Lie low; PD will try anything now


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bizzzzznesssss; I don’t know whom to tell at the moment! !

I wrote the complaint when I did at a time I’ve tried innumerable times to get ahold of ms. LOWRY REGARDING THE MORBIITY of the circumstances, insurance fraud reasons it. 

My main complaints are fraud thar she engaged in

Not telling me I could have applied for annulment Afyer one year as opposed to have to wait five

And setting me up for perjury and to be left without representation

Not to mention her fraudulent representation the entire time she collaborated with the DA and prosecution. Both of which have done everything ans anything to attempt to keep me from being credible

For someone who never leaves due to sceeee disability ptsd and agoraphobia they can’t get anything. I haven’t heard from her in months despite major illegalities I’ve attempted to report

She has used the information I’ve given her against me the entire time she was my attorney. If this weren’t the case shewouldn’t have tried to set me up twice. That same day

Thereafter she told me to give the civil attorney a release for my medical records which I denied her saying it was negligible given we won the criminal…

To this day I still haven’t reverted the most recent falsflfied PD reports from Portsmouth Pd. 

Ms. Lowry, will use my ptsd acting out by words because I was learning the reality and that the entire time the only person I thought I could trust betrayed me…. use my fearful words words of justified anger disability and ocd as an excuse for not responding when she had a legal obligation to and KNEW ME AND HOW I GOT TRIGGERED 


She knows me very well and knew she need onky contact me to tell me what I suspected wasjt true but as I started the abofs she couldn’t give me that reassurance

It’s been another nightmare

She is guilty of fraud and so many other federal offenses IN DIRECT CONJUNCTION WITH THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHOM HAVE A LOT TO HIDE. I’ll send an attachment that will help explain why. 

IM FEDERlly disabled by law

I was HANDED DISABILITY IN 2015 signed by the commissioner and all…

I hold evidence beyond a reasonable doubt the state made an attempt in my life thst same year proceeding 





Direct statement

Conflicting reports with insurance and all the above

They want me silenced

Susan also pled in writing she would never take against me/ akways ve my attorney. Why say that If she didn’t mean it

To be sure I’d be without representation when they got a warrant? Again I’ll send the other email which explains contact and WHY she would do what she did. 

Amd I’m left with the disabilities repeatedly betrayed by our system and then I come o find out the person I had trusted and didn’t even tell me that I could file within a YEAR FOR ANNULMENT GIVEN THEY were merely charges

But that was just to start . She collaborated and used collected information against me: divulging to the DA what she never should have. I can’t directly prove this indiscretion other than to say she wasn’t on my side and took her time to ensure I was credible and able to work. Only again to collaborate with another entrapement

When. Called this to the attention of the Nh attorney general the night before the hearing all charges were dropped yet she then proceeded in front of several credible witnesses 

Again strong strong motive

This isn’t paranoia 

I’ve been asked to he on radioshows to share my story

it happened 


After this she told me I should have over my medical documents to the civil attorney which made no sense given the charges were dropped on the criminal end


TAKING MY LICENSE WOULD YIELD ME COMPLETELY HELPLESS AND I wasn’t responsible for what the officers falsified and won’t release to another attorney I’ve asked to look into it, myself or my father AJD it’s been over a month 

Again Susan Lowry is ub on it and despite my having an email from her in which she directly states I will always be your attorney no matter what

She doesn’t and hasn’t responded

For months

Make that a year at this point

I realize now I truly was being and trying to leave me UNPREPARED without any representation

Just ask her why she would make this statement to me only to never answer my calls

IVE INFORMED HER OF RECENT HEALTH INSURANCE DRAUD to make it appear I just got ona medication THAT indicates I had an opiate issue when I did NOT


Now I’m in A position in which they are trying to buy means of insurance rod convince a charge that I had an issue where I didn’t so that they can get away with the falsified reports and claiming I was responsible

It was by means of insurance fraud tbey accomplished tbis

An UNNEEDED AND DEMANDED OF MY PROVIDER PRE- AUTH for a med I’ve been on for 16 years

Made it appear as though I had an issue months proceeding when I was rear ended each time


Stating after the trial in which both charges were dropped maybe I’ll see you again under better circumstances

Ask her why she said this

I’m sorry but she never reported any of the horrific illegalities and I let her get away with it but all this and her directly trying to set me up? Ask her why she told me to say I was in the left lane? And if she denies this there were three credible witnesses to say she is 

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