What happens when those who should look into the crime are the ones COMMITTING IT?!?!?

The Bureau’s Public Corruption program focuses on:

Investigating violations of federal law by public officials at the federal, state, and local levels of government;
Overseeing the nationwide investigation of allegations of fraud related to federal government procurement, contracts, and federally funded programs;
Combating the threat of public corruption along the nation’s borders and points of entry in order to decrease the country’s vulnerability to drug and weapons trafficking, alien smuggling, espionage, and terrorism.
Addressing environmental crime, election fraud, and matters concerning the federal government procurement, contracts, and federally funded programs.
In 2008, the FBI created the International Corruption Unit (ICU) to oversee the increasing number of investigations involving global fraud against the U.S. government and the corruption of federal public officials outside of the continental U.S. involving U.S. funds, persons, businesses, etc. The ICU’s tasks include:

Overseeing the Bureau’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and antitrust cases;
Maintaining operational oversight of several International Contract Corruption Task Forces, which investigate and prosecute individuals and firms engaged in bribery, illegal gratuities, contract extortion, bid rigging, collusion, conflicts of interest, product substitution, items and/or services invoiced without delivery, theft, diversion of goods, and individual and corporate conspiracies on every level of U.S. government operations.

Step 7: Review – Contact the Civil Rights Division | Department of Justice

NOW THERE IS A SLEW OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS THAT IVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO. But becoming disabled primarily in effect of what happened that night in 2011? And now that evidenced beyond a reasonable doubt? That is difficult NOT TO TO BACK



AFTER THE MRI, i was. But by then it was far too late

All because of his actions and falsifying the report


Step 7: Review – Contact the Civil Rights Division | Department of Justice
— Read on civilrights.justice.gov/report/

This is my complaint

It asked



This was the night I literally (by DHMC neurologists atteststion, evidence, MRIs, etc) became federally disabled becaus I never got treatment that night because the officer was very intent on getting me transfer it to Federal because he had been solicited and put up a $2000 bail for a misdemeanor. I wasn’t diagnosed until seven years later because he lied on the report in order for me not to be admitted into ICU and I was told that I had severe atrophy that I should’ve died that night and have an tractable temporal up epilepsy and other major damage and due to that and then neglect I am severely fairly disabled end it is in effect of the severe human rights that night with the bail set far too high for the charge is a legal contact been solicited and my severe condition. I cried out for help and was laughed at…also the fact that the officer lied on the report, said I crashed at 18 as opposed to 47mph straight into a ditch)I have the report IF they say they did NOT happen? I have a the original report. They may have falsified, redacted or in some other way gotten rid of anything linking them to the feds. For the next nine years I had to outsmart and treatments and the more outsmart them within four counties the more of a liability I became and then I was falsely incarcerated in 2014 and then in 2015 there was an attempted hit on my life that I can without any hardship evidence to a judge beyond a reasonable doubt no issue and they know this alongside the fact that I am finally credible with a record full of false charges finally I’m not having been put before an unbiased judge after prosecutor for five years, threatened by the state, despite the the charges weren’t even filed in the goddamn first place… and it took

Ofer my life. No one believed me and I was never Safe and now it continues because now they are trying to get me for intent for what they suspected me of because they violated my human rights three weeks prior to this officer having been solicited and that’s why he was because if he could get me for a federal drug charge then they could get me for intent on what I was suspect it up and they could be off the hook for the severe human rights violations three weeks prior also with the law that if someone has committed in affect of their actions then a police officer by law cannot chase that person. I know that having been put before an unbiased judge after prosecutor for five years after prosecutor were threatened by the state every time despite the fact we could prove the charges weren’t even filed in the goddamn first place. Anyhow, I would like justice if only for the sake of stopping their attempts to again falsely incriminate and could not file former because every time I attempted I was threatened.