And a bit of my story…? A bit of the story. Naive enough to believe jd be believed in the beg

Taken last summer on Ogunquit Beach

A few

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It is so said

That people create their own reality and ti a certain degree that is true. But what is more true in actuality is Happenstancr has a much greater degree NOT of who we become and are, Not what we have chosen in regards to what IS WITHIN our control… but think about the proportion of what is within our control to all that is not. And what if we become caught in a web in whuch hapkenstajce greatly overrides any choices you may make, because that ‘haplenatsjcr’ isvthe staye continually defaming and ensuring j do not form good connection so I do not have character witnesses. It’s how it works. It is a SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TAKEN WHEN THE FEDS OR STATE FUCKS UP. They don’t apologize and take accountability for severe human rights violations and terrorizing me? And that was just the beginning. As it’s well known, at least among those whom work for the state. Like reading off the menu They’ll easily as it to a VICTIM of it the the reality but not someone outside who WOULDNT beleove IT HAPPENS ANYWAY. The police terrorizing and entrapping an innocent civilian repeatedly? OF COURSE Not. Oh but…..

The harbor

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We have forgotten the four Elements which truly constitute a crime. tbc…

So yes it Is true…the feds pay state employees big bucks to whitewash liabilities like me and they’ve tried. And been successful on many fronts. I’ve informed the AG and IG fully. We are talking three pages. One can’t make such allegations about the state without consequences unless it is all true. And guess what ? No feds showed up at my door as they would have had they not instead found readson to investigate what was primarily investigated AS An attempt On My life . I was so relieved that after four years it was finally going to be taken serious and I could finally feel safe again….. we spoke several minutes he asking who’d want to hurt me. There was motive; opp, evidence, direct statement from the officer, witnesses, and more…but he believed me…until he spoke with the state And the state made me out as 100# incompetent. I wanted to move on with my life but they made it now I can’t and I need to file a federal case. So what have you lived Yoy piece of shit? Nothing . I lived a decade federally disabled in effect of their actions taking it up the ass, them trying everything to incriminate and then in 2015 take me outS I have EVERY element I need to prove it and the AT and IG have been informed of this. Now I submit the evidence which they will present to a judge I assume.