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Evolution of the Consciousness and Beyond; By Julie Assmus

From The readings, research, audio I have heard, Ive learned a couple things about the evolution of consciousness; and its not a stretch to find out about it, Here I simply present my research and findings in a more succinct form. 


THE POWER OF INTENTION; why it matters more than action

Frontiers | Character Strengths as Manifestations of Spiritual Life: Realizing the Non-Dual From the Dual | Psychology

We are All ENERGY;

And each frequency presents a certain calibration, the lower on the scale of evolution the state of consciousness, the lower the energy field, the lesser the calibration and the lesser the breathe of life that breathes into that being who encompasses them. We are not creatures of circumstance but our own creations, that can be very difficult for many to believe. What of the falsely incarcerated? How did they create their circumstances when truly innocent. That is where the theory becomes fuzzy to me. Though I Need to perhaps learn more about past lives and the fact that some may be paying a high price for the last one. 

In my personal theory, the more one lived a former life of gluttony, pleasures, contempt and spite, the lower the energy will ultimately be in the next, to create whatever unfavorable circumstances they feel and believe in This life they dont deserve. And in that respect they are correct. Yet not in the larger context, where there is reincarnation to consider. Otherwise, exempt of that as a ‘rationale’, are we left only with a flimsy theory that we do not create our own lives and circumstances. And we end up in those that are the last ones We ourselves have chosen, it Is or is Not our fault. But is then there no higher order? No God

 Many questions but here I ponder One

The Evolution of Consciousness


When man first became, however one would like to believe he did, he operated primarily from Ego, as that was how he was able to survive. There are various levels of ego and overcoming it as well as stages in which one does so. At the primary stage, it is akin to Death. The primary emotion at calibration 20 is shame. For example, banishment from a community of village felt akin to death centuries earlier, as they had no one else. 

  1. SHAME; THE GREAT DESTROYER; LOWEST Calibration of 20;

 LOWEST CALIBRATION; this level is perilously proximate to death conscious suicide or more suddenly elected by failure to take steps to prolong life indifference carelessness or accident everyone is aware of the pain of losing face and shame people hang their heads and sling away wishing they were invisible. Without reputation, one is treated with contempt and disdain and from there the shame only deepens. It takes a soul who knows that they have truly done nothing to deserve this lowest of energy calibrations. Or rather, i shall say they never INTENDED anyone harm. Well then again, I degree because i just said that perhaps we pay for what occurred in our last lifetime. 

One debased to shame, is different than one reduced to it BECAUSE OF SHAMEFUL actions. The former can be redeemed and go on to have a relationship with the Lord, while the other, if deserving within this lfe, has really nothing to fall back upon.

LINK: The scientific underpinning of shame

SHAME; lowest calibration there is and  is marked not in guilt in something or what you’ve said or done but a pervasive feeling that there is something defective or wrong with you. The sickness of people will ensure that they take advantage of this state to act out their animal instincts to further crush you,., 

 People stuck here in this state…fear most basic disapproval rejection or failure;

They have had experiences such as neglect or physical emotional or sexual abuse which lead to shame personality for a lifetime unless these issues are resolved same as fraud determined neurosis it is destructive to emotional and psychological health as a consequence of low self-esteem makes one prone to the development of physical illness


 The role ego has played in our evolution

Can perhaps be seen as great benefit but also can cause great spiritual issue if not overcome

Earliest forms, no innate source of energy, required them to get their energy externally

THIS state has been likened many times to DEATH ; and often there is conscious suicide; though rather than finding the enegry in a near catanooic state to find the means to do so, instead those marked in this fashion slowly simply failure to take care of themselves in any way that would aid in prolonging their life, sucn as eating and drinking, 

Shame as induced by Banishment which was the equivalent to Death 

Rejection failure neglect

All sorts of trauma lead to shame

Produces neurosis

Shame based personality; inverted

Used as term as cruelty

DANGEROUS; prone to paranoid and psychosis

Can compensate by rigidity

Can easily project their shame which they then feel justified in shaming and blaming


 calibration level 30;

