— Read on motionnotes in regards to the malicious prosecution where the DA defended my own mEspecially when the only REACTION to her betrayal when they expected A LOT MORE WAS A MERE MESSAGE AND PHRASE OF SPEEXH. So ,and phrase of speech based on finding out sue betrayed me for the entire time she was my attorney aligning with the very parties whom had harmed me…they filed based on a VOICEMAIL I LEFT and phrase of speech upon finding out what she did after getting nothing despite trying for three years

So DID THE DA STEP in when I filed with the board of attorneyDISCIPLINE REGARDING #Susan Lowry’s MISCONDUCT?! Because the state and feds didn’t want their federal illegalities and misconduct exposed . They did not want their (and their overhead the feds;but the DOJ? Kinda is) misconduct dating back to a warrantless investigation which all my rights were violated because they had been as wrong as they believed they were certain. It was when I showed them the evidence which contradicted every statement she made to the state/ all the emails which contradicted every single statement she had made to them as well…and the feds and state had a lot to hide and a lot of liability (but that’s too much to get into why here now)

Formerly & a subsequent my phones had been taken over and this Was verified by several parties…I had to get a new phone , new number and Apple ID and believe that has also already been comprised S the feds and the state can hack anything. I constantly feel raped/ also prior to the malicious prosecution once they were aware I he the emails I did they went through each account she wrote me on and erased them . They went through it ALL AND FOUND NOTHING CRIMINAL. They are dying for me to commit a crime or be pressed into doing so (please check out the Google review for the kittery PD… I’ll post THAT next…)

They act out dangerously towards me like this I make it public VERIZON has deleted my other number from my account yet it keeps popping up as though I’m associated with it though I have absolutely no ability to use that number whatsoever. It shut off before I even Got to the Verizon store while I was on the phone with an agent. (Incentive to go to Verizon is literally having no service )…

It’s to stay safe from further harm/ I can’t take more/ I’ve been on my porch more than a few times vomiting after feeling my heart seize and diagnosed with a lot of inner and outer conduction that has my body in shock for seven years prior treatment/ and they still want me to take it up the A**| and #Susan Lowry because they had no one who was wiling to lie about me and her and all they had from he FROM ME WAS A VOICEMAIL AND ANGRY EMAILS AFTER FINDING AOUT she beeesyed me for seven years. Had she not the amount of damage I could have been spared , the amount we could have incurred from the damages done, all the Justice she could have had upon her and the respect that woukd have been deserved for her courage/ instead I not only did whe Ajob? But against her OWN WILL AS MY OWN ATTORNEY. Who is THAT SMART?!? I’m sorry . NOT ME

SO TELL ME THERE IS NO GOD OR explain how that is all Possible/ to have survived against an army of feds and state and local pD and my own attorney without any ‘original’ training\ Ir was NOT was not an easy academy AT ALL/ on par with SEALS EXCEPT dealing with extra sensory phenomenon

Because it’s state run and instead of b th em acting on it as they should they Keyes’s write me a seven page letter essentially blackmailing me stating if I decided to pursue the complaint likely all info about me past and present true r not woukd be made public

There’s nothing more that I want than the truth abo he me to be known. But the fact they acted in alliance with the state as opposed To helo me with not something I had thought through. And because they are rats they told they state I had evidence that could expose their grievous illegalities/ em essentially. If she was questioned it was quite possible the whole truth would unravel and that was the last thing the state wanted so they stepped. I HAD WONDERED MOST RECENTLY PRIOR TO THAT, why I was being as targeted as I was/

But I never finished regarding the malicious prosecution (short form)…

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I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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