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    Good to know you he said
    Yea indeed
    As much as one can
    Through words without inflection
    Meaningless, primed for projection or ideation all depending on
    Your own motive, desire and intention
    We forget
    This has nothing to do with the actual
    We have made into an automated
    Of whatever we want
    And damn them if they are not
    This is what we have come to in regards to our dating scenarios’.

    My poem about ?

    And How tight
    It’s grip
    Before we even realized
    We slipped
    That’s when the panic set in
    A sudden need of flight from a self we aren’t able to run from or through or to
    Until we’ve reclaimed its origin
    Where we wish to run to or what we run from
    To escape the self takes death to the conscious mind
    To all
    Or the body so we aren’t able to know the joy grief pain shame , all that glides through us in this life
    Each time one had us elated and we promise we will alw it last
    Another comes from the depths
    Whether by love lost, hatred, betrayal or life circumstances having tossed around a soul
    From the best guesses we come from and go back to what matters

    Just bitten

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  • I shared this to make it clear how easy to was to
    Simply make up certain laws and regulations for the alleged sake of protecting our country, with the off shoot being on the end the government has been behind every major domestic terrorism catastrophe. Of course you don’t believe me because it’s easier not to, so you can continue justifying what you do? and hey! I don’t have the proof. What else to spur a country into fear and thereby a state of surrender and submission not formerly likely as righteously adherence ws to. It is when the people believe their own health and own liveihopd is at risk that they are willing to take certain steps and then take furtuerbpkeaninabdirectiom that may in ways suspect to negative outcome. But people tend to make decisions which backup the ones they’ve already made so those vaccine chasers will be sure to get a second than the booster & so on.! We are pushed into a situation that we don’t even know the logic to.
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Oh you know, only twenty years ago….. I was only in my early teens come the late eighties but recall is as a time very different than the climate as live in now. An artifice of what we lived in before. As though the more people engage with technology the more detached they become from others and even often times… reality… DISNEY LAND IS CHINK BUT ITS FUCKING REAL

Then something started happening within our country which would invariably lead us here… to where we are politically and elsewise…where we do not know up from down , democratic from republican…but my perspective is perhaps a little raw from my recent experiences … perhaps some prefer to live detached from WHAT IS REAL

And for me, what has been real hasnt often been believed. but I won’t lie to be heard. I’ve learned to say nothing at all about being suspected of a form of domestic terrorism and the liability I’ve become. The fact that to get a warrant would lead them to with legal justification, take me somewhere where the Geneva Act isn’t in Practice. And having already been federally disabled by their misconduct as literal fact I will prove in court to STOP THEIR FRAUDULENT ATTEMPTS… I wasn’t planning on it but now? I prove beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge with several messages in 2016 from state pd offering info when I wouldn’t be credible and my complain wouldn’t have been looked at twice. Now that my record is swiped of defamation AMD I ask for Information there is silence. I had suspected as much. But I have all that u need. MOTIVE. CONCURRENCE. DELIBERACY. OPPORTUNITY. EVIDENCE. DIRECT STATEMENT. The fact his insurance paid out. Much more. Don’t try me: you won’t win.

“Indeed, in some cases the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by conducting sting operations that facilitated or invented the target’s willingness to act. According to multiple studies, nearly 50 percent of the more than 500 federal counterterrorism convictions resulted from informant-based cases; almost 30 percent of those cases were sting operations in which the informant played an active role in the underlying plot. In the case of the “Newburgh Four,” for example, a judge said the government “came up with the crime, provided the means, and removed all relevant obstacles,” and had, in the process, made a terrorist out of a man “whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in scope.” In such instances, the government’s purpose appears to have been preventive: to root out and prosecute individuals it believes might eventually plan and carry out terrorism. To this end, it has substantially changed its approach, loosening regulations and standards governing the conduct of terrorism investigations.” HRW. Org

This is essentially Exactly what happened to me. Informant based. And based on a profile meant to procure samples that were legal and pure. I had no intention beyond that. And all the evidence, web searches into enlightenment and ancient cultures for months prior PROVE that

