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The interview

Was she a victim subjected to the nearly implausible and has thus far survived it, or could she have for this long attempted to fool us, cover up her foibles with stories of misconduct and what she could blame for the losses that she suffered? Was she A true borderline histrionic gone wild?!? And while I made A in diagnosis, I do digress as Axis Ii Diagnosis I find to be character judgments as opposed to mental health disorders. And I don’t do them.

I heard Skyler for the first time on the KC Armstrong show. She was being interviewed as a professional life coach and am taken with her lack of need to be noted a certain way. Her effect belied someone struggling with demons large enough to snuff out any excitement of being heard, appreciated and remembered by millions.

Those demons must have been dark enough to overshadow a joy that sound has been felt we’re going t, not for the trauma, dysfunction, disabilities. The symptoms being blamed in me, being hindered by all these factors together with the beast of the what I dare not say acting against me. No mental health diagnosis an apparent excuse. But saying this makes it sound crazier. More attention-seeking. We’re these people those are known since childhood they’d know something saz wring. People I do not know only See the wrong as Me. Too easy, women constantly smearing their shit one to one another. I sent from idealized to devalue. A slow certification. A brutal one in which you were paralyzed Didi anything to redeem me. The state had made that impossible

to take away that joy, that hope that it meant people would listen to the truth, and she had wanted that. The defamation kills her. And in a forum in which she would be validated as nothing But credible after ten years.

I learned later she had come to know all attempts to give voice to her experience came with a price, and she w tired: the state if her health reflected the dysfunction.

She quickly explained the three levels of trauma and their effects on the body. There is distress, then distress, then complete dysfunction. Due to the complexity of her story, it wasn’t easy to interpret what caused what and when. But the cardiologist informed her the negligence and shock had damaged her heart, the strongest, most significant muscle and organ. An ischemia attack before any of this having gone me on doesn’t make her risk of future heart episodes lesson.

In a place where she had no one to trust, her parents emdishiesrt for retains of their own disowjed according jta iktu in what baplsnsd ri her xaywijg co Pete lack of co.passiok and justice and she deteriorated instead id healweS. Llying to her, blaming her, setting her up for what they had done to his mother, and this terrified her: sue was only 43, having love amrwadt nine years of her life and necessary ng enough for the river to be an interview with r a well-known show. And they planned t commit her, as they had his mother, her last wish to be out into a home other than her own. They took that will deim her ai they did don’t have to worry. While feeling defenseless., too long, her body broke down completely. She was in a state of trauma at KC dysfunction without the slightest acknowledgment that this was the problem for seven years.

Methodically, she brought up her medical chart to prove to me her conditions though I didn’t know asl/. She was wise to do this to look at her; no one would believe she was serious. She knew even if, in the Moët, she thought someone would question it if someone did not prove it later. But before me, she didn’t show anyone, she told me. She had shut down nearly completely. Drawn into herself, she almost died from heart failure.

Healthy 32-year-old who had just completed the peace academy after two master’s degrees out in OH at KSU, who had come in third place in the physical piece despite being a woman 32 to the boys in their early 20s? She was in unbelievable condition. Now she can’t get her heart rate up, has severe anemia, kidney and liver dysfunction, lesions, cysts, stones, need reconstructive surgery on her feet; the accident took out my back, and she developed severe temporal love epilepsy and atrophy along with brain bleeds due to lack of treatment. How could someone so hurt Not get help>?

Because, she said, the matter of factly, as though she had no more emotion to breathe any longer, no one believed her. Why? Because the officer falsified the report. She later learned he did this to send her to jail instead of admitting her to ICU. He stated she laughed at 18mpyh when she crashed at 48nph. In a ditch., The chiropractor told heart she was lucky she didn’t break her neck; the hoots show in the severity of the injury and how close she came to becoming a paraplegic,’

She was told by a DHMC Sven years later when she finally git an MRI, she should not be alive. She should have died in that cell, And that night was just the beginning of her nightmare. She began with a brain suddenly stripped of all defense mechanisms, ability to think, recall or be as good she had been, and people blamed her character for symptoms she had no control over. Of course, at that point, she was unaware that the damage was only getting worse, the scar tissue ensuring I ratio temporal l0eb epit0tse For seven years. The increasingly worsening symptoms of what was Not within her control snd caused her immense pain; she was blamed.

