Just too much shit happening right now… just too much shit to be a coincidence

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Beyond the fact the DEA AND STATE ARE GOING DIRECTLY To my medical care providers when I have severe disabilities and major medical conditions and lying to them to my severe medical detriment To get me in a vulnerable condition so they ca commit me and call me crazy in the wake of a podcast that I want to make very clear I was asked to do I did not ask to do it I was called and asked In other words I wasn’t trying to out anyone I simply chose to tell the truth as I always haveAlso is the fact the state has ensured my DMV report is as cluttered as possible and have tried repeatedly to get try license I was rear ended on each occasionNo ticket no citation court date warningNothingThey do Not want me credibleThe state and DEA following a search and seizure in which they came at me withoit a warrant AJD violated my rights and me for thirteen days and then went on to dig a deeper grace. For themselves. They intended it dummy for me. And still do. And then I find out my attorney SUSAN LOWRY WAS COMPLICIT ALL THE WHILETHIS AS ALL I STATE IS EASILY PROVENshe tried to get me to plea the opposite of what I’d stated to prosecution  dozens of times the night before in message. All truth . AFTER THE CHARGES had been dismissed.  But that was only an effect of my having called the attorney generals office whom I also will send a copy of this too.Because I hadn’t been liable only to find out there are four accidents on my report stating injuries and damages making it look horrible when it should be put on my record without finding and dismissed within six months then I find out the police reports of falsified information I try to get a hold of them they are not sent to me and this is a problem because they can easily be proven falsified in effect of the fact that none of the above or given or issued alongside the fact that this is not in the least reflected in my insuranceAnd then Leslie is the issue with my attorney and the fact that I cannot even count on her because even after an email and she said she would always be my attorney she has never called me back in the last six months about any of these major concerns because she is complicit in every single one of them and don’t supposed to having me simply fill out a form to have my charges an old the alleged plaintive simply saying he didn’t even file them in the first place she made me wait five years and didn’t even tell me that I could’ve filed at any point given they want confections I waited five years and then she knew I was going to be set up to have to wait 10 more

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I was recently cut from my medicationI have no prejudice against heroin users but that is not the reason I was primarily put on itI had planned to come off it in 2011 but subsequently became disabled in effect of state misconduct and this can easily be proven. Disability was handed to me and signed by the NH commissioner directly after the state misconduct again in 2015Every since then and 2011 unwarranted search and seizure in which no warrant was used no evidence and my rights were violated for thirtrrrn daysFast forward element years later and my record just annulled their failed attempts to entrap snuff out my voice and knowing I have four boxes of original reports to prove every wordI am the federal government’s worst nightmare Except I didn’t plan to be and wasn’t going to be I simply wanted to move forward with my life and start working but they have now made it so that’s not possibleNow I have been cut off my meds as my pro I diet was lied to. By the DEA which has happened many times former one of my providers have directly told me he was approached by a federal agent and asked directly from my recordThat was in 2015. It was UNENDING. And continues as my word WILL BE TAKEN SERIOUSAnd they are well aware that in 2015 there was an attempt on my life and I can prove that and have every means to do so so back to my main concern which is I was cut off of the medication that I would not survive going cold turkey off of and my body because of the severe distress and inability to get treatment because of the falsification said reports cannot handle any more manifestations of severe dysfunction I’ve been diagnosed with severe cardiac digestive and other internal issues not to mention the post concussive temporal love epilepsy and anemia I deal with on a daily basis the feds went to my provider and said something to him so that he cut me off and I know that he was told lies and why would he believe me over these agents keep believing they would have no reason to defend me other than if it’s the truth even though for seven years I sat in their goddamn groups and spoke about what was happening to me I reminded him of one of the providers there of this and he was silent and then I’m up on me that’s called guilt because he knows I’m right he knows I spoke of all this happening and that it continues to this day and that they’re wrong to be complicit in it and I am telling you my body cannot handle a one month taper when I was told that it would take over a year to get me off of this medication with The severity of my disability safely I ask that you please interveneThe name of the establishment is New a England medicine and Counseling. They are just for the money I’ve been with them seven years never aN issue with them and suddenly he said he would do my appointment that day, to my being ANTAGONIZED After what I’ve already BARELY survived, that hurt came out of nowhere from my perspective and was 100% disrespectful and unwarranted. And my body CANT HANDLE MORDAnd ADNAN KHAN is the provider who took over that day he came at me like I was not. Or doing as I wasn’t. I was offended and made this clear Afyer dealing with this attitude for seven years prior to the MRI which showed the severe atrophy due till lack of treatment because of the falls of the Quetion of the primary port in 2011 I am federally disabled because of good misconduct on behalf of the state and now I’m supposed to go through an inhumane withdrawal during this time with my body cannot handle it and has displayed every sign of severe dysfunction and shock?!?I have SEVEN EEVERE MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND TO DO WHAT KHAN IS MAKES NO RATIONALE SENSETHERES NO REASON TO HE INJUMANE AHEN he could do a humane to put this makes him a severe danger to his patients not to mention he is collaborating with the DEA AND STATE WHO ARE LIABLE FOR UNREAL FEDERAL CRIMES (an attempt on my life in 2015 easily process and that is what they are most concerned of as THEY SHOULD BE; and yes I did have an attorney for eight years who I subsequently found out was complicit with the DA and prosecution all along taking five years to get charges off my record not even telling me I could just petition and if I had they would’ve come off the first ) I need help with this issue as I will not make it through after how I feel and the severity of my medical issuesI have severe liver and kidney compromise not to mention the anemia and have to take Zofran just to be able to eatI also have to take propranolol and clonodine for severe ptsd and how it together with ongoing stress without help belief or relief has affected m my heart Please help meJulie AssmusI can’t handle



Douglas Dalke is a danger to society in some way collaborated illegally out of retaliation and to get his record annulled of three DUIs and a stalking Order. As that was on my record due to again his efforts to not have me leave him, (it got very very dangerous) , signed one on the neighbors below the staye used against me in my own HOME ABOVE where I lived with the alleged victim. The one who I had to subsequently get a PD ESCORT TO LEAVE A YEAR LATER , who went to the ER HE was in such distress and who began drinking lost his license then was propositioned by the state. All gone. That job he couldn’t have gotten HIS, IF he made it appear S though behavior that never was continued so annulment wasn’t possible. After Five years. . Have EVERY RIGHT TO STATE THIS HERE and you know it. If you didn’t You would have looked into the fact that he lost all of my things as well as the fact that my cross the X chief of police hacked into my phone and my computer system and that was verified by a detective why were those things further investigated Ha so I have every right to state this year and I will continue putting it here over and over and over every time you take it down every time and I mean every goddamn fucking time. Until what has been taken from me and been invaded legally is investigated I will from Pete Attley post what is true. It is coptied. I all simply continue to paste it. Take it down again and names fo to the attorney general in regards to many many things YOu knew about and didn’t report . Starting with MERNER THEN WILBER a detective whose name I ont disclose who I recorded acknowledge and was hacked. And did… NOTHINGzz how will you all explain . It’s not right. Do something about goddamn Doug DALKE AND HIS LYING TO YOU and I mean now. I get no justice . So do something or I report names and give reconfirmed recordings . ETC. Got it? Good