Coronavirus symptoms: how soon they show and what to look out for

How can you not post about a truly disruptive outbreak in American history.

Well given most Don’t I guess there are many ways. I just don’t understand them. Retard of the year.

I tend to neutralize my forthright honest integrity with political iNcorrect brashness and what is considered ‘angry’ for a woman who is being assertive in her opinions

Coronavirus symptoms: how soon they show and what to look out for
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Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine | Quarantine | CDC

Sooo… We are to report if we suspect we have symptoms and yet been told we will be quarantined if we are suspected to have symptoms. Then we are automatically subject to a quarantine> ? When we do not know what when Where how long what conditions, of course, during g this rpifrmic s with any in the past the answers to the above , given only when one is entrapped into having to go ‘there’. Are they given ‘help’, ‘trial treatments’, subject to experimentation without their full consent or even knowledge? Could these things not happen when they have happened already in the past> those THAT BE seem to have have deliberately set the stage for a dictatorship to be not only a crutch but this charismatic leader desired during a time of what we are the media (at least is told to convey) prophesies could well be the worst economic recession in our nations history. So i an not making light of the crisis or the caustic effects NOT IT ITSELF IS CAUSING BUT THE FEDS, GOVERNMENT& PUBLICS REACTION which may have caus

But the stage is set to ensure a strong desire for firm government and a strong leader. With what has happened, we will be blinded by his charaisma, to his true agendas which Will lead to our true demise. The government Is calling this WWIII? That is senseless given in a war, there is an enemy that is human. Well that enemy is yet to come and perhaps they say this now who later we can not say what’ will be true. That we will be led into WWIII>. Like those that be making spoofs or even thrillers out of TRUTH in order to make it seem ‘nothing but conspiratoal’ or ‘ out of some hollywoood movie’ So whomever proclaims what IS happening to many happened to them,. Will be told they are just trying to sound as though they have a story like such and such, or if one Has an experience involving police misconduct and corruption one can easily say, you’ve been watching too many conspiracy movies. Have we ever WONDERED WHY the government invented television,. Because if you think about it, they have never done anything out of ‘the goodness of their hearts’. No they knew this way THE WAY TO GET TO PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN HOMES. Without the invention of television or internet, did we have such ‘epidemic s” If so, would word of THO COV-19 have spread to others in the nation of the United States, far and wide, such as that with the smallpox or other airborne diseases. Likely not says it would not be affecting the population as before phone and internet there were no airplanes from China, So HYPOTHETICALLY, i would say, yes but to the extent it would be a word of  extreme caution not as declaration of national emergency. Not when it kills less than 2.9% of those affected and 100 times fewer people are affected by the flu as they are by COV-19.

This is a point where the American public is primed for solid leadership. Someone to take charge and the wheel to. Someone we feel we can trust. A World in Sheep’s clothing, charismatic and ingratiating, will be entering at his stage in the process of economic ‘crisis’. There wouldn’t be any if we had not put the people on high alert, ‘false alarm? Can we truly call that which has killed only NINE in this  country thus far, an epidemic? THE MAJORITY OF THEM ELDERLY AND  ON respirators. 50% of these ‘cases’ result in mortality, putting the mortality rate at about 2.9% with most showing few to no symptoms. and it is completely cut early authorize I’m taking over this and when you report it’s not really insensitive to report amy symptoms _at least not FOR ME!!!

Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine | Quarantine | CDC
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Now THIS IS SCARY SHIT; together with our rights seizures anyone can be ‘isolated’. WHERE? Has anyone said WHERE?!?Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine | Quarantine | CDC