LINK; Guilt Complex

Main symptoms of this state are;

USed as blame by society to punish manifests as remorse, and whole gamut of symptoms symptoms

Accident proneness

Struggle with guilt their whole lives 

Some deny it altogether

Results with preoccupation with Sin

Psychosomatic disease accident prone nurse and suicidal behaviors many people struggle with guilt their entire lives while others desperately attempt to escape it domination results in preoccupation with an unforgiving emotional attitude religious demagogues who use it for control

So commonly used by form of blame

Manifests as ;

Remorse, Self recrimination, Self abnegation, Psychosomatic disease

Most Struggle or trying to escape it by denying it

Preoccupation with Sin

Acting out their own guilt or projecting it onto others, provoke s rage and killing

Capital punishment is an extreme example

3 Apathy CALIBRATION; 50

Apathy is characterized by self Neglect, indifference, Despair & Hopelessness

Pathos is a theme of life at this stage and Helplessness a pervasive feeling.

Also is a constant Lack energy 

Death through passive suicide may result; stop eating and drinking; loss of appetite and thirst, affects, kidneys, liver and heart. Wears things down by means of shock and other menas,


Lack of interest


The Apathetic feel like a burden to those around them

There is something termed the ; TRILOGY OF TRAUMAS


The Trauma Trilogy


CORE OF MANY SOCIAL problems as there here is a Failure to take agency of ones life. There is here an inability to take action

The Evolution of our Ego

4.GRIEF Calibrates @ 75

IS marked by Sadness Loss despondency, most have experienced yet those whoImbued wit

remain here live in constant regret and depression. Level of habitual losers who accept failure as apart of their lifestyle. 

Major losses in early life, makes one see loss as a part of life.

This level colors ones entire view of their existences

INability to replace what it lost or what it symbolized

Such emotional losses may trigger serious depression or even death. When apathetic patients begin to cry that is good as then they will eat again


Difficult to go through. THose who stay there. Minor can be expressed as regret. WHen major can be incapacitating and overwhelming. Due to the structure of the ego. Sees source of happiness with externa . ONly source is from WITHIN; mechanism is internal and INTRAPSYCHIC; Desired object is obtained and will be satisfied.

Value is in the eyes of the beholder

Grief is linked to desire as well 

 and can arise from actual or or possible situations

Those who remain there, in grief as oppose to see it as a time for renewal, they will likely live in  constant state of regret and depression

If One stays here to become a ‘victim’ it can be known as the LEVEL of Habitual losers. Meaning those who accept failure as apart of their lifestyle

Grief LINK; How our brain responds to grief

Often marked by MAJOR LOSSES make one later vulnerable to passive acceptance of grief

Colors one entire vision of existence

This state is marked by a distinct Sense can not ever replace that which is lost. The linear realm rules, and all that is seen is what is taken for reality.

5. FEAR calibrates @ 100;

is ironically karmically above grief, perhaps because it is fear that spurs one into action from apathy. Suddenly, Or not, 

More life energy is available

At this level, It seems to be official tool used for control in agencies once one focuses on fear the endless fearful events of the world feed it for example fear of the loss of a relationship leads to jealousy, etc.

Fear is basic, animal driven motivated, though not allowing the person to become stuck in catatonia which is Not preferable

World appears hazardous filled with traps (Because it very well can be and very well may be)

It is fear that causes us becomes obsessive; not a desired state but one seems to wake up from psychological shock and is somehow actively dealing with the trauma that had them stuck there

The clinical degrees of fearfulness are expressed as anxiety disorders including phobias PTSD inhibitions mechanisms such as withdrawal dependency or substance addiction of tranquilizers and alcohol to the problem of uncomfortable and excessive anxiety which also includes genetic and other factors and group inheritance stuff



An Increase in Motivation surrounding vast areas of human activity.

