Own Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 7:03 PM Susan Aileen Lowry <> wrote: I think I lost you. My phone connection is not great at the moment and has been dropping calls all afternoon, so I thought I would email you instead. I know you are worried about your situation with your phone and iCloud—IContinue reading “AN EMAIL FROM HER”

A whole new breed of art I’ve decided to create/ because TODD BONNITTAS STUDIO COMES UP FOR NEARLY EVERY Quality black and white photo I’ve done recently and formerly. I’ve never officially hung before and that’s been gravely taken advantage of; ALONG WITH LACK OF WATERMARKS

Please see art that has been commissioned among other pieces, to be hung in the Pleasant Shoppe in Portsmouth, NH. Signed a contract for a year.

Please see some of the art commissioned by the pleasant shoppe in Portsmouth

to know; they will do anything for an indictment.

What a judge needs to know. The EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES as opposed to the state and Susan’s lies