to know; they will do anything for an indictment.

Please note there js ACTUALLY A FORM OF STALKING IM EHICH THE STALKER STAYS AWAY BECAUSE THEY believe the ‘victim’ is in love… withvTHEN! The defendant accusedbofbm


SL INTENDS TO USE what she is aware is a charge ruled false by a federal judge. Along with UNWARRANTED BASELESS other accusations over the years in attempt falsel accuse me of stalking

The state needed something.. ANYTHING THEN I CALLED SUSAN. Someone Who was my attorney for seven years until a few months ago. And she gave them something to use abaiShe acts out of Retaliation or it was something and they used it. Baseless in legal arena so I’m guessing they PLAN TO INDICT ME BASED ON AN ALLEGED PATTERN OF BAD CHARACTER & behavior. After legit report to the attorneys association, given they work for tue state they subsequently attempted to blackmail me should go forward with the case.

It took me a few, but slowly it comes together, all the false NPs,completely baseless orders that never pan out, haggard eyes officers generally serving them, carrying out orders it is clear they’d prefer not to carry out… how recent this all is to DHMCand their recent call for me to have another MRI on an ailing liver be told it was cancelled. I would have otherwise left and never called, showing up and

Giving them reason to arrest me. Easily alleging they tried to warn me not to come, havi g the officers review the message left. But they wouldn’t need to. It

Dog would be al

D tol said and do

She never reported any of the major illegalities that occurred to me, a repeated and pervasive pattern of misconduct becuase she was complicit

Went on to collaborate for five more years as opposed to annull my record in one through a petition. My being disabled we had a legal obligation to point it out . She didn’t file it for five years blaming prosecutors each year for not pushing through a perfectly reasonable case.

Attempting to INDICT ME based on false information… charges she is well aware were literally ruled as false before four competent witnesses by a federal judge on 2014 prior to the attempt ahaon on my person in 2015. Just a more drastic form *•. This can be evidenced as can the fact the state falsified the report. They were involved.

I’m a liability given the human rights violations committed upon my person in 2011 in Rockingham country, Newmarket, Hampton, Stratham, Exeter & Portsmouth, NH. I’ve moved several times in effect of the pervasive and ongoing harrassment on the state and feds end.

Also important is the fact these allegations that she are BASELESS; no actions which constitute this crime were taken; baseless like all the attempts to defame my character; just words to ensure seem as the problem. The one of bas character. 

The cops tell me just two weeks; no social media; why would that be when all I’ve written is true. So she can defame me in the a sense OF IT? That is the opposite of just. Shame on you Susan.

No social media so the EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES CANT BE KNOWN. As dojt jusges check social media prior to issuing something that would be on the case not only reckless but due to my medical conditions and lack of medical care of medications there must heart wouldn’t last more than three days. The epilepsy would have it. Along withthe major withdrawals from needed seizure and heart meds/ not only do they know this , they are counting on it. The measure the government takes when they want you silekt are insidious .

And am I obscene

By layman’s mind , yea

With my f*** this and that 


Not legally 

As by law it’s defined by fraudulence and dishonesty. 

Susie Q KNOWS that last charge was false, and will try and use this against me, as FACT, RULED AS SUCH BY A FEDERAL JUDGE IN FRONT OF THREE WITNESSES

She alleged to me the exact opposite I’m emails as she did to the board AJD when I proved I was able to science this through her emails? I was subsequently blackmailed • literally

Told if I chose to follow through with this case? All my info, including my SS number etc would be exposed.

Just ridiculous stuff

But definitely

Ed across state likes as local PD refused to become involved

Obvious collaborations make them as guilty of the crimes as those who initially committed or are committing them.

And the repeated lying on the end of them and Susan and well everyone that is saying differently than I? Have some weong & need to cover it

It’s that simple 

Delay or Neglect

Perhaps the most common kinds of complaints against lawyers involve delay or neglect. This doesn’t mean that occasionally you’ve had to wait for a phone call to be returned. It means there has been a pattern of the lawyer’s failing to respond or to take action over a period of months. In some instances, this may result in your losing a case or losing the right to bring a case where there are time limits involved.

                          complain.qxp  4/16/2008  10:16 AM  Page 7

I have invaluable evidence easily proving this 


Sometimes lawyers will misrepresent to clients whether or not they have taken certain actions. SHE DID SO. On so many things like the entire ‘case’ and not taking ethical legal action in MY FAVOR.

‘For example, you might discover that your lawyer has told you that he or she has begun a lawsuit or taken other actions, when in fact no action has been taken. In other words, the mis- representation may be a cover-up for neglect.’


Mishandling of Money

YES AS SHE DID NOTHING BUT SIT ON IT FOR FOVE YEARS then blame prosecutors for not pushing it through as their life’s would be made UNCOMFORTABLE IF THEY DID NOT; as she stated 

If you have given money to your lawyer to hold, or to use for a particular purpose, he or she must not do anything else with that money. A lawyer who is reluctant to answer your ques- tions regarding that money may have misused your money.

Conflict of Interest

Your lawyer is supposed to be on your side, and only on your side.


; and that really hurt me. In far more ways THAN ONE

Anyhow, That means he or she should not be representing someone who is against you in the legal matter, unless both you and the person on the other side have agreed to it. SHE HARDLY CONSULTED OR EXPLAINED AND WHEN I QUESTIONED SAID THE LAW WAS COMPLICATED. Not so much I can outsmart it with 80% of my brain … gone.