Second Interview with KC Armstrong

What are these columns for


I am a stranger to others. I am feared because people can’t place me. I am smart but may not appear so until you directly act upon me as though I am…dumb. They never see it coming. Only those who have chosen to deliberately hurt me do I choose without conscious choice to show I am not whom they has thought. Most regret their cross. I do nothing to intentionally hurt others. Never have so I do t put up with it Because i dont think that way not find it acceptable. So won’t be treated as such whereas I was conditioned to be a doormat and was. To myself. But I AM. I AM still there. The Atman. The soul who merged with the natural woodland as she vetted out before a human voice or hand could harm her. Within these woods she was safe, her refuse, where she would have preferred to stay. No plans to become anyone special. No story to tell. Until what has happened to millions happened to me. As well. But unlike the most of them I made it out to tell.


I have many many (thousands color Logo prints (very easy to make more when you have the base;) EACH PRINTS front beginning to end is authentically mine: 100%z the origin of the photo is always something n as rural and outside that one can take a Obote of. From there the photo is manipulated. Then further until you have the like above. The you can always place one on top of another to get another photo entirely. Endless possibilities when you already have hundreds of them ready to go. I do what I do because I ENJOY the process. I find it calms and cleans the mind.

‘Man is an animal at his root, and when he is pushed to the limits of his defenses and survival, he will fight. No matter how docile that dog was, if it means his freedom and life. This animal, this dog if it means these two basic needs and ability to be apart of the community and survive psychologically, he will defend himself. He will fight: and if he has no desire to fight to have the basic choices every one else enjoys? Then that is a violation of his person dignity and rights. And he has every right to Fight. ‘. ME

Ask me to respect someone who holds none for me…it won’t be happening. Those aware of what I’ve actually been through hold nothing but high regard. So it’s difficult to be treated like the scum they are attempting to discredit me into . They meaning those who’ve been solicited. Big bucks from those feds, eh boys. Doug boys. ONLINE FED limp dicked dudes. Meaning those susceptible to engaging in that kind of scum illegality must have impotency issues. Period . If their dick worked properly, they wouldn’t engage in illegalities to make them feel superior. So if they do, count them out as impotent limp docked bastards; based on fact. It’s always true.

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Black & White ; all rights reserved Julie Assmus

Sometimes you do what you have to. And couldn’t change a thing. Am I a victim if I say even to this day that there isn’t one change I could or would have been able to survive what I did free alive and in tact? Not sure but I did what I had to and had no one else DELIBERATELY ENTRAPPED ME AMD OR INVOLVED THEMSELVES TO HARM OR LIE TI ME? I would have been fine. NOT DISABLED. Nothing. I was the onlu one who told the truth. Still am. My greatest crime was and is curiosity and attempting to protect my health rights and lofe😭. Does that make me a victim? But when no one believes you and the ones who do have lied to others about what you went through it’s hard to get justice there’s guilt but also knowing it all won’t end until there is definitive closure

That fateful night. Officer GOARD

Certainly this form would make little sense unless you were aware that it and numerous other reports concerning the false arrests, stops, charges, etc had been as well redacted, falsified, done away with. But In 2011 Officer Goard was relentless. After he failed to falsely transfer me to federal the for THREE warrants, each signed by the Same justice of the peace and each subsequently denied by the Newmarket PD who were well aware of his soliciting and malicious intention After knowledge of mg near passing equally I was denied medical treatment and my former PCP & denied me Treatment. Upon retaining documentation she had as well signed on with the feds and had signed off she would not ‘help me no matter what’, ver nation (again I will also have a page dedicated exclusively to scanned documents and evidence )been solicited. He falslsfied the evidence AFTER having chased me despite the illegality of it given extra sinus circumstances… for example in the examples above and below… shows the 2k bail dr the plate number in the evidence different than my own, to start…. also pnote the bail is 2k for a misdemeanor, upon studying the evidence it is clear that the plate number on my car and posted is NH303. The plate number on the staged car is NH304. They thought that would fly. Also was the fact Officer Goard chased me and by law considering the events there weeks prior, he was under legal obligation NOT TO. ALSO IS THE FACT FHAF AFTER HE pulled me over without reason , nearly killed me he then held me at the Brentwood Jail as loose to bring me to ICU. Where, according to a DHMC neurologist my federal disability came was in effect of not being able to get the medical help I desperately needed, all that was obtained was falsified for seven years, leading only to disbelief, it wasnt into the formal DX of major damage , severe atrophy and i tract at ale epilepsy that I finally got the treated I should have gotten seven years prior…