In 2011, in the small née England town of Newmarket, NH, a young woman was subjected to a warrantless search and seizure based on informant misinformation alone.

Have we heard too many stories of the inequality of incarceration rates regarding the race to go out of their way and commit immense resources without warrent arrest a wealthy white woman? When the liability on their end is so great, that for a judge to hear the evidence which would prove the damage and incident as it occurred beyond a reasonable doubt would have the federal government charged with solicited attempted murder. There is no other explanation. ANd this isn’t her imaginative iOS, nor some rational yet unevidenced sensical happening after the fa, she incarceration the year before. That in and itself was merely ONE element to prove it did not happen as they had falsified. But they also had great motive, opportunity, concurrence, deliberately, the false incarceration Just the year before which was ruled AS FALSE BY A FEDERAL JUDGE HERSELF. All these elect together with the three years before of nothing, But a pervasive pattern of harassment and misconduct on the polices end> It was safe to say, She wasn’t jumping to any conclusions.

A perspective or opinion is that of a hypothetical character. But an idea or perspective backed by hard evidence>? That brings it into the legal arena TRUTH. And The Truth that happened was and is not what everyone else made it, but what indeed Did happen and WHY.

The Whys that have been missing have kept people skeptical as these events make no sense without context. And frankly, they do sound paranoid and conspicuous. To have a truth less believed than any lie you could tell? That wouldn’t be easy, But she refused t9 oi8e t9 be believed

So systemically, when I researched this, the events that occurred to this young woman happened to coincide precisely with what happens to those who end up ‘disappearing.’ To where? I researched further and came across what is referred to as black sites. To my horror, I realized that lent what she had been suspected of without any evidence; they could have brought her to a location in or outside this country in which her amendment rights would have been suspended.

She would later tell me the report, as she did with several when they were handy. The four boxes were there. That was a lie. …On the document she reviewed with me, I saw where it ordered a second transfer even AFTER it was proven the problem was not her mental status but the fact the DEA had acted a double transfer rashly. Given she was already at NH State, the principal and only hospital for mental health commitments, and I was only designated to the first floor, so had Lots of room for crazy before going anywhere….Where would they have brought her had her fiancé not come every SINGLE day to ensure they knew they would be accountable. My parents had left the country after signing off on a prayer request. Many would later ask her how she could forgive her mother for this. She didn’t have an answer then and didn’t give me one. I didn’t push.

Eleven days after her mother did this, the judge ordered her to mandated therapy and discharged me with an absolute. And DX f NOTHING. She has said so many times she wishes to write this all out, then attaches the documents she generously shared with me, but for whatever reason, self-sabotage, or maybe deep down inside of her, she realized that what was happening to her now and had too many times before, would have had she said anything then, or even just

Because not that she had, having been asked to be on a show for six episodes, the state and feds acted swiftly against her I’m the ONLY way they could, by going to her medical providers and making false claims so they would for op her or change her treatment to justify their misconduct. This last time, she said she knew enough; it has already occurred several times to realize why he cal; ed on her; as RX as he did was to ensure it appear she was in a state of mind and on drugs she was not. In the lands of the the supposed justice system legally, this would give EVIDENCE to mere OPINION or perspective and a judge reason to grant a warrant to look into it, rather than write it off as something of an unsound mind,

The reason I decided to do a story about a somewhat controversial topic and a woman of uncertain sanity, If I may. She spoke in what seemed a most honest manner,m neither attempting to embellish nor upset nor angry. I wondered whether her somewhat robotic way of retelling the events was an indication of credibility and accuracy or not.

