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The Committee CAN ONLY consider complaints against State employees who work for the executive branch  and who are not classified personnel. (Most State employees are classified).  

The following are examples of employees who are not classified: 

⮚ The commissioner or deputy commissioner of an agency 

YES ⮚ A member of a professional licensing board, such as the Board of Pharmacy or the Board of  Cosmetology 

YES ⮚ A member of the executive council; 

YES ⮚ A member of a state commission, such as the Lottery Commission 

YES⮚ Any person holding a position listed in RSA 94:1-a, (b) 

The Committee CANNOT consider a complaint against: 

⮚ A person who works for a local government (towns, cities, school districts, counties, etc.)  ⮚ A person who works for the judicial branch of State government (judges, marital masters, clerks,  judicial support personnel, etc.) 

⮚ A person who works for the legislative branch of State government (state representatives, state  senators, legislative staff, etc.) 

⮚ Federal employees 

⮚ Private individuals who are not associated with government 

⮚ A state office, state agency, or state commission (because the Committee can only consider  complaints against particular, identified individuals) 

⮚ A person holding a classified position listed in on the Department of Personnel Class Specification  Index

______________________________Julie Assmus_____, Complainant 

Print your name 

Your Title/Position/Agency (if applicable):_research & development specialist; private investigator, investigative journalist, ssurviver of what most still would prefer not to believe. Far easier to blame some defect with me than see the wors as UNSAFe as it actually IS and can be. _________________________________________________ Address:________NOT DISCLOSED TO THE PUBLIC______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 

Phone numbers: _______SAME_____________________ (day) 603-770-4346___________________________ (cell) Email: _____________alteregunderground________________________@________gmail.com_________________________ 

The Committee will contact you at these phone numbers and email address. If you do not want the  Committee to contact you at an employer’s phone number or email address, please provide alternatives.  Please keep the Committee apprised of any changes in your contact information.



IM severely federally disabled in effect of ongoing repeated misconduct by the feds and state due to ongoing liability i pose and the greater one i am the more entrapments on their behalf failed and more officers became involved; likely lied to about my person; didn’t know better; FOLLOWED THE BLUE CODE; had no other options) . WHen I learned any attorney of seven year was complicit with these parties as opposed to protecting MY BEST INTEREST, I wrote the NH board of attorney DISCIPLINE . So this is in REGARD TO MEMBERS OF THE STATE BOARD WHO WERE APART OF THE PROCESS OF DECIDING OR WRITING the seven page letter which blackmailed me when they learned i had evidence on the attorney, 

I thought it through and realized that if There was a case against SUSAN I could easily find evidence? Then she would have to explain her behavior and the state and feds would be exposed so they STEPPED IN AND ENSURED THAT WOULD NOT HAPPEN. The board, by reporting TO THEM,as opposed to help the the one who was obviously wronged and clearly evidenced THIS as they generally would and DO)

As opposed to DO THEIR DUTY BY LAW members of the state board for NH discipline are complying with  feds, state. (I am a liability to the state and feds due to the severe human rights violations and harm done to me over the years due to an initial warrantless domestic terroris investigation. It also could well have been certain statements i was making online that exposed certain governmental activities they wished to hide. I have only tried to defend myself from the harassment and complaints based on defamation or what they say; its cost me everything. BEFORE ALL THIS I HAD JUST Found what I truly was interested in and had BEGUN MY LIFE; nearly MLADC LICENSED after an internship with Deb Braun Mills, AS WELL AS ENGAGED AND COULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN BETTER SHAPE. NOW? EVERY major organ in ny body is severely compromised from my liver to my heart to my brain which is severely atrophied and has intracticle love epiplsely. 

