HOW Why what when whom and HOW and WHY ? as best as I can explain it PAGE ; my posts have from day one In 2011 served solely as precautionary measures and I plan to keep them that way. I do not exploit this experience as who’d Want to be labelled crazy.

First please see link and please note it is a work in profess, not professionally edited nor by me. Thank you

An experimental process

A 500th draft of what happened . /@ so many attempts at documentation. Scattered and year confiscated by feds

Formerly known as PAGE; Ok feeling the heat (&had every intention of getting out of the god damn KITCHEN) but now I have no choice but to at least file a complaint if not a federal case. I can’t handle any more and the hacking, #MIKE FROST abusing my trust to ensure these ends..) and WHY ?

Because the feds and state have found Nothing associating me with what they suspected and short of defamation they are scared as shit each and every one whom violated the law? Merely listening onto telecommunications is a third degree felony and what of solicited murder? If I start there? No one would be believe me let alone read on. So .. just kidding?

Perhaps This Will all catch up with them. It’s up to them _\ it will If they continue to make my life one in whuch I feel threatened. So instead as they have for years to me and anyone they fuck over and up and realize They are the ones liable, who violated an innocent civilian. What do they do? Well they most often ensure that person is at least suspected to be od such mindset or manner so they are not rethought as impulsive and immoral as they had BEEN… anyhow now that the record is annulled of those defamatory character defeating charges they are aware any complaint would be taken serious as it should be; as it was when I told the attorney general about it whom had signed off in the search and had not one reason not to believe me… so desperate they are they have now done this hacking but will find little else but search history on enlightenment, ancient cultures and the analogues of the very things now being found to be irrevocably therapeutic. And Letak in small quantities in 2011. I was 2 months away from beginning an internship with Dev Braun millls. I have every element of proof to show beyond a reasonable doubt Beian Ayotte was complicit with the state the night of the ‘accident’ later falsified as I obtained a copy from the staye PD, whuch almeged the opposite of the direct statement given to my fiancé by the one honest officer and the evidence witnesses photos of the cars and scene, clear motive, opportunity, the fact it was initially investigated as a solicited attempted hit, the fact no blood or urine was rajenD the fact his insurance company made a damages payout to Me; it ALL CONTRADICTED THE REPORT, evidence and there is good reason for it.

BEYONE A REASONABLE DOUBT (see above) The very things that could change the world. A decade later. I was arrested and charged with a form of domestic terrorism for the feds and states believed that I had more associations with these very things, than I did. I did no one, myself nor anyone any harm. And didn’t commit any illegality tbiigh I comprehend where they went wrong. All they needed to do was ask. Instead the chose to assume and harm, breach all my human rights and make me an accountability rather than take accountability. 2011, the time this occurred is when I realized the reality of the justice system and that when an officer, fed , chief or other officer in blue is ‘wrong’ they protect each other even at the expense of an innocents freedom or blood, both of which they tried to take from me too many times in the decade to come. And though not successfully, they did succeed to take a vibrant healthy 32 year old and break her into a completely disabled person of only 4/2, years, relations, opportunities and a lot of, joy lost.

So was My Ability to have children, have the regard she had before created. I lost everything and built what I have now on faith. At moments I realize it’s better but much of the time it’s hard not to get stuck in resentment not having gotten any JUSTICE not compassion did the offenses and STILL BEING ACTED AGAINST


On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 2:34 PM Julie Assmus <> wrote:
Hi SusanHope you are wellIs it mentioned I just had to put my God
Also outside HAve reported to you as my attorney who should act in my best interesr and not my perpetuators, many times all my accounts HAVE Been compromised ever since I reported to you with Mike Ross good and you called him an asshole and I texted him to confirm his actions as well as intention well so are you going to do nine now that he’s an asshole and I like doing some other reason no he wasn’t he would leave my trust in her condition I’m guessing because I am nothing they have now assumed my going to keep killing it says my phone number is being used on another iPhone for iMessage. Been compromised ever since I reported to you what Mike Frost did and you called him an asshole in the task of himself confirms his actions as well as intentions well so are you going to do nine now that he’s an asshole and I like doing some other reason now do you want to be my trust in his position I’m getting because I’m nothing I have now assumed my identity theory it says my phone number is being used on another iPhone your iMessage Also I have not been able to access my own documents and photographs that go another on them I’m not able to post them as though I’m not in on them without going normal route I need to put the TV up and spend as well the letter to the attorney general outI will I know what’s going on I know exactly what you need to stop information I’m sorry if you can’t believe me I’ve never planted long if I was I would’ve been arrested and charged with felony perjury they are very concerned about the fact that I am which is huge liability give them now that I am credible any complaint would be taken serious as the one former . As I talk to the attorney general I had no intention to file a case until I get tested be set up so that they could get six months worth of evidence to show that I was delegated in with what I am not so I had to convince the judge that I have association and get me on a text for the phone at the Mexican restaurant in which there is no patience I would get 25 years to life so I truly look for a second time I need to get that completed before they get the three more months do you understand there is so much liability on there and let us take it don’t get this box evidence after having tried for months already to obtain my own computer information , that so man are fucked but I live here is that none of them would be if they just left me the fuck alone and now they have literally given me no choice
Dictated I don’t have time to like if you don’t get it right now fuck that that you are working alongside escape the collaboration with crimes that are disabled as a post to ask my attorney protect my rightDictated I don’t have time to wait if you don’t get it right now you are working alongside the state collaboration with THEM as opposed to ask my is UNforgivable

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