The Matter at HAND

Free speech Yes what was said concerned legal IN this matter Susan attempts to use a past charge she knows was ruled false by a federal judge in 2014 against me in this case which is misleading and fraudulent. She also lied to the board which when I evidenced they then blackmailed me given theirContinue reading “The Matter at HAND”

Please see art that has been commissioned among other pieces, to be hung in the Pleasant Shoppe in Portsmouth, NH. Signed a contract for a year.

Please see some of the art commissioned by the pleasant shoppe in Portsmouth

What a judge needs to know; they will do anything for an indictment

What a judge needs to know. The EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES as opposed to the state and Susan’s lies

A working theory; excessively interesting S.*** to me

gtWork in progress by Julie Assmus Evolution of the Consciousness and Beyond; By Julie Assmus From The readings, research, audio I have heard, Ive learned a couple things about the evolution of consciousness; and its not a stretch to find out about it, Here I simply present my research and findings in a moreContinue reading “A working theory; excessively interesting S.*** to me”