It is not nearly as easy to use a computer as it used to be and things take a LOT more effort. As well as extreme anxiety anytime i leave the house, though i do make myself..BEFORE I WAS FINE, NOW? My Life is of circumstances, not one of which i choose or chose. I didNOT ASK FOR THESE FEDERAL disabilities; though I received it in 2015; literally handed to me, without applying after the ‘accident’ in 2015…THey did not take accountability. Instead they tried repeatedly over the years to incriminate then in 2015 there was an (I was hit on the right rear end of my car at one honest officer admitted was about 95niles per hour, no headlights, passenger so their word would rule if I survived and i did, Officer said it was because i lacked the survival reflex and thus the car didn’t flip and instead went into successive turns. Anyhow there was the ‘accident’ that was initially investigated as A SOLICITED ATTEMPTED MURDER. The first question the detective asked when he called was ‘who would want to hurt you and who would want you dead’. I said ‘gary decker and the rest of them who are now liable in that they failed at an attempted entrapment and that behavior is NOT COVERED EVEN BY 1893 law ;if tha is the correct number..after he then spoke with the state and my attorney who ALSO I LATER LEARN DEFAMED THE TRUTH AS SHE ALREADY ADMITTED TO ME SHE KNEW AND SAID I WAS LUCKY TO SURVIVE ALL OF IT FREE AND ALIVE; they no longer took me serious, and i had felt SUCH relief that all this harassment and constantly being in fight or flight has KILLED MY HEART AND INTERNAL organs; the epilei[sy that never would have been had the officer not lied on the initial and subsequent PD reports; ahd the officers in regards to the SECOND accident got me the HELL out of there before i could be further questioned. I was not where one normally would be held bu in a room armed by PD officers when I was obviously not of ay guilt and ultimately found NOT RESPONSIBLE, But instead of my parents taking a stand m, they allow the least possible amount had me sin it nad to the 2k check, The concussion subsequent to the initial head injury, BOTH ON THE STATES ACCOUNT, have truly destroyed my brain, and thus many aspects ny life; YOu may say oh well look she can still write,But I lose things ALL DAY LONG and don’t remember S**))

THEN after every practitioner and person betrays me due to defamation that they will not tell me, but simply stop speaking to me, PRIOR TO ALL THIS S*** I NEVER ONCE CALLED THE ER. I never had the PD come to my door. I have charges in OH from one phone call so i wouldnt have seizures from a benzo withdrawal when my girlfriend and i at the time could NOT FIND an alternative and the psych could not see me sooner and didn’t want to RX until hew saw ne.; I got all ten times it was legit called  in despite NO CRIMINAL INTENT, HARM TO MYSELF OR ANOTHER, THE ACTUAL opposite, so i am not certain how those charges stuck other than the judge was a bigot and i was an obvious ‘lesbian’ in his eyes though im bi) I learn a year ago my attorney was also corrupt and that is why i filed the complaint with the BOARD OF NH ATTORNEY DISCIPLINE against her. 

SO , It was when I evidenced she lied to them and the state by way of her emails, that they then sent me a seven page letter essentially blackmailing me should I wish to file further. I did, SHe Subsequently gave the state what they needed to file a malicious prosecution charge, though they had attempted and did get an ER Order on ne based on what she KNEW WASultimately in a federal courtroom by a federal judge in front of her, ruled utr a false charge and incarceration in 2014. She never reported any of the ILLEGALITIES AGAINST ME NOR gave me the option to file the first year given they were all mere charges. BUt then a judge would have questioned why so many charges and NO evidence of any action to back them up. They used false information repeatedly against me, before the hearing and after. THIS WAS A MALICIOUS PROSECUTION FILED AFTER I PROVED TO THE BOARD THAT SHE WAS A DANGER AND WORKED WITH THE PARTIES WHOM HAD DAMAGED AND HARMED ME AS OPPOSED TO help ME.