Introduction activity advertisers play on desire to program us to buy what they’d like us to buy

Move out of apathy and grief to overcome fear  

Categorized as the others above; CLINICAL

is Ego run however

Constructive desire results in the pleasing fulfillment of chosen options based on their completion based on reason followed by an act of the will  WHen the intention is good and a skill is put into place this in turn affect the level of consciousness, for the better. One engages in a FLOW STATE

THUS wantingness can be replaced by CHOICE AND DECISION

Compulative; constant craving

Can feel like NEEDS

In regards to ‘desire’ we could here speak of the psychoanalytic struggle with repressed sexual aggression. Or focus on more positive productive meaning, such as what one enjoys doing. IT does neccessariy mean sexual, simply a near cataton fearful person suddenly has some DESIRE to do SOMETHING, Please be mindful of the DISTINCTION

Desire can also lead to Addiction which Can lead to habituation. It’s the Escalation to the same level as instinctual drives and may become prioritized over the others 

When craving becomes dominant reasoning is futile and inoperative 

High fatalities in those who live in desire or such a state

Flirting with death 

Bonnie and Clyde 

Compulsions return when opportunity returns as is in any addiction or psychopathic behaviors including bullying 

Research has revealed that all addictions are addictions to the pleasure response by whatever means those may be

The Underlying mechanism in regard to the compulsion is the same; 

The particular type of behavior selected is in accord with karmically influenced genetic and cultural factors that result in the individual’s level of consciousness. 

More energy available at this level despite the low level in general

Every bit up is progress towards becoming more wholly human 

Motivates vast area of American society, Links to instinctual drives, Drives have ruled the ego of many of men

Victims of desire may be unaware of the bases of their motives; Sexual approval creates life energy

Sexuality is an ongoing energy field 

Much higher energy vibration wise than apathy


CONSTRUCTIVE DESIRE can Become a springboard to get higher levels of awareness

    LINK; what is meant here by constructive desire?


CLINICAL EXPLANATION ; constructive desire results in the pleasing fulfillment of chosen options based on their completion of the resources of reasons followed by an act of the will affect the overall level of consciousness thoughts and desire can be replaced by choice and decision

Downside of desire is expressed emotionality experienced as needs a consequence of a life of endless pursuit and anxiety about the acquisition of the externalized artificial sources of satisfaction is increased exposure


7. ANGER: 

 Calibrates at a grand 150

And certainly the difference can be felt. Standing next to a depressed versus angry person certainly makes for a different experience. All based off nothing more than energy, or frequency of them.

As people move overcome fear as a way of life begin to want; desire leads to frustration which leads to anger. This anger over social injustice and victimization (inequality) has energized great movements and induced major changes in the structure of society over history though these movements are mainly incentivized by the ego states.

This is the level in which one often  becomes STUCK should there be no outside factors which help raise them up into pride. 

That is the b*** with this level. It takes such a toll on your body and mind; especially when the position isn’t of your own doing, to not be given the opportunity to raise above it can really do one in 

(Take it from me ; a primer example) 

THis state of consciousness CAN LEAD TO CONSTRUCTIVE OR DESTRUCTIVE behaviors.



 As the last article exemplifies, anger stems from fear in both animals and humans and PTSD is the number one cause of destructive anger in our and other societies. Also PTSD or trauma is the true underpinning for any and ALl DSM ‘disorders’. The pharm companies just decided to label each one differently to find a way to make more money off americans than any other corporations. BEcause we are now enslaved to them whether by means of dependence or believe they have our best interest at heart. 

As people overcome fear and grief as a way to overcome fear they begin to WANT

Desire creates frustration that in turn leads to Anger

Anger can be a fulcrum by which the OPPRESSED ARE EVENTUALLY CATAPULTED to freedom

Anger over social injustice and inequality has energized some of the greatest movements in history

That have led to movements in changes in society

Anger expresses most often as resentment

Over Sensitive to slights

Can be;


Frustrated want based on energy field below it

Exaggerated importance of desires
LINK re desire and consciousness;

As a level of conscious is indicative of DOMINANCE, by pervasive negative energy field which is reflective of the egos distorted perception of 

Narcissistic word view

 Should cater to their own perceptions

Chronic ristrion an8.


