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Yes I wrote it. It’s a totally different topic. Thank GOD. Much more . enjoyable. Link at bottom of photo of Evolution of the ego (signed).pdf


Atman: The Soul, the Real Self In order to understand the Hindu worldview it is essential to grasp this first and foundational concept. Atman refers to the non-material self, which never changes. It is distinct from both the mind and the external body. This real self is beyond the temporary designations we normally ascribe toContinue reading “Atman”

My art of the last ten years I’ve never sold or hung being severely disabled, being knocked off by #Todd Bonita & his galleries alongside #Gretchen Desautels who will also be sued for due distress and damages, copyright fraud, selling my art and keeping full commission , fraudulently using my signature and these are facts. #Pleasant Shoppe . If my art is there it should NOT BE V

Very upset About won’t a reverse image search found for many of my photos. And Todd Bonitas Google Web Listing? Has my photos to advertise his business