THere is ALWAYS a consequence ti exposing what happened and what they did to me in ANY WAY. they went to all my providers at DHMC, lied to them and i was cut off and flagged from any and all services right after i was FINALLY diagnosed amd had consistent help and about five specialists for them. THen CUt Off and My record WIPED clear of all actual medical conditions so if and when i went to the ER? THey wouodnt have them on file. Had ai not gone with an atatorny to personally get my medical records, only upon my neurologists assistance, I would havec no way of proving to them i have the conditobs I do if i need to go into the ER. And it makes AA LOT OF DIFFERENCE IN HOW THEY TREAT YOU . In ALL respects. THAT WAS MY PUNISHMENT? FOr having been asked and gone on an international podcast. Now I am paying and may die for it, KC ARMSTRONG I HAVE YOU TO THANK FOR THAT> ANY DEATH premature IS LITERALLY ON YOUR HANDS FOR WHAT YOU ASKED ME TO DO AND HOW YOU EXPOED ME. WIthout purpose i then fine> ? Or? 

I did NOT pay her for seven years lie to me tyen try abd put ne in federal prison when i file a complaint in regqrds to it. WHO WOULDNT>?!?!? She betrays me then is angry when she is told on and tries to literally destroy the person she has ONLY SEE STuIGGLE.

 as she did each year giving me hope of an annulment she stated in court this year would NEVER come before the year 2019. She lied to me the whole tine then was angry when i told the truth about her lies that cost me EVERYTHING< my opportunities. Reputation, repeated ongoing harassment as she never REPORTED IT.  all based on fraudulent statements and other lies;IN ORDER that the state have anything possible against me. The DA?

HER MOTIVE WAS LIKELY RETALIATORY in that i left a message on the OFFICE VOICEMAIL that called her out on the TRUTH OF HER BEHAVIOR and she gave the DA just enough. I had ‘ reacted’ with WORDS when i found out she had betrayed me for the past seven years. She works three miles away. I never went to see her. They were trying desperately to get a stalking charge and alledge the initial one that had been ruled false with HER IN THE COURTROOM was actually legit. THat is the only way that got an ORDER which allowed them to hold a HEARING which should never have been legally held when it was, because it was based on PERJURY and FRAUDUALENT information. I even so sated this and the judge nodded. He already knew. He wished me the best of luck when i left and SUSAN LOWRY was and IS the one who is left to deal with far more crimninal chagrges when they had thought i would be indited and expressed to federal prison so she would never have to evidence what she KNOWS SHE CAN NOT with the enails that contradict her words. NOT TO MENTION ALL THE EMAILS that were written from her have subsequently been erared. ANd she already admitted IN AN EMAIL I PRINTED OUT THAT THE STATE HAD HACKED INTO MY ICLOUD ACCOUNTS AND THE MAN WHO DID IT WAS AN ASSHOLE. Why would she say and admit to this as though t=she KNEW IT WAS fact, HOW WOULD SHE KNOW? She played me hard and she had ne truly believe that she had MY best interest at heart but the whole time was playing along with prosecution.  The DA 

Defended her. 

From what? I won’t even say because they waited six years for behavior they got none of and finally acted IN SPITE OF AS WAS THE CASE IN THE INITIALLY INSTANCE OF WHAT SUSAN LOWRY MY ATTORNEY WAS WELL AWARE

Elements to a crime

Motive ; 



Her ‘plays’; all spelled out as ways to illegally get an order granted

She met all found requirements which are

She met them in this way

Now loosely spelled out below I state, under the penalty of perjury, I have not one reason to lie whole Susan Lowry , the state & now the board members can not say the same

Initially this was a federal case against me and all my right were violated

In 2011

Every member on the board whom made the unethical and ILLEGAL DECISIONS THEY DID TO BLACKMAIL ME when they told the state I held such stark evidence against the attorney whom would have no choice but to explain her conduct which would expose the truth. Too bad?!? I’ve waited thirteen years and I’m supposed to protect THEM? Whom disabled and will continue as they only hage ; HARM ME. Thars all they’ve proven to do. I cousinfing Susan Lowry _’s defamation is what my neighbors and attorney at the end did . Not stating the truth about their behavior . If they don’t like the truth they need to change it. All I WANT FOE THE TRUTH ABOUT ME AND ALL THAT HAPPENED TO ME TO BE FULLY EXPOSED ____________________________________, Respondent 1 

Print the name of the person about whom you are complaining. The Committee cannot consider a  complaint against a department, division, bureau, agency, board, commission, etc. It can only consider  complaints against individuals who work, or in some cases volunteer for the State in the Executive Branch.  

