I am getting mixed messages here…What truly is epidemic right now

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is it just me or Is there a lot of hypocrisy, causing increased confusion. such as telling Americans to get tested if there’s a Epidemic and yet saying those suspected to be symptomatic will be quarantined..

Are we making something of something but making it something much more? And to what ends? who benefits. The rich or the poor? Who in the end will see the greatest shifts in their lives? The wealthy or impoverished. The answer to that question should give you the answer to the main one. Are we making a mountain of a quite a large molehill

What incentive is That? We don’t even know what that means. How could we? what about the fact that they are seriously debating to release a young population from incarceration who could well be symptomatic without knowing it as it has been said, while telling every other young healthy person to stay away from everybody in society. how do we rationalize this? Any Of what we say is epidemic

ourselves? Our basic senses. Out awareness that a stimulant package would be denied To the president for good reason, but not Not to aid in crisis itself . The Democrats simply don’t want Trump taking the money and gambling it as he has , does and WILL.

So What’s the cost what’s the risk?

It’s a ‘gamble’

what’s the trouble worth ? How many lives will be saved? More than those who die of dehydration. The second leading cause of death, the first being cardiac arrest. But we are, first stop, headed for the one thing that gives the gov sound rationale to batten down the hatches. Was this a take one for the team. We’re American and others collateral damage? Have any authority figures in congress or otherwise does if they have Allegedly already had it? How many die from it. 1%z same as the flu, which is 100 times more ‘active. But hey, what do I know other than the obvious facts .

Without them we are left in a stage of anxiety. So how come we still are even though we feel we have the facts, because deep down we know? The world will never be the same. And that we are Not being Todd… everything. Well what about other countries? Did it cause major shift and change In Spain? Italy? Are those countries using this as an excuse to change something that we do not need to? We will see.

Anyone does. Of every word and contradiction? What truly Is the epidemic. Because the death toll is lower than by many common causes of death we aren’t naming a fuss about. I realize this is different as it can spread though only kills 1% if it’s victims. IF that.

Quick note . Also odd…almost pushing it upon them during this time of crisis when it was not asked for your expected has anyone asked why Such a difference in approach attitude about the welfare of Americans. Could it possibly have more to do with knowing that they will be surrendering several of their human rights by getting any financial assistant or governmental aid? Just saying

Then Trump gets $53 billion from the Strafford act But that is hardly if everyone spoken about. It’s only 50 Billion anyhow….and somehow he cannot afford 100,000 God damn plastic masks and other needs …medical equipment essentially made of plastic . Could it possibly be that expensive ? instead he put the entire amount towards defence and we do not know exactly what that means or how that is helpful to us during this now, as of 3/17/2020 pandemic

I just don’t get it
But that’s me. Perpetually confused

But again is a pandemic that which kills 50% of the 1% of the elderly with already underlying conditions on ventilators due to this virus or to these people that die already perhaps from natural causes….? just a thought
(Update ; ir is not said to be capable of killing those younger. But the numbers. Of 20k who get sick an average of 250 die. That percentage is very very low. Less than the flu I imagine. Especially in the elderly who happen to be 80% of its victims. So again what is the epidemic? That which is by numbers and percent killing far less people than the flu just in ITSELF? Or the crisis it is creating. The instability. The compete DEPENDENCE ON THE GOVERNMENT NOW WITH and now… Ever so coincidental, ever so coincidental AN ‘excuse’ to exercise extreme police state measures.

Let’s get some color up in Here

Has history not repeatedly Repeated itself and repeatedly told a story in which directly prior to a dictatorship there need be some severe crisis in which the stability of the government is sought and their information counted on more than in decades. Why? Because we have been given no choice. Always it is in the face of severe instability in which the government is seen as a solid institute of solidarity well if it’s that created by outside forces or entities who else could created but ass and if it doesn’t exist what else can create it but the spread of information which leads us to believe we need to figure something that is no more harmful than the flu?has it not been said that directly prior to a dictatorship there needs to be an epidemic pandemic or severe crisis and period of instability in which the government is seen as a solid Institute of solidarity well if it’s not created by outside forces or entities who else could created but ass and if it doesn’t exist what else can create it but the spread of information which leads us to believe we need to fear something that is no more harmful than the flu

And then there’s the ever oresent media. A voracious beast never ending feast this supposed epidemic . The media is telling us to limit our exposure to 30 minutes a day and yet in our safe self isolation we are exposed to nothing but media Internet and such news as they tell us to limit our exposure to again the Pockrus he after the Pockrus he so we never feel like we’re doing anything right . I DO, & Y the fuck is that so arrogant …When it is exactly. What you think of you? Hypocrisy is the word Of the day

Then if I have not already mentioned the Strafford act in the $53 billion and the fact that we are on able somehow to buy enough medical equipment generally need plastic on 53 dip billion dollars went instead he said to Airline ‘Defense’ yet firmly Failed to defend such an expenditure