In general, complaints about fees are not grounds for disciplinary actions. Occasionally a problem relating to the fee will amount to an ethical violation. 


Until I am safe this need to be front and center so a JUDGE GUAGES MY CHARACTER ON TRUTH EASILY EVIDENCED NOT THE DEFAMATION past attorney who alleges she is still; to me, 100% relying on Defenses to Harassment Charges

They came to my door last week and I had NO IDEA WHO FOR.

I had called her once

Was it because I told them I intended to file an executive’s complaint against a member of the committee from the NH board of attorneys for having blackmailed me in the wake of them realizing I had a FLUSH evidenced case against Susan? And then

Now after failing with all other entrapments they desperately paint me out as having bad character, defaming my character then han NPs from places I haven’t been or been defamed and such is what resulted

The officers who came the other day did not appear as though their wanted to be here.

I said who now? They rolled their eyes. Carrying out duties. I won’t hold it against these ones. But the state and feds, doing all they did to defame me to my health care providers (yup it did happen and my neurologist called to let me know it was; five times; not easy to IGNORE THAT ONE;) They are grasping Hard at what can be evidenced the complete opposite. Why put themselves in this position unless they EXPECT AN INDICTMENT?

The fact is

She wishes to do this in a way in which she does not have to EVIDENCE WHAT she knows she can not

Because she has lied and defamed

I have no and despite what a lay person may deem my obscenity towards her is ACTUALLY defined by law as


And dishonest among several other behaviors and illegalities she has engaged in

I have engaged in nothing But reacting EXACTLY as she set me up for and had been planned


TRUTH IS? I’m incredibly private, keep completely to myself, and hage become so agoraphobic due to the illegalities against me since 2011, they have found reason to arrest me within my own home

Including a former arrest LITERALLY ver batum in front of five competent witnesses a false incarnation and charge and Oh uh… sorry

Likely more than most get;)

Defendants sometimes raise the following defenses when facing trial on harassment charges

She is acting out either of retaliation or for fear that if she does not she will face the consequences of her illegalities. So she need to make me look illegitimate that wouldn’t be ANYTHING NEW

THAT is all the state and falslfied reports have gone

And she arrested it happens all the time to liabilities like me; those who had too much info on state or federal information

(First it need be proven there is a pervasive ongoing pattern of ‘bad behavior’. They did EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO ATTEMPT TO DO THAT. Even though the fact not one od their falsified reports can be backed up)


A defendant may raise a First Amendment defense based on free speech principles. Whether a particular communication constitutes free speech or crosses the line into criminal conduct, often turns on whether the communication is deemed to be for a legitimate purpose.


2. HAD SHE MADE IT CLEAR SHE WANTED NO CONTACT OR WAS NOT MY ATTORNEY I wouldn’t have contacted her and due to disabilities be subsequently severely triggered. SHE IS WELL AWARE OF THIS DOWNFALL TO THE BRAIN DAMAGE on behalf of the state she never reported

3. My federal disabilities were used against me

Protesting can fall into this category. People have the right to protest and demonstrate but that right doesn’t mean they can send harassing or threatening communications to a government official or throw rocks at their home.

Unintended Consequences

A defendant may also argue that the alleged harassment was an unintended consequence of the defendant’s actions. Without question. She well knew I would continue calling her deliberately having told me she would ALWAYS BE MY ATTORNEY. So INDEED. NEVER RESPONDED AFTER ALLEDGING FOREVER MY ATTORNEY . Never told me otherwise

For example, a person might play music containing offensive lyrics, unaware that his child left a window open; a passerby on a seldom-used path hears the offensive music. Although the passerby feels annoyed, the person playing the music did not commit the crime of harassment because the person did not play the music with the intent to harass the passerby. HER ILLEGALITIES WENT SO FAR BEYOND THESE EXAMPLES

Unreasonable Reaction by Victim

If a victim is overly sensitive, a defendant might argue that the victim’s reaction was unreasonable. An element of criminal harassment requires that the defendant engage in conduct that would cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or harm.

She can allege she is in fear but several competent witnesses and other evidence including HER EMAILS COMMENDING ME ON How I GOT THROUGH WILL PROVE differently .

Words may cause narcissistic injury but they do NOT CONSTITUTE STALKING in lack of any action or intent to see ‘victim’)

Say a person allegedly fears for their safety because their neighbor plays rap music. The neighbor could rightly argue a reasonable person would not have reacted this way.

(Her having repeatedly suggested we meet and my always having missed our appointments I was simply elongating on an ONGOING JOKE between her and me about meeting somewhere closer to Home. Sorry she took it so literal. It was a play on it all. I have NOT BEEN TO HER RESIDENCE OR OFFICE IN YEARS; the last time I need to give her my signature. , etc)

Just Bluffing? she had every reason to have the state use what they did against me though in an email she ver Barnum said ‘I will maka case against you’. Why would she SAY THAT?

SHE IS. She couldn’t have given me more respect and a bigger hug. I can evidence both those truths in full.

She is ATTEMPTING TO USE A FALSE CHARGE DISMISSED BY A FEDERAL JUDGE AGAINST ME. I realize today she never helped me but hurt me. Never cared enough to report what ended up causing severe o going for life disabilities

Defendants may think that they can defend themselves by arguing that their threats were hollow and that they did not intend to carry them out. It’s generally not a defense that the defendant did not actually intend to follow through with a threat. I NEED NOT DEFEND MYSELF FROM A CHARGE


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