Evidence & layout Page ; ij PROGRESS

Photos of evidence , reports likely redacted or destroyed. I have them all. I will be ok this page alongside an explanation of it’s importance. I ha be not touched the boxes in quite some time amd would prefer not to except from time to time

In 2016 state officers were more than willing to offer information but not now. It took me time to realize why…

There are several more. The reason they offered it up then is they knew any complaint, no matter how valid or serious wouldn’t be even looked at with how they had made me out as incompetent and not in the least credible. Ir nice when I was the only one who had no MEED to cover to lie to hide. That I didn’t commit any crime. But tried to survive their own … now? Thee false charges of my record finally annulled? The solicited attempt on mv life WOULD be looked into. The fact their is STARKLY OBVIOUS INTENTION, CONCURRENCE, OPPORTUNITY, MOTOVE, Evidence , a direct statement from a state officer that laid out the TRUTH. The fact that the other mans insurance paid, making their report obviously falsified


What I Say

The only truth is the truth. All else is speculation.

To all those who assume. The ones who know have profound respect for whay I got myself through.

What happened to you as fact isn’t your perspective, it is what happened to you as fact

Me in retort to my mom who said what happened to me: According to me and fact, was just my ‘perspective’

No one would for a near decade deliberate only on how to ruin themselves and reputation.

Me on the absurdity that this isn’t truth

Let’s figure this out

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