Feels more positive, Yet the level of pride unfortunately depends on external factors

Results in positive self-esteem an experienced a shame of despair is an enormous jump 

A BOMB to the lower levels when one is ablde to achieve a sense of pride through certain channels. And given the ‘feeling’ of the lower levels, despite the fact that this level is also one of ego, It feel  much better than the ones below

PRIde feels go only in contrast to lower levels

LINK regarding PRIDE;



Can revert to lower level due to the fact that the factors that allow one to slide into pride are external from the self, and thereby the self can not control there. 

Vulnerable to attack

Can be knocked off into shame, Divisive

Gives rise to FACTUALISM

LINK: to an article regarding factualism


Habitually died for pride

Crossing over level 200 ia trhge most critical step in the human consciousness. The development of the capacity to align with a recognized truth rather than personal gain truly separates truth from falsehood. 

DECISIVE CHOICEto make this step is that of accepting RESPONSIBILITY and BEING ACCOUNTABLE FOR ONES decisions and actions.

This also indicates a shift from being driven by primitive emotions which become attenuated by intelligence and verifiable validity rather than the self serving emotionality that results in false and distorted reasoning

THUS courage represents concurring the fear of LOSS OF GAIN, as well as its replacement by more long term rewards of truth.

Negative emotions are now UNWELCOME and UNPLEASANT, in both oneself and others .

Discord is no longer an attraction as they have lose the sense of ego inflation that accompanies resting in these more negative states,fd



LINK; philosophy of Truth

what Is Truth

The ego dominates life and emotions of animal survival which are aligned with pleasure predation and gain its consciousness evolved over time some animal species as well as portions of humankind rose to consciousness level 200 which is the major of demarcation that Harold’s reliance on power rather than force in human consciousness this transition reflects the increasing influence of spiritual energy which is transformative its influence is accompanied by furnace and responsiveness to the energy of love.


KUNDALINI awakanking

A MAIN DIStinction TO NOTE BEFORE WE MOVE INTO SECTION TWO IS THE FACT THE lower levels EGO DOMINATES LIFE WHereas as we move into ‘higher; states, the EGO HOPEFULLY begins to demand less and the AS:


Link to an article regarding the 

Spiritual, ego Trap

Also I found these articles very interesting… apparently many who have believed they’ve reached some higher state have in fact confused it with some form of their own pathology

16 signs of spiritual ego 

The spiritual Ego Trap

Based on techniques primarily intentioned of the animal world calibrated BELOW 200;

SHOULD WE DESIRE OUR HISTORY NOT REPEAT ITSELF IT IS VITAL THAT WE CRAWL OUT OF SUCH EGOISM INTO A HIGHER STATE OF MIND AND DO IT ALL TOGETHER. Otherwise the collective NEGATIVITY of ALL THOSE SOULS who still operate from EGO will Pull The rest of our efforts DOWN and we will NOT be able to OVERCOME EGO SO AS NOT TO repeat history, IT is That simple.




As consciousness evolved some rose to above 200 , many did not & that is when we became more ‘human’ and began to rely RELIES ON POWER RATHER THAN FORCE> this is the major distinction 

Transition reflects the increasing influence of spiritual energy which is transformative. Its influence is 

Greater responsiveness to that of love

Rprogressive awareness of truth

Spiritual energy is NONLINEAR



Contrasting qualities emerge as spiritual awareness

What IS spiritual Awareness? Heres a link to help guide one and gauge the benefits


Recognize as TRUTH

Perspective is merely that until backed repeatedly by rationale logic and fact, then even in the eyes of the law, it becomes known as THE TRUTH

