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Americans struggle to see reality. Even if it is happening before their eyes, they may go on to choose to deny it in time propaganda and delusions have overtaken the people’s minds. I write this book to give those who read it a shot of reality not based on evidence but direct experience alongside having to dig deep to comprehend the events occurring and why. Law wasn’t what I studied, but I can assure you that after these fourteen years, I know it better than most. No questions
There is more than ample scientific evidence that shows how constant use of technology changes the brain, how technology has ‘enabled’ us to isolate more yet still have the illusion they are in ‘touch’ using hundreds of Apps that allow contact without the effort.

I am, by nature, a skeptic. I Always have and still do; question everything. Perhaps ones they could better control. Use for warfare. I know far, fetched, but where my mind goes…do wonder whether technology was created to increase the likelihood we would become more distant from one another while invariably talking into lassitude.!easy to do when everyone else
premise of this book is less so autobiographical as it is an exploration into the actuality of the American governmental system, the ‘war on drugs,’ then subsequently and as ‘serious’ the war on terror. Given it was only in effect of all, I survived and learned in hindsight through my attorney, the attorney general, DOJ & other sources, most notably the four boxes of original documents obtained directly after any insult, before they would, as they were, redacted, deleted or otherwise falsified.
The inciting incident was a warrantless search and seizure, or perhaps it truly began with my voracious curiosity, my only offense.

Any doubt I had been in greater being evaporated the more I experienced the otherworldly grace and beyond my own doing. Today, I live with the utter conviction that I will not go before my time. Because my time had been up far more times than I am meant to be here and he Alive

But this isn’t about what if these events are not only out of our control, but we can live no other choices of my own volition. My choice to work, be credible, not disabled, repeatedly harassed by the same entities meant to protect me, those who had already injured me severely? I’ve never been one to play the victim; but when you can honestly find no fault in your intention and conduct except for curiosity and the desire to explore it l, it is difficult to not run on resentment, permanently injuries a constant reminder to the truth of what was done to you
truth is truth
And if I could change it, I would
If I could instead assume all responsibility instead of simmer in a fit of anger I’ve either asked for or yet in life experienced? You’d Prefer it.
let me start a little closer to the beginning. For the time being, at least.

I never was an angry person. Let things roll right off me.
I became angry. An animal caged too long, poked and prodded for years repeated b tenfold.

They say to look and see where you are responsible. I am responsible for continuing to believe a truth that, had I not spoken about, could have landed me in a hell I could not have escaped or could have allowed this to unfurl in other ways they had planned slowly, what seemed better to me. What would I do differently? Nothing. Each move I made was out of defense in the effect of their actions, whether a third time that week again pull over, to a full-on false arrest without telling me the charges. None .to be later declared false incarceration, and the day’s charges dropped. Yet slapped back on my record three weeks later for five years. My public defender ran from any possibility of fulfilling her role and ran from my fiancé asking her help, then failed to answer any questions regarding why a change she witnessed he deemed to false was still there? To take all employment pops etc., away from me. And this was after five years of their having tried everything. Well, then again, the following year, I’d learn everything includes murder.

I moved back here with A Master’s in Counseling from KentState, and I was prepared to begin an Internship with a local therapist who was already situated in the area. We had planned to implement a drug and alcohol counseling wing at the Seacoast Mental Health Center, a local counseling center. Three months before we began, I was in a significant car accident following an amendment violating search and seizure. But first things first.

I stayed on in OH TO take a few extra classes before moving back and entered the PD academy for fun. Honestly. It was. Very easy. I figured, why not.
All for a reason. There is a God.
When the indiscriminate illegal things began, I learned ten times more laws than I knew from the police academy thirteen years prior. And they as well. Fellow officers, to realize exactly what they were up to.

What happened to me has happened to millions. Still, it is rarely spoken about, mainly partly because most of those who have lived what I have are no longer living or had their voices stolen in the effect of rampant defamation or federal incarceration. The broadest example of what I lived I, or any, can imagine, is that of an African American, falsely accused of a crime, and when the state realizes they made a mistake in their prosecution, as opposed to redeeming the innocent, they instead ensure that person becomes who they needed to ensure they are safeguarded,
While these establishments are rigorous in attempting to ensure the public only sees them as a united front in the interest Of the Public, the Actuality is they will unite and band together to protect a fellow officer, even if that officer has made a grievous mistake and if it will cost an innocent their freedom or life. If it happened to me, it could happen to anyone. And does, except most don’t talk about it. I made the mistake of saying yes to being on an international six-series broadcast and decided it was time for the truth to be told. Had I known the consequences that year ago, I would have said no. I had no idea how threatened they would be at my telling the truth despite all they had done tI and about me was a lie. Repeatedly… I was asked on the show to say to it once, and the DEA.l went to my DHMC Manchester medical providers and lied, knowing I have severe conditions and am due for four surgeries. They were waylaid because my heart is weak, and they worry about it and the effects of anesthesia.

But that is closer to now. Maybe I should go back a bit…

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