Woah whaT?!? Petition to be heard ; draft


Due to the fact that the state and DEA accountable for gross and aggravated offenses against my personal are threatened alive and credible

My name is Julie Assmus, and at This time, My Case involving solicited attempted murder following a false incarnation the year directly prior, and a strong motive Needs to be heard. Before another ‘accident,’ I can prove it was anything but ‘happens.’

As it involves the federal government and state there’s always been so much cover up and corruption . I Dan offer evidence however directly to shopper the above statements and a decade long of pervasive attempts of poooce miscondict

This truth needs to be heard because I’m federally disabled in effect, my health is going down fast; I do not know how much longer I have and they will NOT STOP. Please have them do so and allow me to live my life.

Most would have long ago petitioned to be heard before a judge given the grievous nature of the offenses, and the two I mentioned are two of dozens of false incarcerations ruled as such before credible witnesses so it can not prove to be denied to be slapped back in my record and prevented me from working in any way shape or capacity

My attorney as well decided to collaborate and DIDNT even offer me the choice to petition though it would have cleared me years abo.

They REPEATEDLY AND STILL TO THIS DAY, having made attempts on my freedom and life too many times. And I also file as I have no choice. Suppose it isn’t within specific statutes. That is because this isn’t a choice. They have made it, so it’s what I HAVE to do to be free from the ongoing, pervasive misconduct and all those they pay to whitewash a liability like myself.

All I’ve wanted is to move forward with my life after being severely violated gatrasssed defamed discredited falsely incarcerated charged disfigured and now is severely federally disabled. We all gave out stories but mine better nean something if I am to live in Constant FEAR of again being FALSELY PERSECUTED & I DO not deserve that anymore

Also please note

It wasn’t until I looked further into things I realized how much SUSAN LOWRY HAD COLLABORATED. Never even telling me I could petition for a Norment within the first year and making me wait for five. I was perhaps in denial that my attorney was playing along with the DA and prosecution the entire time I was paying her. That was the environment she works in, and she decided to make her life more comfortable instead of due her duty by law. That can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. I do not care how much false evidence she comes up with because she collaborates with the state &DEA.

They’ll hook her up with all she needs. . What she did was horrific/ that she would go ahead and go along with the parties that had disabled me; those involved whethe fit be the state DEA or local solicited cops offered the big bucks , and  were involved from 2011on.

I realize that last day, the previous set up, that she was 100% a part of, admitting former that a cop was a real jerk for betraying me when she tried to set me up of perjury that she had never been won my side. There is a great. Deal of evidence for this fact alongside the fact that she committed many types of fraud as well as fail to report to severe and gross misconduct against me that has caused me major damage dstress and harm.. loss of years of ability to work… credibility. Her conduct Diane od me from engaging in life or being a part of it for years , my health disintegrated because of it.

She was supposed to protect me as my attorney. I am severely disabled due to her conduct but have seven majors r medical conditions, including major cardiac post-concussion, and severe, intractable temporal lobe epilepsy…. Susan never reported any of the damage which could have been stopped, including 2015 out of my life, in which I have every bit of evidence to prove that it happened beyond a reasonable doubt. It was in effect of the DEA needing to take me out because they were liable for far too many things at this point and had already falsely incarcerated me in 2014, a federal judge declaring it as such in front of four credible witnesses.

They could not try this again, and the systematically good one is a liability to the federal government. The following line of action is the so-called accident, and that happened. They failed, and after that, what they have is attempting further to incriminate and associate that person with what they have no associations with and give it. Information to providers and they did get the medical out they didn’t reach for seven years former because of the police the states and the DEAd lies. So!! Those are facts: and. I want the harassment, discrimination, and surveillance to stop and my attorney Susan Lowry no longer be a danger to her other appliance and for her license to be immediate. She is a danger to her paying clients. I’d like a chance to submit science to prove it save she offer all the falsified making me out as I’m not from the state

I was HANDED DISABILITY IN 2015 signed by the commissioner and all…

Amd I’m left with the disabilities repeatedly betrayed by our system and then I come o find out the person I had trusted and didn’t even tell me that I could file within a YEAR FOR ANNULMENT GIVEN THEY were merely charges

IT ONLY INVOLVES CORRUPT JUDGES< COMMISSIONERS, POLICE OFFICERS, those who have been involved in ongoing misconduct , false incarcerations, and at one point an attempt on my life.

You Ask Why. This is crazy, Why??Because of a 20121WARRENTLESS search and seizure in which all my right. We’re violated for 13 days based on a prayer request they haconvinv my parents to follow through with.

Despite my learning later she was corrupt and had been on the DA sides the whole seven years she alleged she was trying to Get my record of false charges annulled. EVERYONE BETRAYED ME AS IT WAS THE FEDS AND STATE AGAINST ME. I need it to stop. PleasrZ 

But ALl that came later.  My attorney admitted i should not have made it I out of all of that alive. But in the end she collateded with the,. Every one did, They had the power, i had no one., 

Anyhow after the 13 days?? Three weeks later i was in a major car accident in effect of an officier attempting to grab me from my vehicle and my fleeing having been torn from my apartment without warrant only weeks before, I had never fled before. I crashed at 47mph. He put 18 and according to the DHMC neurologist I SHould have died. BRain bleeds thereafter and no one would help me. For years. Because they said if it was that bad the report would reflect that.

While i harbor no bias towards these populations , most especially former the unwarranted warranties search and seizure, I have come to learn that they all will do ANYTHING and everything to cover each other . Had they had it their w2ay i would be behind bars one dead. They tried both several times an 8i hold the direct evidence of it, That is why i report it not, I am scared. They are after me again now that my record is cleared, ‘

I’m Well aware of the gravity of stating falsity to a Supreme Court federal judge but perjury will be the last offense you’ll find,. Below I WILL LOST the major damage done and why, Then in between was non stop surveillance harassment and other antagonism and entrapments, NEVER ENDING




2019; hatrassment began agai 

2020-Today: active attempts to entrap over the last year . four attempts at hut and run. ALLI STATE IS EASILY PROVEN.

Please call me . All I state is true and i hold evidence of the solicited attempt on my life, witnesses, evidence,  and they are terrified and making my life miserable., I’m federally disabled in effect of their ongoing misconduct. My Body fell apart after the accidents and because they had lied in the reports I never was able to get the proper medical treatment. 

I think it is important that you hear my case as it involves major crimes committed by those we are conditioned to believe are there to help and protect us. I had NO ONE TO HELP ME. I cant go through anymore. They need to STOP attemp[ting to entrap me their last trick was insurance fraud in attempts tp make it appear as though i was just 0ut on a medication i had been on thirteen years implying i had an opiate addiction in the months prior as the PD had no excuse for the falsifications of the report and the fact that though they said i was guilty i was not issued any citations tickets warning or fine. I told the commissioner this and he said he would TAKE CARE OF IT I never heard back though he said he would speak with the officers. They are now after my license after ten years of LITERALLY disabling me and makin it impossible bu Keats of charges EASILY PROVEN FALSE

Susan Lowry was my attorney whom i had thought was loyal and liked me.. She as on the Das and prosecutions side the whole time, and dint even tell me I could petition for an annulment that first year. I was Fully Disabled, didnt know the law and she never told me this, They were only charges easily proven FALSE. SHE had been lying to me the whole time


I have several blogs and was asked to be on the KC armstrong. I spoke about this, Feel free to listen to hear what happened. 

Thank you, 


Julie Assmus