But as the episodes progressed, I noted that’s not once, no matter the context or how it came up, did one detail she mentioned change. She told me how it was only after she learned that it was a Warrebtless search as opposed to Unwarranted, but she figured thirty fair grew necessary ,

She said she had hesitated to do the show, almost as though she knew if she did, she would have to brace herself for another i\mpact, explaining any and every com[lait about major violations or resulting injuries were met with illegal outside police harassment, whether it be two weeks of being told my tail light was out, to being stopped and given a sobriety test without reason.

I realized as she spoke, her having to take sips of water and catch her breath every so often, that she reminded me of an older adult—one who appeared about 25 despite being 43. So I understood when she said that more disabling than her seven conditions over the past seven years was that she was treated as though she wasn’t telling the truth when she was. NO matter what. She had no reason to lie.

She told me for seven years she had tried to get medical help for a severe head injury, obtain three weeks after she was released from her elven day stint at NH state for the search and seizure. They’d found nothing in, on Her nor in her apartment. Because she ad, no association with the activity they had associated her with. Though she understood why they might have thought w2at they did. It didn’t help that she tried to explain, however, because it was what got her committed to the interrogation—the admission of knowledge of what they were referring to.

She though whe was being So wise

This was because the pervasive pattern of abuse she suffered in the effect of what happened to her continues. People, are you aware of the 70s when it was routine to withhold evidence that would have exonerated death row inmates?

The here oremeidcaitrf murder and happened all the timeS as do Narendra Still where people go to jail for life when they didn’t do The tie

Of course, this galena to African Americans at a disproportionately erroneous rate relative to Caucasians equally is the case. But pardon my objective factual disruptions. This story isn’t about key or them, but I figure it may give some context. Or at the very least, remind The American public that the system has been corrupt for a very long time.

But here’s the odd thingS the woman I interview is neither black ke poor: she is white, some would say wealthy, highly educated, and an internship away from an MLADC licensure. To target this woman? The DEA state, Feds had to be SURE of what they suspected, which she alleged could have only been one thing judging from the interrogation and the fact she engaged in nothing but research, writing, biking, and reading …

It wasn’t a one-stop-shop, and perhaps by airing the truth of her story, others will reveal their own in like. Maybe they do not have the case she does regarding the DEA and state that make her the liability today. But she had planned to move on until they made it clear; they wouldn’t allow it. And so she seeks formal closure after a decade of the false incarnations, charges, entrapments, even a solicited attempt on her life. Something I would never have believed if she hasn’t shown me the evidence which made it, so I wasn’t able not to think what I like many before me; chose not to because it’s far easier to believe what we do dbtooned to than know the world is not the safe bubble we’ve all made it out to be.

At least not to those whose truths threaten to shed light on the myth of governmental infallibility / also, it’s becoming increasingly known that court isn’t equivalent with justice. If anything, it’s become an Avenue to incarcerate those we choose. Or those they choose. As the laws, C the statute, the judges, and all the variability in between makes it so any judge can impose any sentence for any crime these days. As easy as it is to set someone up for life in jail. Three incidents in which you touched or assaulted someone, whether you did or didn’t, if they want you charged

Her example was telling. She was arrested in her own home for stalking. She explained S how they accomplished this?

And how fate intervened to safe her from a fraudulent transfer to federal where she would become a number with another ‘crazy story’.

How did she have parents who said… when the jail called after a life of As good to have in class and not one issue all her life?

There is no hierarchy of humanity. There isn’t even oneself or one way to be, or even two, but many as you and me. As many as there are, she’s. And what she went through split her in half in more ways than one. She became like a walking slogan for

‘Why to stay silent after youve beej f**** with by the government’

The before and after was shocking and permeating from every cell: she wasn’t the same person, and yet she was. Constitutionally and psychologically. So should we ask to whom I will be speaking that is irrelevant? What is? Her story and the need for those in like situations to know others have been there and speak out.

