No good explanationExcept the obvious

Except the only one backed by evidence which makes it fact My neurologist called me that day warning me what they were trying to do and my having told her what happened in 2011 when she asked why I didn’t get medical help .Given I have conveyed this at the time she thought I wasContinue reading “No good explanationExcept the obvious”

As stated in my main blog post that is a work in progress ….

Where to start/ at the beginning, middle. At the end? Sometimes I think the best place to start is with where I’m at… state how those present circumstances are playing out in a way that’s directly relevant…are in direct correlation with the events over the past eleven years now. And not in some imaginative way.Continue reading “As stated in my main blog post that is a work in progress ….”

Here we are AGAIN

One plus one EAUALS; my response to them….This is An odd response given ‘lacking merit’ means it has been shown not to be proven after due investigative processI just filed this complaint a few days ago… Re: Response: Your Civil Rights Division Report – 82928-TLP from the Disability Rights Section On Fri, Jul 23, 2021Continue reading “Here we are AGAIN”