As I predicted in 2011 we are headed towards a police state, this an expedite me my in human docility. They know we will only do as they have asked Willingly if we believe are own lives and safety are at stake. The numbers on the ‘pandemic’ in regard to the death rate is likely less than .000001%z . How do I figure? That only 2# of the pop have been tested and of them 1% died. So if the entire pop was tested we would likely come up with a number closer to 30 if not 50%. And of THAT STATISTIC the percentage relative to it? Is NEGLIGIBLE. Far more so than the real killers. Heart disease, diabetes, dehydration and well organ failure due to a multitude of issues. But not thisZ I realize in Itality CORONA was tightly located within a small population making the problem seem big. Though has their numbers been spread as would be seen in populations more spread out, it who’d not have seemed so alarming. The news amps the drama to amp up the fear. Fear of what they well know Americans Fear the most, economic devastation, inability to pay bills, worst of all inability to do anything about it as well as worse if all fear of possible sickness and death to loved ones and self. But that likelihood is low. Right? Why so little testing if it was as large of an issue? Test the school children and see if they have the virus and are simply immune or so not. We could learn a lot sin through testing we do not say we(they( are doing. Uhhh… why again? It would give us a far MORE JUST NUMBER TO KNOW WHAT PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE DO AND WILL DIE FROM THIS . Here is the government saying it’s a huge problem yet somehow focusing on Everything BUT I



Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine | Quarantine | CDC
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Shouldn’t we be asking during this time what makes a difference: note added today 4:28:2020: I wrote this PRIOR TO TYE NEWS QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS. I am not reciting what I’ve already heard. I think it then I hear it but everyone always accuses me of doing it the other way. I Hate that.

Yes i took all these photos too god dammit. Not the ones I obviously didn’t. But the black and whites for the most part and the color above? Are mine all mine. As well as every one of those in media

It’s like NO …WTF! I throw an inner tantrum. I truly thought of what I wrote before reading or watching about or of it. Yeah ok people have said my whole life when I proposition a theory and I’m told oh you got that fro. So and so.. and nearly every time that has not been the case. But no way to prove it.

It’s been too easy for people to believe I’m dishonest. Saying I knew theories prior to reading the famous theorist to what happened to me over the last ten years. People do NOT believe what they don’t understand, don’t WANT to understand, are envious of If true, and if not or so, they are scared of you. Well, they are of me. Maybe it’s because I see straight through their bullshit as there is none of that with me

say and there is nothing I can do to prove it. Also frustrating is the life I’ve lived this past decade is often too much for people to believe as well so I am seen as a know it all drama queen when the truth is, I was never told I was smart, didn’t even know or, and have suffered with life altering and threatening injuries and disabilities. Call that dramatic or call it what you would for any person who is chronically ill. And should you choose to call it other than what it IS, I’ll assume your life is just so boring and your envy for the best of yoh. That’s all I could assume given I’ve never spoken with you. I will say all the comments have been very pleasant and much appreciated. A few have asked abobt guest blogging. If you would like me to guest blog for you please contact me. I am not easy to get a hold of but the BEST WAY is my email


Why when they tell us to limit our exposure to 30 minutes a day and then Insure we are quarantined to our homes where we are surrounded by media 24 hours of it, the news and media only reporting on what they tell us to limit our exposure to. Just saying. And …Where DID all the money from Strafford act which released over $53 billion in aid to the president Actually Go anyhow…? Airline defense. Whatever the fuck that is. and if we are unable to buy 100,000 plastic masks (how much would those cost? $1000) and needed medical supplies where the fuck did it go . No really and should the American public perhaps not know?

One of my favorite and first with new camera. If I had known how to use the settings this photo would have been amazing

Also? Any American on federal aid Need be reminded they automatically forfeit many of their human right including their right to be free of unwarranted search and seizures. Why would a government hell-bent on ensuring even the disabled of disabled could not receive aid after years of applying suddenly eagerly asking Americans to sign up to receive over $1000 a month in aid. should we NOT be asking ourselves why they are so Eager for us to get on what they denied Half the amount to those who needed it for years, when if they truly wanted to help would they not have instead put some of that towards the needed medical supplies instead?? As the American people we cannot take the precautionary measures the president can and cannot purchase these 100,000 mask on our own but he can. But he doesn’t take needed precautions NOT EVEN DURING the crisis.But instead, for some reason he seems to do the opposite. Shouldn’t we be asking yourself why what he says DOESNT align with his actions. Where all the money is actually going?Why the push to give financial aid to those denied it despite having desperately needing it for years former?