But other more ‘spiritual’ and less politically inclined definitions include;

According to the University of metaphysics it can be defined as such


Intelligence; life force capable of first comprehending the linear domain and as it 


Love & benevolence mark this state


oneself; One realizes they have an impact on others as they do on them, 


Capacity To recognize truth is concordant with the levels of consciousness not only reflected in direct brain anatomy but more importantly also by changes in the physiology in the human brian and its prevalent patterns of processing info

Patterns of processing info at 200 drastically changes from the below



the LEFT brain in RIGHT handed people is dominant in information processing

RIGHT brain in left handed people

Input is directly processed vis the RELAY CENTER

TO the THALAMUS to the emotional and instinctual center i.e. AMGYDYLE


THus emotional response occurs BEFORE intelligence and cognition

Have a chance to MODIFY the response

Memory of an event is stored in the HIPPOCAMPUS region of the brain for learning and RECALL

This LEFT brained process is akin in function to the ANIMAL brain in that it is directed towards PERSONAL SURVIVAL AND THUS its subserves the EGO\

In this regard, OThers, whether family or Pack members. Are seen as means to personal survival. 




COURAGE: 200: 

Spiritual energy alters experience of self and others

Onset of high motivation life is seen as stimulating 

landmark calibration level of 200; the distinction between when we become fully conscious of others as oppose to do only what is self fulfilling

Can effectively deal with life

Growth and education face fears and defects 

Courage LINK:

Lower levels; world is seens as sad, hopeless, frightening

At the level of courage spiritual energy empowers, there is motivation, hope, exploration, accomplishment

Exciting, challenging, stimulating.


Willingness to try new thinCROSSING OVER LEVEL 200 is the greatest step for mankind since our inception. And it’s concurrent quality of both inner and outer life 

Development of the capacity to align with a RECOGNIZED TRUTH RATHER THAN PERSONAL GAIN clearly seep rates truth from falsehood 


DOES NOR PROJECT DUALISTIC PROJECTIONS because it has dropped positionalities such as the obstacles to courage created by doubt anticipatory anxiety or UNFAMILIARITY


LINK TO CORRELATION BETWEEN PD brutality and the disabled 

SPEAKING of seflish goals and political corruption

UNLIKE the above those at this level are NOT

Not interested in winning, controlling others or acquiring gain

It is content to attract then to promote

Being not incline to PRIZE THE GLAMOUR of ‘importance

Energy here at this level of neutrality becomes POSITIVE as it becomes far more neutral.

There is a needed RELEASE from positionality of lower levels and you being stuck within them

With this neutrality there is a calm and peace

At times however , one can regret and Take on rigid positions on lower levels

However when one RIDEs ABOVE their  LIMITATION

They can then come to a REalistic appraisal of program

Unattached to outcomes

Not frustrated

Inner confidence

Not easily intimidated

Comfortable , emotionally undistributed. Non judgmental, does not need to control other peoples behaviors, greater freedom for self amd others

Courage has the motivation power and strength to overcome obstacles and work through them with determination, which reinforcers to actualize decisions, face challenges

Still sees problems as things to be worked through them

Seeming  obstacles may really be projected anticipations

Do not arise from reality but from residual positionalistic

LINK to an article concerning truth and consciousness;


calibration level 320

Seen as a gateway to higher levels of awareness. Jobs work is done well. Success is common in all endeavors. Growth is rapid here


Implies one is willing to overcome inner resistance to life and 

Below level people tend to be closed minded

At this level peoples mind become open to nonlinear ways of thought

Genuinely friendly

Social and economic successes

Self esteem is high

Reinforced by society

Responsive to the needs of others

Contributors to society, learn through experience, self correcting

Let go of pride, look at defects, learn from others

Become excellent students

LINK regarding self reflection and consciousness;

ow your brain conjures up your sense of self

Not troubled by unemployment

Do not feel demeaned by starting at the bottom; self integrity is in tact

Tend to volunteer, create a career or become self employed

Here we are Willing to face inner put inner issues, our truths more easily swallowed in and with self forgiveness . Here we Face down our demons to exceed the physical form and spirit

People chosen to advancement perhaps by some favor or perhaps by evolution are those who spurn ahead. There seems to be no heirachy within mankind but then I sometimes do wonder 

Very positive energy is available at these levels. And is the GATEWAY to higher levels.

