The Bitch on The Last Seven Years

I feel as though the last seven years were all spent in courts and ERs, sick with injuries not diagnosed until years after their infliction, falsely incarcerated or being harassed by whichever entity were involved in what to this day they’ll likely attempt to cover up.

It’s what it is

Not a paranoid psychotic delusion

It is what I escaped and an left? With nothing to show except the truth and evidence to prove

And what other options really do they have

To get rid of my voice


Shut me up

Shut me down

They’ve tried to take my freedoms several times and in 2015 tried to take my life then falsified the report

What else can they do other than give me an apology and restitution

It need not be a public affair unless those who have already destroyed so much of me, try and come back ? FOR MORE


Published by julieassmustheword

I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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