Manchester medical providers and lied knowing I have severe conditions and all due for four surgeries. They were waylaid due to the fact my heart is weak and they worry about it and the effects of anesthesia.

But that is closer to now. Maybe I should go back a bit…

I meet a man who would not go away around this time who later became my fiancé. Or perhaps not that much later. Mere months he proposed and at 33, fond of this man who truly was an anomaly but one I (correctly) had surmised was also a narcissist . As long as I brought my steady steely self to the table, huge was warm glue I hadn’t broken enough for. I allowed him to stick and spread despite the fact none of my family or friends were fond of him and I was plenty aware of the stereotypical signs Not to end up with a particular person. I ignored all the posts and went full speed ahead, as though some sense of adolescent immunity had finally caught up with me and I had no fear. I would learn a lot about fear in the coming years, far more than I had experienced in a lifetime.

It took years of reading orginal reports obtained, putting things together, officer testimony itself and, which, in 2011, following the World Trade Center Bombings ten years prior, was deemed not only a federal offense but a threat on. Domestic welfare, thereby labeling me a domestic terrorist.
I will indulge the details of exactly why they not only suspected this, but had nothing else To suspect. But the irony lies in the fact, that was the point. I had created a profile…..

Now the question is, should I recount what happened in sequence. The seven year span, one week, month, year at a time. Do I start in the middle and then go back in order to explain the hows and whys. So many ways my mind has yelled all this at me, thrown me into it full force again without my permission.
So many obscure, obscene, horrific events, one after another resulting in false incarcerations, permanent injuries, an attempt on my life and ultimately, a relative immunity from the law in the effect of the fact, armed with reports dating back from the start, easily able to prove every human rights violation and offense upon my person. I will begin where it makes sense. SO long as we are clear, what I tell you is not what will align with what you have been taught; IT certainly wasn’t what I was taught either. And if anyone were supposed to know about this underbelly, then they would not continuously attempt to SHUT ME DOWN.

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