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Survey Regarding COVID

Asking questions no one can answer. Now that is something I’d be really good at

Not even me but I try

See how you like that survey

Me? Having a baby? Putting eggs on ice

You bet. Told though TSH levels are somewhat high I’ve got plenty of healthy eggs to harvest!! And I do not want to raise my biolgical child with anyone but a very good partner or myself. To work part time and raise this child would be the best part of my life. Ahead of me. Finally I have true motivation and desire until now. Until it seeks everyone else children have left home. The best part of my life should my body heal, is ahead of me no matter what the outcome child wise. And otherbquwauioions. Define using a surrogate and a sperm donor. Let’s keep this uncomplicated. Nebr had a one night stand and I won’t start in my 40:zzz so you have never had the opportunity everyone else had right in front of you, those you didn’t know toy wanted until the last five.years. Biological lady ss a female my core osyxhopmo is screaming FANIKY.

You know? So whether it be me and three dogs. Or what I’ve planned with my soeiialisots but will akd this is a GOOD pun


Just written

Good to know you he said
Yea indeed
As much as one can
Through words without inflection
Meaningless, primed for projection or ideation all depending on
Your own motive, desire and intention
We forget
This has nothing to do with the actual
We have made into an automated
Of whatever we want
And damn them if they are not
This is what we have come to in regards to our dating scenarios’.

My poem about ?

And How tight
It’s grip
Before we even realized
We slipped
That’s when the panic set in
A sudden need of flight from a self we aren’t able to run from or through or to
Until we’ve reclaimed its origin
Where we wish to run to or what we run from
To escape the self takes death to the conscious mind
To all
Or the body so we aren’t able to know the joy grief pain shame , all that glides through us in this life
Each time one had us elated and we promise we will alw it last
Another comes from the depths
Whether by love lost, hatred, betrayal or life circumstances having tossed around a soul
From the best guesses we come from and go back to what matters

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