Logos. So easy to Make then remanipulate

WAS ASKED Personally by KC Armstrong to do the podcast series

This is important because there is a big distinction between my wanting attention and going about looking to get it versus missing a message from a celebrity because I’m so caught up in my health issues asking me to be on a podcast my only realizing this because two months later the radio station on which she hosts calls me personally and asked me to interview

So no I didn’t expect to go on a podcast that would air to millions yes I was very hesitant to do it but then I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally tell my story and I was exceptionally discreet about it leaving out any names or entities or places but I’ll tell you what given the consequences that they made me pay next time I’m on air every name will be said. Check out the next episode of my podcast ‘Here We Are”

Interview 6. They asked again

Government tried to shut them down so they no longer referred to what they asked to interview me for

The Epitome of ..SHADEFREUDE; Suggestion;..

The Epitome of ..SHADEFREUDE; Suggestion;..

— Read on julieassmustheword.wordpress.com/2021/07/16/the-epitome-of-shadefreude-suggestion-as-oppse-to-jump-to-conclusions-about-who-i-am-how-about-learn-about-who-that-is-or-you-can-assume-project-your-own-disowned-bullshit-be-that-coward-and-bla/

Thats a little more comprehensive though misses other DX( and none are resolved).