Make it more challenging tor ya … but really . And I was turning to get my boots they thought I was turning away and were going to charge me with resistance when I truky meant to get my boots

Word to the dumb anf the wise

Stating fact is now considered Harrassment. According to why I was arrested. Next I will post the actual charges as they are listed. Each statement a SEPARATE CHARGE of Harassment for two counts. And these were from this summer. And I was arrested two days before Christmas. They didn’t think of have anyone to bailContinue reading “Word to the dumb anf the wise”

A first draft; one of a few..

Susan Lowry collaborated with the state. If I’m harassed further I’ll place the evidence of such directly in here so there can be no argument . So leave me alone and stop defaming me and sending people who say they’ll help only to get a review off before a conference