Work at level 310-330  is done well and success is common

Growth is rapid here

Overcome inner resistance to life

Where as Below 200 people are closed minded they  Become genuinely friendly

Not troubled by unemployed and willing to take on any low level position as stated above, 

Do not feel demeaned by engaging in service

They are Helpful

Confirm validity of commitment

Spiritual gratification that brings a greater sense of well being

What is well being in association with consciousness; how much of it is determined by our sense of self and conscious state of mind?

LINK to self awareness and ones sense of self;

how you brain conjures up your sense of self

In this state Increase in the flow of spiritual energy


calibration of 350 


 Understanding and enhancing consciousness

LINK to enhancing consciousness;

Enhancing and Understanding Conscious Self Awareness

Major transformation takes place where one understands is the source and creator of iones klufe. Taking one’s responsibility is distinctive, live with forces of life. Below 200; see oneself as victim of life; cause of ones problem is OUT there. At this level there is an Enormous jump takes back ones power. The Source of power is found to be within oneself; nothing out There can make one happy. One at this level is realizing they are completely creators of their own universe.

LINK; Love and Consciousness

Is love part of consciousness

Love is not given or taken but created from within. Not to be confused of APATHY

Acceptance allows engagement with life on its own terms without having it need to conform to an agenda

Less distortion at this level; ones reality isnt finite to the senses. Here there is a sense of ones soul. That they are here for a reason beyond their own physical mortality. That there may be something greater than they, Even those who are not religious or do nto belong to a particular denomination are in my estimation the most spiritual of the group. In that they have the least to prove. They are not religious or need to believe in some higher divinity and yet DO as a matter of fact of their own life experience and what they have ‘happened across’. 

I strongly believe that the only thing that makes one shift from ego to higher states of consciousness of being are plants of this earth put here intentionally for us to discovery such divinity OR pain and suffering. Short of those two ? no amount of meditation in the world will allow for astral projection

I do not CARE what the attestations;

Without being catapulted from ego by one of the two methods one is unable to fold over into their true purpose as they will be acting forever in the cycle of humanity, pain, loss, desire, materialism, propaganda over truth for sake of entertainment, those sorts of things,. 

Context of experience iusTexpanded

This is a place of true BALANCE, PROPORTION AND APPROPRIATENESS where there is no need to judge as one no longer attributes their own selves with their own persons let alone judge another for a position he was helpless otherwise than simply to ‘accept’. This is a state of mind that Resolves issues

Most important are the fact the Dualistic Manifestations diminish based on what was once stark contrast between good and evil.

 LINK to dualistic manifestations definitions.

When One realizes that one is the SOURCE and creator of ONES OWN LIFE

Taking such responsibility 

Below 200; see one as victim; source of issues is OUT THere

Allows Engagement with life ON Its Own Terms

Utilization of realization of willingness. 

Radical acceptance



 Calibration level 400

TO choose the degree to which reason is prioritized in relation to emotionality

Individuals can ignore it or follow its dictice Or engage in things such as delusion, WIshful thinking, fantasy, etc. 

Thus thinking and reason occur in an overall field of an evaluative 

emotional tone that may be facilitating OR LIMITING

Higher education has had a social status 

Reached highest esteem in Ancient Greece



Overall emotional tone reflects various social impul and varies from culture to culture

Intelligence and rationality rise to the forefront when the emotionality of the lower levels is overcome. Reason is capable of complex amounts of data and making rapid correct decision of understands the intricacies of relationships gradations and fine distinctions and expert manipulation of symbols as abstract concepts become increasingly important

This is the 

REASON LEVEL OF SCIENCE, MATH, MEDICINE and generally increased capacity for rationality conceptualization and comprehension.

