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The international podcast I had great hesitation to be on, but who had called and asked me to do the show was named after the second episode and told to shut me down, or they would be. Why? They did not want the information I was sharing exposed. I knew this

but not the lengths they would again go to ensure my silence. If the American public were aware

of the techniques meant to disarm, disable, cripple, incriminate, and defame, they would be as

horrified as I felt subjected to it,

PBN initially didn’t honor the request. They had asked me to do the Show and then requested not to

expose the defamation while acting it out. The past, forever haunting me, is a part of

my story no matter how much I attempt to escape t. Once you are a liability because they acted

upon you as they did upon me in 2011, the horror does not end until you do. And so long as I

amended, not I will speak. It is my obligation/to God’s grace. Or hate. I haven’t been able to

distinguish at times, …but this isn’t what the story is about; it’s About a truth that brings out the

reality of the underbelly of the American government and the horrors within it.


I’ve begun this story over a thousand times, whether it attempts to document

what happened or as it runs through my mind, in spurts and bits, pieces unwanted, crowding out

any ability for productive thought or non-reactive behavior. But these pieces are there to form a

whole, one I had to swallow. One that changed the course of my life forever.

But isn’t that what life is. A stream of events, over which we do or don’t have control, which

comes in part to shape our lives, or is it instead what we make of them. How do we interpret what

happens to us? Others reactions. How we are conditioned. If we are taught self-love, we learn to

interpret others’ deficiencies as our own, allowing the unconscious projections are inevitable in

the face of open. If we know to self-loathe, we absorb the defects of others without any sense

that it is not ours to own. It is many things. Those which come to form what we call life. . And

genetics •. Perhaps it is all three. Or maybe

It is All? The will of God

Many are unaware that 1983 laws bring the potent defense of immunity to officers if it can be shown that they acted as another reasonable officer would. The second act against me was an attempt to get me on a false felony drug charge

Such a wrong gift would grant them immunity from the rights violations three weeks former in a warrantless federal investigation into what was a suspected form of terrorism.

And allow them to arrest or intend for a crime never thought of or planned to commit.

I understand why they suspected what they did but acting on information alone, even if it’s the ex-chief of police’s daughter, is not a Good idea.’ but they haven’t and won’t simply admit that. .’

This is truly a journey of discovering what I never expected to find nor was ever seeking. Likely what will make you feel uncomfortable? What you will want to deny. I wasn’t and am still not allowed such luxury despite being the one injured and traumatized, disbelieved and former to it all happening, never having made a complaint, asked for help, or my word doubted. Perhaps then, because my truth wasn’t less believable than any lie, I could concoct, and yet

This book is FOR

I AM THE ONE TO WRITE IT BECAUSE it is solely due to the direct experience I had together with rampant research in the effect of it that you will Herein learn things that you will not discover elsewhere.

Exceptionally will be willing to write about what I will lay bare, my reasons applying in the fact I have already publicly exposed the truth on the advisement of the products have nothing to lose as I’ve already made it public for years then explicitly after being asked to him on an international podcast

And as in the other times, the consequences of so doing after made beyond apparent…but I’m getting ahead of myself. This discomfort you may feel as you reveal the reality behind certain veils is because you are forced to change your conditioned thinking

My truth brought far more ridicule than belief. In fact, with help from the state and other forms of defamation, what happened had disabled her physically and psychologically. Br of the Howard Stern show, until they were told to shut it down. They did. But hadn’t they know that? Because if she were credible, if others heard her, perhaps others would also want to share their own experiences concerning misconduct at the hands of the governing forces/ and not the type reserved for the media to broadcast if only for good measure to ensure we appear transparent, honest. We are not. History will repeat itself so long as we are human, engaged in our desires, AND want more than right and just. Because does not a sense of superiority feel better than humility, yet after the period in which you delude yourself; don’t you feel drained rather than renewed? I do.

Why READ this Book?

I do not doubt that this book and the truth of it will far exceed any reader’s previous expectations of what they believe they may learn, especially from truths as unbelievable as they happened. What mainly does the reader have to benefit from or instead learn from reading this book is a firsthand account of the experience with the underbelly of the government and the links they will go to cover up their crimes and liability even at the cost of completely silencing whom they know is innocent but that’s nothing new.

This is a subject matter that needs to be written due to the current political Uncertain environment…

A book concerning these truths has not yet been written though there have been books written about false prosecutions and such …r

I have either stated or written about what has happened to me to keep myself safe or otherwise document it so many times I cannot tell you if I were to put all of it together it would be tens of thousands of pages and that is not a not an overestimation

This is a subject matter that needs to be written due to the current political Uncertain environment…

A book concerning these truths has not yet been written though there have been books written about false prosecutions and such … my last attempt to make what happened to meet the Public was met with my providers being told falsities so I was cut off of all help when I need it most. I would love to post a list outlined by DHMC Of the disabilities but will save it for the appendix.

I hesitate to reveal such Headey information early on given its gravity but the fact of the matter is I can ever since all of this and I will in the back of the book which will evidence the major events or smaller ones as factually outlined.


A perspective is just that until it is back pervasive by evidence and logic, then even in the eyes of the law, it IS TRUTH.

A book that sells fills a gap in the market. This one does. It fills the American public in on what happens to those falsely judged in this country and the systematic way their lives are destroyed. Their person indefinitely. Defamed. Not only is the topic interesting and riveting This is A book that has a huge market at this time, given its political relevance; how it directly proves government liability and how no accountability is taken, it will be a needed shock to the American system, a true wake up call.

Perhaps we can say it is not within our government exclusively but throughout them and their constituents, the highly wealthy, the relevancy of this story politically, woven in where there once was an actual system to protect the American Citizens. Four years ago I developed an App that was subsequently patented entitled Safety for Citizens. It was developed by me for those who had been and are in the position I was and still am prone to be given I am a liability in the effect of their offense against me.

It would have allowed And will not, someone who is in the position I was in to contact one from internal investigations without alerting the very authorities which are anything from harassing to attempting to full out silencing a particular individual, namely a liability. And one becomes as such when they have been acted upon illegally by governing forces. A member of the team THEN uses the unique ID NUMBER TO ensure that citizens’ safety and an investigation BEFORE A DEPARTMENT CAN BE INFORMED. What I went through made me need to think I’m such measures

Why do I TELL!? After already being made public I have NOTHING TO LOSE

What happened to me has happened to millions, but it is rarely spoken about, largely in part because the majority of those who have lived what I have are no longer living or had their voices stolen in the effect of rampant defamation or federal incarceration. The broadest example of what I lived I, or any, can imagine, is that of an African American, falsely accused of a crime and when the state realizes they made a mistake in their prosecution, as opposed to redeeming the innocent, they instead ensure that person becomes who they needed to ensure they are safeguarded,

While these establishments are rigorous in attempting to ensure the public only sees them as a united front in the interest Of the Public, the Actuality is they will unite and band together to protect a fellow officer, even if that officer has made a grievous mistake and if it will cost an innocent their freedom or life. If it happened to me, it could happen to anyone. In my instance, I was indicted on murder, or grand theft ardently, but on Distribution of Research Chemicals, which, in 2011, following the World Trade Center Bombings ten years prior, was deemed not only a federal offense but a threat. Domestic welfare, thereby labeling me a domestic terrorist.

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I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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