I asked her to speak after hearing her on a five part podcast series with KC Armstrong…

Repeated traumas crashed the identity She had become comprised of through genetics upbringing and integrated experiences and severe brain damage had been shattered she said

But it wasn’t in effect Igbo longer knowing whom she was but the reflection of others in which she lost herself over a long slow period, a painful AJD perhaps ce pattern of devaluation

Amd when that devaluation is based on assumptions akd lies, one is still reflected as they are not, and it gets to them. It takes character to realize you aren’t who others have made you

But that took ten years of shock, realities too quickly denied in favor of believing the world was still as safe as it was

As it was before what, I asked

It wasn’t a simple question

Before she realized he government would take out its people, even learning their innocence if their liability were involved.

Has it been an instance or two? Perhaps we could call her conspirator, but over ten years of which she began to research the systematic way the givers e t take liabilities out, Silences them. It offers state employees big bucks to whitewash the likes of someone who can prove a federal case against the national government like solitude attempted murder. They want HER GONE and snuffed out. For good. It’s happened before and is happening now, yet few are talking about it,

Skyler alleges every attempt to tell s met with surveillance or harassment that eventually the person gives up. Worn Down, Bug what they can Control what they not I didn’t predict? Was her being asked to be on a radio show that would broadcast to millions so that they would know and she could finally say what happened to her, And given the performance, she was asked to be on was well known and loved, be again credible

If ones physical constitution including the structure of their brain is no longer the same, is that person the same

She says she struggled with this question indefinitely on some existential level until the answer stood starkly before her. She wasn’t her physical being. As Descartes would himself have had it, I’m more comprised of my spirit in identification than my body as it is the ‘thing’ that has been passed on, that which has survived. And If such things are not authentic, I decided whether she was or was not the same anymore didn’t matter as nothing would to her in a world without God

A co-founding statement is coming from someone with a story that would only push someone no longer to believe than to believe more. But it was in the details, she says, not the larger picture that was always going to be embedded within her dates that she could not escape GodV allowed her to survive what those of the state and DES, those who tried to take her life, were confounded by.

When I heard of this woman’s story, I thought to interview her if only to see how I could catch her in lies or perhaps reveal a path to truth. She had been online for years attempting t9 tell what had happened to her. Suppose she was telling the truth. What she was saying needed not only to be heard. She needed to know she was not alone and that someone Heard her and related to what happened. We all have a breaking point, and it was clear she was close to hers.,

Where, when why, how, whom , what 

Who sky

What WARRENTLESS search and seizure that led to subsequent ongoing pattern of abuse and misconduct 

Where in the state of NH, mainly portsmouth

Why; due to suspicions raised by a young woman i told to leave me alonie

When in 2011 until today

In= the state of NH, un theb state of NH, Sky was subjected to a WARRENTLESS search and seizure that led to to a pervasive pattern of misconduct in the form of NH, due to susinionw firm 2011 until today 

I heard her on the KC Armstrong show 8, in which she did a five-part series and briefly went over what happened to her., But She skimmed quite a but and much of it wasn’t clear. I wanted to learn whether she was telling the truth

I didnt even know what I liked to do until I was able to do one thing at a time;l Before then, I was racing from one thing to another. When I was put on ADHD medication And could focus those interests of hers became something more easily read about,., and the more she read about what she was interested in? The more she became curious.

Granted, before focusing, she would not have lost interest but lost the ability to pursue the appeal further than her focus of the hour or day would allow her. Now?> she confessed, she was able to lean in, no matter where she dropped off. And she found herself winding into information on the internet she may not have been supposed to need privy to .

But this isn’t about her interests, and This is about what happened to her. It made her realize she wasn’t as she had constructed. But that those around her determined more her composition. It was only after some time she realized she was the same person as the one who had become devalued over the last five years due to circumstances beyond her control. But those which appeared to others as a criminal mark on her person that was unforgivable. What she had been charged within her own home with an order placed on the neighbors below. It would be an unwarranted mark on her character for years, to which she would have preferred murder.

