My art of the last ten years I’ve never sold or hung being severely disabled, being knocked off by #Todd Bonita & his galleries alongside #Gretchen Desautels who will also be sued for due distress and damages, copyright fraud, selling my art and keeping full commission , fraudulently using my signature and these are facts. #Pleasant Shoppe . If my art is there it should NOT BE V

STEALING my work of years and betraying my trust for hears as an attorney are the only two federal crimes of dozens committed against me that I am choosing to pursue unless anyone else would like to try and intervene and be added to the list. I understand the complications of my suit against SUSAN, but her directly AIDING THE PARTY THAT WRONGED ME TOGETHER with lack of reporting and neglect and failure to adhere to the gee legal obligations as duties…is TOO HEAVY FOR ANY WRONGED CLIENT WHOSE PAID A MAJOR PRICE.

Among several other things I was most recently SET UP FOR AN EXPRESS qay TO FEDERAL PRISON BASED ON AN ORDER LATER RULED FRAUDULENT AS IT WAS BASED OFF AN ATTORNEY SJE WAS vet well aware hr only was not true vt literally ruled false by a judge… so they could feed off am alleged bad seed theory; in district would have of ‘me’ could have landed me in federal without being heard or anyone hearing or seeing the evidence of her perjury ; they HER, even knowing it was not a second charge. And prosecution knows, okcs you are in jail its no longer sit-in the government governments duties. In other words the only word in there that goes is not the law? But the warden. And do you think they would set me up for a warden understanding of my situation or convinced I was planning what they shape fed originally. As he could not believe I rid what he would know by law I sis nor but could tell hik self to rationalize me presence and his pubijtovdkeaurea upon it had they not intervened I would have done whatever they had thought that was. I am still not sure exactly what to this day/ Anyways…

The more reverse image searches I do of my older work, the sicker I feel, as BONITAS has officially committed copyright fraud as has Desautels. It’s something that will see the light of a courtroom, and with an SD CARD UNLOCKED in an inactive iPhone? And the hundreds of shots of the same shot that is a good one I’ve ever used? It won’t be hard to prove the art is mine
I got sloppy or lazy and stopped being so diligent about watermarking
That along with the fact it’s TEN YEARS OF MY WORK IVE NEVER GOTTEN OUT DUE, TO MY DISABILITIES, it’s pretty devastating and will be amended and settled.

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I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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