Office and Position (at the time of the alleged violation) for Respondent 1: I will procure the individual names from the emails from the New Hampshire Supreme Court

Attorney Discipline Office LOCATED AT

4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102

Concord, NH 03301. ; there is also the seven page letter which would have acknowledged the misconduct had it not been in regards to an attorney collaborating with state and federal misconduct. I will get the names from that letter as well.  Like children the members of the board ALL SEEM to have (maybe not all( decided to get gold stars instead of DO WHAT WAS RIGHT and legal. I’ve paid with years of defamation, inability to work, distress and long term health consequences,loss of opportunity AND so much else due to this misconduct and mainly the horrific defamation. I have worked with children and adults with disabilities for about fifteen years before going to graduate school to get a masters in diagnostics and psychology.  

As my attorney betrayed me for seven years without my realizing it. It is likely that she had good intentions to start but as time wore on, she failed to report any illgalities ahgainst me and in a recent malisiouns prosecution pointed out severe inuries to another person in an accident i was involved butg not found responsible. She made no notion of the fact that the CONDUCT of the state and feds over the years had caused me severe dusbailities and tio this day is disallowing me to in any way lead the life I would have been capable of had i not had two severe TBIs, resulting in epilepsy die to th faqc that solicited officer three weeks after the warrenteless invention attempted tio etbrap me. 

IF I could do it all over again, I would have and despite the fact it was found by a DHMC neurologist seven years later and by attestation that I should have died that night in al he still subsequrently attempted to arrest me with the three warrents all denied by the Newmarket Police Department.,, Disallowing him the most POTENT defnse most officers have. That he acted in a way others would have. The 1893 kwa would not cover his actions but certainly give people paud sen d question. WHY DID he lie. Commit entrapment and subsequently lie?>

I know the reasons why and diud but no one would listen to me to the degree I could not get adequate help for my injuries due to the fac he had lied ON THE REPORT AND falsely stated AS FACT, in the report i WAS GOING TWO MILES UNDER THE MANDATED LIMIT TO ADMIT someone to ICU.Give I crashed at 47mph and a chiroractor of 30 years said i mearlyt broke my neck, theinjuries were not officially recognized until 2017 AFTER THE DAMAGE HAD BEEN DONE< THE BRAIN BLEREDSS AND ALL THT Caused severe atrophy near brain deathh . That was just the start of ongoing pervasive repeated misconduct due to attempt sit cover up severe initial human rights violations committed in lack of any guilt 

THis isnt to shock or attempt to in  but that is another notion entirely. She is not a Not classified employee though did comply with state order, so I’ll file a malicious prosecution against her clearly evidencing every bit of perjury and fraudulent activity committed inside and outside of the courtroom that day.   Contact information for Respondent m1: New Hampshire Supreme Court

Attorney Discipline Office

4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102

Concord, NH 03301: _________________________________ Email: ___________________________@___________________ 

If the person you are complaining about is no longer in the same position in the State executive branch, what is his  or her current position (and if the individual no longer works for the State of New Hampshire in the executive  branch please provide the name of his or her new employer along with the employer’s address if known):  


_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Don’t worry if you do not know all of the information requested. 

If you are filing a complaint against more than one person, please complete the next section, fill out multiple complaint forms or include the information on a separate sheet of paper.  

