Complaint alert!! I’ll post it on Brentwood’s wall

This is in specific regard to grievous rights violations the night of 2011. THE REASONS; Three weeks PRIOR I taken in an Unwarranted search and seizure held 48 hours for interrogation in an undesignated location at the back of exeter, NH hospital then transferred Despite having found NOTHING ON IN MY Person OR PLACE . They were dedicated having acting so rashly…so the plan of me descending into ‘crazy’ due to withdrawal never worked but was horrifying to realize their malicious defamatory and dehumanizing acts even prior to guilt being established. They were dead set on proving I was guilty of what I had no association with ; they hadn’t any evidence warrant or judges signature& came at me hard. Their first attempt was to get me within five years on a federal drug charge so three weeks After this horrifying ordeal I was pulled over by a later proven corrupt cop. Whom I fled never having the inclination before but not regretting it to this say despite the fact I nearly broke my neck. Really. And it wasn’t until SEVEN YEARS LATER an mri revealed I should have died from severe atrophy and brain bleeds and it was a Miracle I didn’t. I couldn’t get help dormer due to the falsified report and disbelief. OFFICER GOARD DESPITE HAVING falsified THE ACCIDENT REPORT TO ENSURE I WAS IN JAIL AS OPPOSED TO ICU DISABLED ME FROM GETTING proper medical TX in the aftermath (also records show). That night in 2011 Goard was a unable to compete his ‘DEA given mission he would have killed me for’ because he was unable convince the other less pathological officer of the false charges and to do the wrong thing, especially after he has seen condition. They asked or on withdrawal though I wasn’t in ANY. they threw me in a category I’d never been ALL As good to have in class 4.0 undergraduate and Masters. KAU PEACE academy. Then these last ten years . My whole youth we travelled. I’ve lied in three countries for years. I’m well learned and lived. I had called out for a nurse the whole time before slipping finally into what would have been death had not forced me awake . It’s known the state EMPLOYEES are given big bucks to white wash liabilities like me . And I was then due to the rights violations 3 weeks prior by the DEA who gave the next ‘orders’. He ONLY CARED about his objective and the incentive he would receive and held no regard for my life with a bail of 2k initially then down to 1k for a misdemeanor, attempting to make it impossible for bail to be posted. This is ALL PRIOR TO THE SUBSEQUENT FALSE INCARCERATION OF THIRTEEN DAYS AND THE YEAR AFTER IN 2015 an attempt on my lifeS ALL ELEMENTS AND EVIDENCE EASILY PROVE their report FALSIFIED AND MOTIVE? Woah DELIBERACY? Hit m without their light on Opportunity (12am), I have all I