Knowledge and education are highly valued

Understanding the main tools of comprehension & logic and are are the main tools of accomplishment that are hallmarks of level400



SHortcomings of this levels are the failure to distinguish


Entering the self’

Surrendering egoism for a higher goal. 


Transcending Linear Duality; section 3 overview transcending linear duality introduction while the transfer of consciousness level hh200 is the major obstacle to most of manatee approximately 80% worldwide and 50% of the United States consciousness level 500 is relatively infrequent worlds population and the evolution of consciousness to unconditional love and level 540 is rare is still low consciousness level 200 awareness is dominated by negative emotions between 200 and 400 positive logic and reason prevail over emotion there is another major paradigm at consciousness level 500 from emotional lysed to the predominance of nonlinear context

Opening of the 

Spiritual vision capacity to discern the inner reality spiritual energy bodies emerge progressively and concomitantly levels from lower mantle to higher mental and ethnic bodies within each body the energy concentration is analogous to the chakra system at the highest levels they correlate with Christ consciousness and finally at the crown chakra of the ethnic body with unrestricted dominance identification.

While perception focuses on linearity, spiritual vision represents the capacity to discern the inner realities are all fields, and ordinary life is frequently alluded to as intuition is not the consequence of linear, logical processing and spiritual energy bodies emerge progressively and concomitantly levels from lower mantle to higher mental then to causal Christ and ethereal bodies 

14. LOVE

As it progresses it seeks no return or gain for it is self rewarding by virtue of its completeness because it has no needs

The more one loves the more one CAN LOVE

What IS unconditional love;


You may think you know what it is

And may be right

But may be wrong;)

The name Of this level speaks for itself. Tbough should not be confused with a state of falling in love which is something else entirely.

This state is due to



Love emanates from the HEAD not the loins as so many. The loins is Desire and we have already explained and hopefully many have surpassed that state. Not that desire is well Undesirable. 

But it Can lead to some Not so rational thinking. THe love here i SPeak ofis a love felt for someone you’d never son. Let’s just be Blunt. 

In other words, there is Purity of motive in the Love here we speak of. v

Capacity to discern essence becomes dominant

Core Reason is bypassed there arises the ability to bypass the once in Acura of the issue to see it in its totality

Major expansion of co scopes ends

Love deals with whole not particulars

Disability is capacity to isrnacpis without resorting to sequential pro expressing 

Accomplices by release of endorphins in the brain

Be one One or another

It all augments what is 

Expands the sense of self

Benign supportive nurtures life

True happiness 


Unconditional love, joy, ecstasy 

Calibration level ; 430-490


Level of Healing & Ecstasy;

calibration level 540 to 599 introduction unconditional it begins to be experienced as in a joy this is not the sudden offense but instead of accompaniment source level 500.

This is the level of saints , Spiritual healers; it is marked by Patience

HALlmark is compaSsion 

 Notable effect on others that induces a state of love and peace.

All is expressing of love and divinity 


Desire to use the state of. BENEFIT OF MANKIND and not particular people

the more one loves the more one is able to 

Idea od Christina aas ru

Reached by 0.4% of the population

Near death experience 530-600

Catalyze is the transformation of linear positional perception to the greater context of the nonlinear inclusiveness that transcends the limitation of time-space sequence or the regulation of the perception and beliefs. This state is and can be described as miraculous and transformational, the near sole source of joy, stems from the inner subjective experience of the existence itself; it is here that action begins; 

 the personal self again to be a causal or primary agent in the movement in the flow of the greater good. A warrior of peace. A sage. 

We have surrendered and know it comes not of us and so are in miraculous ecstatic one could say, while in joyous state. 

