Bad bad neurologist from way back when


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I agree but I do not

Had I been able to control or do one thing differently I likely would have but when you’re up against the federal government and the state(s) responsible for everything from human rights violations to attempted solicitation of murder on behalf of Brian Ayotte?

I have all I need and they know it

Direct motive, concurrence, evidence, opportunity, the fact a judge ruled the false incarceration as such for the state to sleep the charge BACK ON. And her to literally Run the other direction upon approached my attorney siding with prosecutors the whole time. My having to involve the NHAG and DOJ several times to avert further imminent death or damage..

What else could I do. Had I made nothing public I was told I likely would not have ‘made it’. By a few compassionate and HONEST GOVERNMENTAL PRPFRESSIONALSz but you weren’t there. I underStand that.

So how can I regret that. Well,.. I just don’t see it . God guided me through it. Or that inner voice . Below is what happened to me in brief. Also other links..

If you disagree that this applies to my OWN SITUATION AS DESCRIBED TO ARMSTRONG, please tell me. I really Would love to know. I will ascribe a link below to all shows

Me? Having a baby? Putting eggs on ice

You bet. Told though TSH levels are somewhat high I’ve got plenty of healthy eggs to harvest!! And I do not want to raise my biolgical child with anyone but a very good partner or myself. To work part time and raise this child would be the best part of my life. Ahead of me. Finally I have true motivation and desire until now. Until it seeks everyone else children have left home. The best part of my life should my body heal, is ahead of me no matter what the outcome child wise. And otherbquwauioions. Define using a surrogate and a sperm donor. Let’s keep this uncomplicated. Nebr had a one night stand and I won’t start in my 40:zzz so you have never had the opportunity everyone else had right in front of you, those you didn’t know toy wanted until the last five.years. Biological lady ss a female my core osyxhopmo is screaming FANIKY.

You know? So whether it be me and three dogs. Or what I’ve planned with my soeiialisots but will akd this is a GOOD pun