_____________________________________, Respondent 2 

Office and Position (at the time of the alleged violation) for Respondent 2:  

Please see the response to RESPONDENT ONE; btw; the state and my attorney have made me out as Incompetent though i have evidence Susan filed a motion to ensure that all attempts to make me out as such were null and void. Of course this was in 2014m whe she was doing the right thing, THAT CHANGED>. with two masters and having obtained nine masters level certificates from the likes of Stanford online for fun within six months in the last year I think we can conclude even with the disabilities it’s difficult to say i am anything but competent. There is also the fact that i have somehow gotten through every attempted entrapment over the past thirteen years and it was admitted by my attorney and therapist at one point that it was ‘incredible’ what I got myself through. But of course the STORY NOW CHANGES THAT THE STATE NEEDS WHAT IT DOES AT THIS POINT __________________________________ 

Contact information for Respondent 2: 

Address________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Email: ___________________________@___________________ 

If the person you are complaining about is no longer in the same position in the State executive branch, what is his  or her current position (and if the individual no longer works for the State of New Hampshire in the executive  branch please provide the name of his or her new employer along with the employer’s address if known):  

I only know it was more than ONE MEMBER of the NH Board of attorney discipline (or something of that nature);; DUE TO THE FACT THEY WORK FOR THE STATE AS SOON AS THEY learned i could flesh a case against SUSAN lowry who had been COLLABORATING with Severe illegalities, including covering up an attempt on MY LIFE by the state (I would never lie about anythinglike this; i know the  penalty; andin 2015 the accident was  at FIRST TREATED EXACTLY AS IT WAS; AN ATTEMPTED MURDER; and the first questions i was asked were who would want to hurt you and who would want you dead and honestly? I was SO RELIEVED that it was finally going to be taken serious and would be over and despite a SECOND MAJOR HEAD INJURY AND CONCUSSION>>>>.., then they spoke with the state and whom i didnt know was corrupt at that time who could have changed IT ALL , my attorney, Susan Lowry, . when they spoke to me again? They spoke to me like I had no idea what I was speaking of. That was the LAST TIME IT WAS INVESTIAGED AS IT HAS BEEN AND WAS.) Between the INITIAL HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN THE FEDERAL WARRANTLESS SEARCH ON MY PERSON IN WHICH THEY were as wrong as they had believed they were certain…and now? Has been hell of repeated and pervasive abuse on my person by authorities 😉 including my own attorney who ended up being corrupt as Well. They used a voicemail to draw up STALKING CHARGES against me; I  was JUST UP against a malicious prosecution IN EFFECT OF THE BOARD MEMBERS having told the state that I had the information that could expose their illegalities. And they quick;y acted against me to PUT ME AWAY . AGAIN BASED ON A SECOND FRAUDULENT charge. I would have gone to prison for the rest of MY LIFE FOR A PHONE CALL RTO MY ATTORNEY simply exposing her behavior. . If you all Had seen how adanent this DA was in trying tio make me react and or look crazy, he was the one who ended up appearing so.[ I was toldl good luck and that the judge had no choice in the decision and i needed to appeal it; perhaps i will since they wont leace me alone ANYWAY)_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 

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1. Is the person you are complaining about a classified employee? (If the answer is yes, the Committee will  not be able to consider your complaint). 

Respondent 1 Yes (he or she is classified employee) No (not a classified employee) NO THE PERSON IS NOT A CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE.they are all state employees,I do believe.   Don’t know Respondent 2 Yes (he or she is classified employee) No (not a classified employee) Don’t know 

The Committee can only consider complaints alleging a violation of three specific laws: 

YES; this one; ⮚YES RSA 21-G:21 – 27, relating to conflicts of interest, misuse of position and nepotism ⮚ RSA 15-A, relating to financial disclosure statements 

⮚ RSA 15-B, relating to gifts

2. Which of the following types of statutory violations are you complaining about? (Please check all that  apply.) THE VIOLATION relating to conflicts of interest, misuse of position and nepotism RSA 15-A IS THAT WHICH I WRITE OF; the board using their alliance with the state to commit crime in their name as opposed to do their job by federal law.

That an executive branch official participated in a matter in which he or she (or a spouse or dependent) had a  personal interest that might have directly or indirectly influenced the performance of his or her duties. (RSA  21-G:22) yes LIKELY

That an executive branch official disclosed or used confidential or privileged information acquired in the  course of his or her official duties for personal benefit or gain. (RSA 21-G:23, I)   Yes, it is known that feds pay state employees big bucks or incentives to white wash liabilities like myself. 

