Breakfast with #officer Goard at #Brentwood jail in #Rockingham county , NH


So this is supposed to be a blog… a blog exclusively devoted to that bjhhtS the night j almost lost my life. The night my human rights were so grievously violated I wasn’t tokd until seven years later by a DHMC neurologist, I should have lost my life that night from brain death and thought I had not HAD been left with crippling intractable temporary lobe epilepsy, severe brain atrophy AMD damagw and post concussion syndrome from yet another accident as a result of staye misconduct in 2015. Had anyone gone to bat for me I would have won Two cases so easily and yet my fate is different than a firm Pat ‘happy’ just ending. Instead perhaps of monetary reward for the damage due to the accidents I will obtain justice for the state and federal misconduct that was behind the entirety of it, the human Right violations and every illegality. The second time in a month. I do know but I do know I didn’t survive all that to be tossed aside and disrespected. Or at least that? I will not allow to happen. Do much wrong happened that has played out too many before in the justice system. And I’d it happened to me, a Masters educated upper class citizen, daughter of an emeritus profressor from the Tuck University? It can and Will happen to ANYONE

Good cop , BAD COP

So that night. In 2015, the night the officer face a direct statement to two witnesses, direct motive, opportunity, evidence, etc…What is there to tell? That I would not, COULD not have done anything differently and had i? He would have planted a substance on me, he having flak died the report and that easily evidenced and detailed … I will scan and Pat the evidence to what I WRITE here online. ITS TIME. TBC…

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