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One of my first; before I got the camera figured
  • certificates achieved last few months.
    Psych ER Values and limits of self knowledge Clinical epidemiology Advocating social justice and change Gathering and developing the News Effectively gathering your news Journalism the future and you Criminal Justice Certification
  • My néw car getting mail at other place . Fully loaded. Love it.
  • To PD
    So sorry boys Did the fact I knew his year Tesla as well as the fact I was actively recording and recovered that small cam along with my key before you attempted to IMPOUND MY CAR Without issue given I could have driven it only to plant false evidence. Did you realize it wasn’t worth being going out by the judge that you WERE AND HAVE BEEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO FALSIFY EVIDENCE in order to entrap because the feds are threatened by the fact I was asked to be on an international podcast on which I aired their dirty […]

A few taken in Ogunquit Maine and Portsmouth, NH

I was asked by business world news broadcasting network to do a five part series interview with KC ARMSTRONG. I had no idea who he was or who TUNE IN radio was. Tune in March 31st, 1pm & Five weeks thereafter.


I don’t know what I pull qoute is

So I thought I’d find out

What the F*** was this. WRONG LINKThe Correct LINK