This applies to the #Susan Lowry

International causation of emotional distress; aggravated when the defendant is federally disabled

What she did was horrific. Not only did she side with the state and feds, the very parties whom disabled and continued to falsely charge me. When they had nothing she fave then a voicemail and a few emails so they could charge me with sralkung. The kind where I believe she is in love with me because that explains shy I never once went to see her. Several times not even upon her request z @Susan Lowry. Then she attempts to use a primary charge that was officially rULED FALSE IN FRONT OF HER BY. A federal judge

What Does An Internal Affairs Investigator Do: Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities – Zippia

What do Internal Affairs Investigators do? Read An Internal Affairs Investigator job description and meaning. Learn about the duties, responsibilities, and skills for An Internal Affairs Investigator
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Why I have decided to make this post and file gross federal solicited attempted murder charges resulting in severe federal disabilities, against the federal and state government in the next two years – Seacoast New England News Blog

Written over a year ago? ? Intro; This is not a sob story (but it’s a bit of a draft but one YOULL hang with I do hope) this is a necessity to publicize what I will so that I can feel safe as well as make it clear I won’t deal with further emotional, physical or legal betrayals and should…
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