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Thats a little more comprehensive though misses other DX( and none are resolved).

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I’ve never said WHY all this effort on their end at this point? Because I am still a liability to them so long as I hold all the evidence of their federal solicited offense in 2015 that could have far more than mere administrative or damages resolution. Especially if we are talking about almost taking a life and that being easily laid out should I want it to be. That is WHY

And as a post photo I have taken the Liberty of posting the actuality of my conditions so they can not say elsewise or if they try, quickly it’ll be evidenced they are lying. As they did to DHMC, getting me cut off from all my medical serviced and providers. My neurologist of four years called me four times that day attempting to explain what was happening. Again: as I’d told her it had happened as well in 2011. Getting cut from all providers by means of falsity

Given other countries governments kill their citizens merely for Speaking their mind about governmental policy?

Why is it such a far stretch to understand their need to make out someone who completely discredits them based on truth they can prove, as crazy?!? We are headed in the direction of a State Police country. I’ve said it for a decade now.

They did exactly what they are doing now in 2011 in regards to approaching and lying to my medical providers except in 2011 they got it with the first professional, he cutting me off old 16mg sub I’d been prescribed in OH for treatment resistant depression. Who would be depressed the first couple weeks on that does?

Anyhow this time around the sub provider was forced to comply but said no to a CT WITHDRAWAL. Knowing this had happened before. When I found another provider In another state, they then went to DHMC lied amd got me cut off from all medical services…. No one good explanation. Not one off visit.

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