That an executive branch official used his or her position with the State to secure privilege or advantages for  himself or herself that are not generally available for State employees. (RSA 21-G:23, II YES I ONLY KNOW THEY WERE loyal to the state and feds and not me. Whom they owed the legal obligation though that is not suprising. Were they going to cover it up from the feds or tell them I had the INFO THAT WOULD COMPLETELY EXPOSE THEIR REPEATED PERFASIVE DECADE LONG ATTEMPT TO SILENCE MY PERSON

That an executive branch official used his or her position with the State to secure privileges or advantages for  other persons who were not entitled to them. (RSA 21-G:23, II)   YES

That an executive branch official who is (or was) a candidate for a political office that is not subject to the  reporting requirements of RSA 664, accepted a contribution from a person or entity that is or is likely to  become subject to that executive branch official’s duties, and the contribution was no disclosed to the  secretary of state within five days. (RSA 21-G:24) 

That an executive branch official violated the provisions of RSA 21-G:25, which specifies and prohibits certain  types of specified per se conflicts of interest. (You may read RSA 21-G:25 at  YES

That an executive branch official directly hired, evaluated, supervised, set compensation for or terminated  any full-time or part-time employee or member of any state board or commission who was a spouse, a  parent (by birth or adoption), a child (by birth or adoption), a step-child, a sibling or half-sibling by birth or  adoption, or an in-law. (RSA 21-G:26) 

That an executive branch official violated a supplemental ethics code adopted by an agency. RSA 21-G:27 STATE OF NEW HAMPEXECUTIVE BRANCH ETHICS COMMITTEE 


That an executive branch official failed to make complete and timely financial disclosures as required by RSA  15-A. (You may read RSA 15-A in its entirety at mrg.htm) 

That an executive branch official received a gift valued at more than that is prohibited by RSA 15-B. (You may  read RSA 15-B in its entirely at;

Other (Please explain why you believe that this conduct volates RSA 21-G:21-27, RSA 15-A, RSA 15-B or is  otherwise within the jurisdiction of the Committee)  PLEASE SEE RESPONSE BELOW TO QUESTION NUMBER 3

3. Please provide a concise statement of the conduct about which you are complaining. Please make sure to include the date or time frame in which the conduct took place. You may attach additional pages if necessary.  

INstead of deal ethically and legally correctly with a complaint instead the board members acted corrupted under the influence of the feds and the state, to whom i am a liability and have been MERELY IN EFFECT OF THE HE ILLEGALITIES that have PRESENTED themselves OVER AND OVER AGAIN that I have had tio deal with and has  NO CONTROL OVER.This Has been acknowledged repeatedly by governing parties who then quickly reneg the statements or never utter them again. As I hear often occurs even amongst those committing offernses in the name of covering up the crimes of another official. AND I WOULD HAVE NO ISSUE WITH IT, BUT THEY WONT LEAVE ME ALONE. AND NONE OF MY LEGIT com[plaints are taken seriously IN EFFECT of the fact they are instead conveyed to the state who then acts against me, in some form of malicious prosecutions,. Ihts violt has nappened REPEATEDLY OVER A 13 year time span. EVER SINCE the initial human rights violations that were in effect of a warrantless search and seizure that went horribly wrong. FOr them. I Paid. BUt Never filed. ANd they kept asking against me and I NEVER FIled. 

So instead of do what was moral and right, The BOARD members conveyed to the state instead fo do their job and pursue some form of restitution oir justice, the state the ACTED IMMEDIATELY to get ANYTHING ON ME, defaming me to my neighbors, everybody. Its been HORRIBLE and had a horrible effect on my life. PRIOR to the state being able to act, the board did write me a long letter, essentially blackmailing me. It stated should i choose to pursue the case all my old  that just was annulled would be exposed. And a whole bunch of OTHER THREATS> z

, I also plan to file a motion in regards to all this though I believe this needs to be reported FIRST given the motion is based in regards to a MALICIOUS PROSECUTION IN WHICH MY OWN ATTORNEY BROUGHT STALKING CHARGES AGAINST ME AFTER TAKING 7b years to annul a records of what she and the state were well aware were FASLSE charges, the gravest of them even having been ruled as such by a federal judge in front of several credible witnesses. 

