My last Portfolio got deleted. It will take some time to get another back up… but here’s to starting

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Julie Assmus

What do I do? For fun or for… I write, think, dissociate, drive, yoga It, vape, drive my new Honda Accord sport 4D, music loud; I think about the IVF possibilities; having my own child, I do photography, I try not to overthink or get lonely; when I do I try Js recall how I felt lonelier with someone often than without anyone at all, especially DD…I love my dog; i love to think and think some more. Than more. And Ona More profressional note I’m near MLADC Licensed though do not have a current active license until I renew it. I have not yet done this because I became disabled right before the internship would have finalized it

Rats. I was out of commission for several years then was able to get back into life slowly. Writing not for a while . The TBI and post concussion undiagnosed no less has me Quite depressed. But !!Photography, art writings is always gotten out to exercise. ALWAYS. That slowly went out the window as my health declined given omission to act and all that jazz we won’t talk about!!.

Animals, deep thought, creation, words. Expression, Those are things I love. I could write ad lob s I’m doing now for hours. I have a lot to say. And I’m sorry but I know people need to hear it. And I know they’ll read it because I’m audacious enough to say it . And they want to know if ts the truth? Or if they can starry making digs. Because if people can’t feel superior they’ll likely feel inferior NO ONE CAN SEEM TO BE COMFORTABLE KIST FEELING JUST AS good as his fellow. Mot more. Not less. The same. Humility escapes us. To be too similar, for this other person to have life habits, bad and good, disgusting, unsavory, or what one is prideful of? Is it too much. Is that why we would prefer the other be better or worse? If we want them equal then we are on the right path. So I do digress. So who I am ? What do I do? I am a talker and I talk a lot. Theoretical stuff. Stuff that answers the why which comes to another why which j try to answer ad fun

So amidst all this people stuff, All this ideation then deviation, It would make anyone fall out of love. Because it wasn’t love you begin with; just our desired rejection. Or…?. I am ME. Always will be.

Love …Because the butterflies and all those lies are the product of ideation . But this is about who I am and what I do, where I am and where I’ll be. Far more interesting to take a round a ways abbot it I suppose.

I could tell you who I am now and why I not who I was (because our brains make up who we are and our behavior unit is the SOUL that matters) but you will be sorry for any curiosity. Trust me. (Don’t ask; you Will be sorry) Currently I specialize in research & development in specificity fields as well as a private investigator for personal & social welfare. Given the sensitivity of the information I’ve had no choice but to look into, I’m seen as a liability to a government who were accountable for many wrongs as well as my disabilities. If I weren’t involved in the research and such I have been and am, I would not be free, Alice or credible.

Love doing LOGOs and black and white.

Mock interview?

Lots more to come. Again the other portfolio was deletedn

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