She confessed to an obsession in high school with a man who represented a father figure. Ana gave her what she needed. A man she subsequently had an affair with, and while he could move on after his children of her same age found out, she found it mr9oe difficult—her only mistake. Two iPhone calls. The last thing she did was drive by or to his place. The last instinct she had when she was wound up with this one person was to stalk him. A fruitless endeavor that would get one nowhere when it came to reconciliation or getting back together in some way with a person you love. So to be charged with this and have others come to know this, though, she was never asked about it, so she could never explain it.


After a year at home following a failed marriage, a new town an ironically genuine need to get an order on the other party whom it was alleged put me in prison in 2014. She mentions an accident the following year though um certain he is confused Guinean she has already mention one in 2011. The one obtained due to a falsified police report and not being in ICU where she by law belonged had the officer put the correct speed of 45..

But why would he do this? Because he had been solicited, she said., Now I was getting skeptical > The state is getting involved, I was on board with the false charges but,.,I decide to listen. SHe seems unexcitable, as though it is an unpleasant task to tell what happened. Again, That is what intrigues me, and I suppose—the combination of her lack of sensationalism together with what sounds like an implausible story.

But the things we do not hear of often nor hear of often do sound unreasonable or impossible, just like a new hypothesis formulated after we have them all. we have already become set on a former one. It’s far easier to keep believing what we knew, so we don’t have to change anything, so we can still stay comfortable and safe, don’t. I think she had that option. She had to reconcile what was happening to her, as the facts were indisputable. After each incident, her then-fiancé insisted they obtain the report, Four boxes of original pieces, not reduced, falsified, or omitted entirely. That is evidence most never have at the end of a decade of what she alleges she wentthrohjgh

She begins, It happens. And I suppose it does. She mentions her attorney did say it does and the fact a couple of employees who worked for the state did note the feds pay state employees big bucks sot whitewash liabilities like her. And she confessed she was one of the biggest ones in the state. If only for the fact of the illegalities against her and the evidence she held that could prove it. SHe confessed in2015; there had been a hit in her life. She offers this information a bit hesitantly, almost knowing it w2ould make or break my skepticism for the rest of the interview. I was in between as she =



Douglas Dalke is a danger to society in some way collaborated illegally out of retaliation and to get his record annulled of three DUIs and a stalking Order. As that was on my record due to again his efforts to not have me leave him, (it got very very dangerous) , signed one on the neighbors below the staye used against me in my own HOME ABOVE where I lived with the alleged victim. The one who I had to subsequently get a PD ESCORT TO LEAVE A YEAR LATER , who went to the ER HE was in such distress and who began drinking lost his license then was propositioned by the state. All gone. That job he couldn’t have gotten HIS, IF he made it appear S though behavior that never was continued so annulment wasn’t possible. After Five years. . Have EVERY RIGHT TO STATE THIS HERE and you know it. If you didn’t You would have looked into the fact that he lost all of my things as well as the fact that my cross the X chief of police hacked into my phone and my computer system and that was verified by a detective why were those things further investigated Ha so I have every right to state this year and I will continue putting it here over and over and over every time you take it down every time and I mean every goddamn fucking time. Until what has been taken from me and been invaded legally is investigated I will from Pete Attley post what is true. It is coptied. I all simply continue to paste it. Take it down again and names fo to the attorney general in regards to many many things YOu knew about and didn’t report . Starting with MERNER THEN WILBER a detective whose name I ont disclose who I recorded acknowledge and was hacked. And did… NOTHINGzz how will you all explain . It’s not right. Do something about goddamn Doug DALKE AND HIS LYING TO YOU and I mean now. I get no justice . So do something or I report names and give reconfirmed recordings . ETC. Got it? Good

What some have emailed and personally requested access to (?!)