And the evidence shows it lacks no merit at all but given the chance to show the evidence you never ask for? You’d have All the God damn MERIT YOU NEED AND YOU KNOW IT; addressed to state civil liberties division. I expect no one outside of DOJ or Ag to take action as they have intercepted in the past. Everyone else has only interest in covering up the malicious prosecutions AJD all their other misconduct

Here we are AGAIN

One plus one

EAUALS; my response to them….This is An odd response given ‘lacking merit’ means it has been shown not to be proven after due investigative processI just filed this complaint a few days ago…

Re: Response: Your Civil Rights Division Report – 82928-TLP from the Disability Rights Section

On Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 1:52 PM <civilrightsreply@mail.civilrights.usdoj.gov> wrote:

Dear Paige Assmus,

You contacted the Department of Justice on June 29, 2021. After careful review of what you submitted, we have decided not to take any further action on your complaint.

What we did:

Team members from the Civil Rights Division reviewed the information you submitted. Based on our review, we have decided not to take any further action on your complaint. We receive several thousand reports of civil rights violations each year. We unfortunately do not have the resources to take direct action for every report.

Your report number was 82928-TLP.

What you can do:

We are not determining that your report lacks merit. Your issue may still be actionable by others – your state bar association or local legal aid office may be able to help.

To find a local office:

American Bar Association
(800) 285-2221

Legal Service Corporation (or Legal Aid Offices)
(202) 295-1500

How you have helped:

While we don’t have the capacity to take on each individual report, your report can help us find issues affecting multiple people or communities. It also helps us understand emerging trends and topics.

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Department of Justice about your concerns. We regret we are not able to provide more help on this matter.


U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division

Again I Am not one to sit and blame but I also can not and will not take accountability for behavior I have NO ASSOCIATION WITH

Again I Am not one to sit and blame but I also can not and will not take accountability for behavior I have NO ASSOCIATION WITH

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Is it not fair

That if a mother reduce her daughters life to shambles through lies and injuries unchecked leading to disability, leaving her without support or the esteem received from truth stated, the daughter has right to state Truths about the situation instead ? fair IT IS. But Punishment? It will warrant . Because my mother is a narcissist and my mother is a danger and I have been beyond generous in not exchanging the lakes of lies for puddles of truths. She hasn’t a clue how lucky she has been . Maybe it is time to show her.

The Epitome of ..SHADEFREUDE; Suggestion;

The Epitome of ..SHADEFREUDE; Suggestion;

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