My Texts are never short but written and forgotten just as fast . You want someone honest. You’ll never find someone closer to telling it .

And why waste my smarts looking crazy when I could have done many other things. And I told it to you as defamation in its place has ALWAYS COME BACK to slam me within days or weeks whereas before all their criminalities, there was no issue, not with the law or my feeling the need to explain why I’d be discredited by the state and federal authorities as in invariably always seem to have since their violations. It’s the truth and if I say nothijg the you will believe their word and not question them. What they want? Me not to be credible AMD if I am employed and get along as I always did prior ? That won’t help them should I choose to present before a judge the four elements which would prove beyond a reasonable doubt their crimes or immense proportions. Sorry. Maybe it’s hard to understand why I need to explain. But ifI dont? It’s never been good. I know you’ve judged but thank you for the opt and patience and please don’t devalue me to others. You have never been traumatized while you’re dying to be nothing but harassed and labels for years with a brain you can’t handle. To get another major blow to it. And not have it treated properly. And they know that to the extent that leverage got me out of the two last false charges

Who I Am


is No More or Less than you. To believe so is to rest and live within delusion. Not much has been accomplished here. It’s when we face the reality of ourselves and futility of attempting to gain superiority whence there is none. This recreates what we choose to live for. And what we live for drive what we do and who we are. So in many ways realizing the actuality truly redefines the self in a way which reveals your authenticity. Most would have you believe their delusion is who they are. It isnt. But as Jesus himself said, forgive those who know not snag they do. (Let alone know not the reality of whom and what they are). This reality of all human being truly equal can be too depressing for, even devastating for some, the majority who live only to believe they are in some way superior or unique. We all are unique.

Fourth interview with KC Armstrong



We took away everyone’s devices all internet cable &!phones etc during this time and THEN WATCH WHAT HAPPENS woooaaaahhh…. TALK ABOUT PPL GOING CRAZY. I’d love itz id love to see it. Ppl woukd not be able to handle a day away from all electronics let alone the rest of their days. And that’s fair as we have become so habituated to these devices. I truly belief that consistent interfacing wi the electronics changes peoples on a molecular level, making them more robotic, more pathological , more empowered to become whomever they have displayed…most especially because they have enables interaction between people never access able before . And like they planned we saw the bright lights and big city and forgot that the internet though we it from the safety of our own home can lead to more harm, hurt and crime than many other means. Like a large city, the internet as well is invested urban playground where not only innocent children and well meaning civilians frequent but Also the monsters that are such before they began like you and something(s)!) happened. You didn’t know Hiwnirbwhi. Here your amygdala will have to carry on its work just as it did before. Except it sleeps, remains difficult Romany and we allow that way, having been conditioned to feel ads bexusbyh ads Joan. Is how you lt the devil In the door. And the whole concept of his presence is you are completely unaware. Unaware how the information that has been timultoom has allowed something to trigger me you are not the same person . Everything is at it’s base is molecular and when two objects or people have an exchange there is the me on that level.! The same thing with the Internet and the amount of time that people spend interfacing with this faceless nameless machine is beyond the time they’ve likely spent with anybody and that will have a profound effect upon the person and their behavior just as much if not more so as if they were spending that time with another person the difference being what they have done and those into has been their choice and sometimes that can lead to very dark placesaPlease see my post dated today 11/8/2020