They may be sporadic and sometimes continuous psychometry by location including there are also expectation or possible explanation phenomena are not within personal control. The miracles in Gods Hand not in anyone else’s.



600 and up

OVERVIEW; Transcendence!

Divine states; highest levels of consciousness;

Overcome linearity of the ego

Enlightened states emerge at 600s.

Emergence of God imminent as Self

Withdrawal from world can come to people deciding to take themselves from this physical earth

Infinite reality of source of existence. 

State of bliss is total

No more warrants needs or desires or aversions


16; Peace, Bliss & Illumination 

Calibration level 600-800

occurred intermittently throughout history. 

Rare to become permanent. WHen this occurs teachings are invaluable. 

Accurate teachings calibrate that of the teacher

Misunderstandings prevails due to this

Deviations and errors can dominate

18.Self Enlightenment Beyond 800 is VERY RARE;

Misinterpretations occur at this level; due to the level of ego mind to understand this state

Limitations of ego mind to understand the teachings

Advanced sages have had a major impact on civilization whether overtly acknowledged or not


A pattern has emerged of institutionalizing and absorbing the benefits of spiritual truths inot the basic roots of our society and then subsequently disregarding of the source of that inspiration through 



Secularism Link:


17. Self awareness 

This is the level of Sagent the great teachers of advisor spiritual realities of self-realization all powerful inspiration set attractor energy feels in place that influence all of them

Self beyond mind

To have such vision is called grace

Transcends all time

No identification with the physical body ; see it as a tool or consciousness

No localization of consciousness 


SECTION V; OVERVIEW; SpiritualTransformation

19. Limitations and Distractions; Better to know in advance. Information in advancement prevents consternation. Most matters move up to down. This process move up to down, Unexpected states of consciousness can emerge unannounced. 

Concomment ; moving into high energy of frequency; human system is not prepared for this. FOr many, such increases in the power of the energy itself but also in its vibrational fraquency Can feel as though the nerves are themselves or as though ones aura is on fire. 

There can be Sudden feelings of weakness. INability to function. Well known among sages, etc. With prayer the issue can be made consciousness. To locate the source of conflict look at the overall level of mankind in its major movements throughout time. Deep faith we can become aligned with Divine Will rather than our own 

Level 20:

Calibration 600 plus

Passing Through the Gates 600

Spiritual progress is energized by intention that reinforces dedication and commitment as well as alinment With spiritual principles practices and principles. This reinforce the 

DEdication and willingness to practice and have the patience that require overall good will towards Oneself and the process of spiritual endeavor. 

Could be subsumed as Devotional attitude that defies linear definition BEGINNINGS AS A MYSTIC; The way of the mystic in its true classical meaning can be defined as devotional non Duality


Transcending The Mind calibration 720

In transcending the levels of consciousness choices and options, experientials begin to appear as seeming opposites or conflicting duality. Experiences as aversions or attractions DIversion expresses discomfort. Choices are also more difficult in that there is a strong senf of Should or self of  duty. May become resistant by sudden guilt and the temptation of avoidance. It is therefore best to Ashrew ALL ASSUMPTIONS. Such as Should. Primary quality of spiritual evolution is FREEDOM.  


Becoming The Prayer

Perhaps it is because i was in self of self realization and enlightenment ten years ago, that it took what was the most opposite of expected to through me headlong into limitations and distractions, to now put me forth the gates, And I suppose there is a bit of trepidation knowing that for humans, the best they can get is passing through them and as we al know transcending the mind can be another way of saying death to the body, and becoming the prayer? Becoming apart of the all heavenly. So I suppose, knowing that i can not ‘know’ more than what is already written, while here in human form, perhaps my destiny is to surpass it. Many people die young. Im at peace with it and it is only in effect of that that those involved will perhaps realize how much what they did affected my health and my heart. 

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I Am. Many things. As many as you. All work and words are BY ME from my own opinions based on upbringing, genetics, experience and internalization of it among many other things, known and unknown. We are all a mystery. Really.

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