When I filed a complaint against Susan I didnt think it through until the state acted against me and then i realized why and the timing was EXACTLY after it had become clear to the state i could easily evidence a case against SUsan Lowry who had committed severe fraudulent acts as well as perjury in a court of law. As factt. I can prove this. DEFAMATION IS WHEN YOU CAN NOT. 

 WHEN THEY REALIZED I COULD EVIDENCE clearly a case against SUSAN, as they worked for the STATE this was conveyed and the state quickly acted realizing that if i filed a motion against her? THEN THE REST OF ALL THE ILLEGALITY that had been committed over the years would perhaps be UNRAVELED and they have done EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO AVOID THIS. THEY WILL NOT STOP, I have left it alone and they still come after me with rear ending me four times to falsify the report then blame me just this past year and then this MALICIOUS prosecution on behalf of MY OWN ATTORNEY FOR.. STALKING THAT Is BASED SOLELY ON? A PHONE MESSAGE left after five months that caused her consequence as it damn well should have .She was angry enough to give it to the state and allege several things that she KNOWS ARE NOT TRUE and they were sure they could indict me based on FALSE GROUNDS and would never have to initely playing the victim. And all the other elements to filing false charges and a MALICIOUS PROSECUTION FOR WHICH there was motive, opp, concurrence with the message on her machine and the state realizing if i filed a motion against her? Their own misconduct would BE UNRAVELED< including the attempt on my life in 2015 the fase incarceration the year prior. EVEN MY ATTORNEY ADMITTED I WAS AM AND will ALWAYS BE A LIABILITY. Because I was the victim to a search a seizure gone horribly wrong & ongoing rights violations and other illeglatites that would expose far too much on their end for me to in any way be questioned as i was FINALLY INITIALLY BEFORE BEING DEFAMED BY THE STATE THEN NOT taken seriously at all. This means I may NEVER be left alone amd so I file this as A final motion because I dont know what else to do at this point though i do know the past attorney general of NH was 100%v there for me that night before the trial in regards to my license when I called him and told him what was going on. Suddenly tne next day? 

 tempts to try and figure out what was going on and given the former communication and all else? I had every reason to not comprehend what she NEVER MADE CLEAR AT ALL. in order to have a case she knew she could not. I TOLD THE JUDGE I NEVER EVEN WENT TO HER OFFICE IN the three years I WAS her client let alone the three years when I was not actively so though she had told me she was always myt attorney so long as there was a case and contacting her after being rear ended IS FOR A LEGIT PURPOSE i _______________An employee from the board for attorney complaints, must gave conveyed i held the evidence which clearly evidenced Susans  complete opposition in what she said tyo them, and what she had alleged and or said to me. Making me believe the exact opposite than that which she attempted to evidence in court by way of defamation and falsified report along with I believe what may have been the disdtsrict attorney or could have simply been her attorney. But he attempted every single way to get me to react, inclucluding reading exact emails she had written to me yet leaving key parts out knowing i would likely try aqnd interrupt to object. I did not, despite the repeated PERJURY COMMITTED AND EASILY EVIDENCED BY THE STACK OF EMAILS I HAD AT THE HEARING yet given i chose instead tyo cross examine i never vot tro show or use it and instead interjected with a question of how she could have written me such a friendly email extending FURTHER SERVICES IN JUNE IF SHE HAD CUT ME OFF IN MARCH AS SHE STATED IN COURT< so many lies. Sop hardALll they tried to have me indicted and HAD I NOT INFORMED THE PORTSMOUTH POLICE THAT AN ER ORDER COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN SET OR GIVEN IF THIS WAS A PRIMARY CHARGE, it would have been tried in district BASED ON WHAT WAS KNOWN BY MYT OWB ATTORNEY TO BE A CHARGE LITERRALLY RULED FALSE BY A JUDGE IN 2014 IN FROES. NT OF HER AND SEVERAL OTHER CREDIBLE show evidence they know they DO NOT HAVE TO SHOW. it seems to go over her head completely that she did all the things that I noted in the emails that i sent her, all that i alleged was true and was necessary contact. Fear. Bullshit. She had already stated she understood my disability caused my to say things such as i did and had known me for ten years. SO DefWITNESS________________




4. Has the conduct that you are complaining about been the subject of any lawsuit, administrative adjudicatory proceeding, complaint to any regulatory body, or criminal proceeding?  

No, as I have never formally filed any suit against the state despite the immense amount of evidence for all the crimes ive outlines, including the false incarceration, too much falsification of reports that led directly to severe federally disability and my inability to get help. That was major damage and distress caused by the inability to be believed due to the falsifications of those reports. So i truly feel ANYONE ELSE would have filed and the ONLY REASON I HAVEN’T IS NO ONE HAS GOTTEN ME AN ATTORNEY AND I CAN NOT AFFORD ONE ON MY OWN>. Many ways I could. Really promote and commission my art, rent my place downstairs for $2400 a month. I need only the upstairs and intermittent access to the kitchen and bathroom. Obviously New things, carpet, etc, prior to renting it as a B&B, I have over 400 pages written that if i edit or find an editor with the extra funds raised thereby? Easily get an advance and that damn thing will write itself; it’s just waiting to be put together cohesively. I have 4k Tinder likes to go through. MANY THINGS I HAVEN’T DONE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN FROZEN BY DEPRESSION AND THE FACT THAT EVERY MOVE IVE MADE? Has literally been sabotaged by defamation from the cops or the neighbors set up to do just that . WITHOUT FUNDS< THIS DEFAMATION1                        and all

If your answer to Question 4 is yes, please identify such proceedings to the best of your ability. If such a  proceeding has concluded please attach any final orders that may be in your possession. You do not need to  go looking for this information, but if you have it in your ready possession, the Committee would appreciate  receiving it. In addition, please provide the names and contact information for any witnesses to the conduct  you are describing.  


⮚ The Committee does not have the authority to award you monetary compensation. ⮚ The Committee cannot reverse any executive branch decision or order any executive branch official to do anything. 

⮚ The Committee cannot impose any sanctions or punishment. 

⮚ If the Committee concludes that a respondent has violated one the statutes within the Committee’s purview it may: 

(a) recommend to the appropriate body that the respondent be disciplined or  removed from office; or 

(b) refer the matter to the Attorney General’s Office for possible criminal  prosecution. 

The Committee may also decline to recommend discipline for violations that are of a  less serious nature. 

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The Committee can only consider sworn complaints. Your signature must be witnessed by a  Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.  

Please print the completed form, sign it, have it witnessed, and mail the form to: 

Executive Branch Ethics Committee 

33 Capitol Street 

Concord, New Hampshire 03301

By signing and filing this complaint, you are stating under penalty of law that the information you are providing is  true and correct to the best of your knowledge. 

Signature _________________________________________________ Date _______________________________ 


_______________________, ss 

On the ____6th____ day of _____August_____________, 2022______ before me, _____________________________  ( name of Notary Public/Justice of the Peace), the undersigned officer, appeared ___________________________ ________________________________, (name of person whose signature is being notarized) known to me or  satisfactorily proven (circle one) to be the person whose name appears above, and vvs/he subscribed his/her name  to the foregoing complaint and swore that the facts contained in this Affidavit are true to the best of his/her  knowledge and belief. 


Notary Public/Justice of the Peace 

My Commission expires: ___________________________ (seal) 

Please note: If additional pages are used, both the complainant and the Notary Public/Justice of the Peace must  sign and date each page. 


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